Monday, December 5, 2011

6 Days Down, and a tree too

So today went half right. I did end up feeling tons better when I woke this morning, which was a total blessing! Thank you all for the well wishes!

I got half of my tutorials done- I am trying to get them all done and edited into one video- as everything I picked this year is super quick, fun and easy to do. So instead of having 20 5 minute videos- I am going to cover it all in a 20 minute section - Just can't get it all done in that time frame so some editing will take place tonight after this post. 

We did however go see the lights for a bit- unfortunately from the car since it was a rather drab and rainy day. For those that have followed the 12 days for a while know what light show I am referring to- but for those new, Our neighboring town has a Victorian Village set up during Christmas time. They have figures lined along the streets, horse buggy rides and the Courthouse is decked out in a synchronized light show that plays continuously all evening long (well from 5-9pm each night) This year they did some upgrades and changes in the show- and it is a rather amazing and mindblowing expierence. 
To see it on video doesn't give it full justice- (Unless you turn out all the lights and make the house SUPER dark to watch it :) But being there live had my children in absolute amazement. 
Definitely a must see if you are in a driving distance from SE Ohio- (Can compare to the Oglebay Zoo Light show- Just don't drive- expierence :) LOL
Here is a video of the grand finale song taken by someone this year: 

NOW what you are all waiting for- THIS GIFT TODAY IS FOR THOSE WISHING TO TRY HOMEMADE HOLIDAY GIFTS/WRAPPING/TREATS -ALL OF TODAYS GIFT IS A PRINTABLE PRODUCT- The instructions on how to use will be posted in video forum in tomorrows blog post.

With 6 days down and only 19 to go....
Please note that this link will remain active until Dec 6th @ 11:59 pm EST
After that time, it will be revealed and placed into the shop, and a new gift given. 

I hope you enjoy!! 
And for those that missed yesterday's gift- here is what was hiding inside: 
 All gifts will go into the shop after their designated day for just $1 for those missing any pieces.

Much Love and Hugs- Until tomorrow!!


lovetocraftbetty said...

Thank you for another wonderful gift!

libbywilko said...

Thank you ! Such pretty gifts each day.

Shuckclod said...

Thank you for day 6... All the rest have been so great.

wahoolady said...

Liz - thank you so much for all the goodies again this year - what a Santa you are!
Planning on catching the light show again this year - last year was our first thanks to your post about it! Hopefully won't be so cold this year and we can wander some.
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better - thank you for day 6 - lovely tags!

Monkey Toes Too said...

Thank you!

Nancy said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!

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Thank you very much :)