Saturday, December 3, 2011

4 days down!

Grab a drink, take a seat and get ready- cuz today's post is a doozie!

So today was a fun day of shopping, crafting, shopping, baking and did I mention shopping!?! The best part about my shopping today though, was that I did it practically free. *I'm going to get into that at the bottom of the post and share a few Christmas shopping tips, savings and tricks that I have done this year to get gifts for basically nothing*

Before I go on that, recap for the day ;) Because You KNOW there isn't a day in my house that doesn't have some kind of event to say the least LMAO- Life with my family is always unpredictable LOL. The Christmas tree came down again, this time thanks to getting caught in Roxy's hair. HOW might you ask? Well apparently hiding under the Christmas tree sounded like a good hiding spot during the game of hide and seek this afternoon.  

I managed to finish up the calendar pages, just need to print and finish off now- YAY! AND I managed to make an awesome "Mom's Agenda" as I will call it for now....gotta think of something better though LOL. I actually prepped and worked on a tutorial today for it, so I can share with you all tomorrow. SO There is your sneak peek for tomorrow's gifts LMAO- It will be chalked full of some great last minute gift ideas for friends and family and teachers etc...

As for today though..........

With 4 days down and 21 to go....
Sorry This Gift has been given
Please note that this link will remain active until Dec 4th 11:59 pm EST
After that time, it will be revealed and placed into the shop, and a new gift given. 

I hope you enjoy!!
And for those that missed yesterday's gift- here is what was hiding inside: 
All gifts will go into the shop after their designated day for just $1 for those missing any pieces. 

AND A BIG CONGRATS TO HALEY!! You won a $10 gift card to my shop- I am so with you, I hate my love for scarey movies too! Last real good one was insidious- LOVED it and HATED it all the same LMAO. 
So email me at sweetdigiscraps AT yahoo DOT com and I will get you set up  :)

NOW- For my Friends that Love a great bargain, free stuff and want to get set and ready for even next year Christmas- Here are some of my little tricks :)
Now I will warn I am not an extreme couponer nor do I really have the time to sit and find the coupons, deals and such. BUT I am a discount shopper. So I had to find ways to get close to the extreme couponing prices- without all the work involved :)- Names are linked!

Firstly, we will start with the places to get the deals (since most are still shopping for this years Christmas) We all know that places like Ebay and such always have a good deal come up every once in a while that just can't be passed up- But there are several ways to get brand new HOT items at huge discounts.

  #1 - Amazon - Now I know most of you already have looked at, shopped, etc on so you already KNOW they are fairly cheap. However there are sections that are put up during the holiday time that aren't so widely advertised that hide some awesome deals. And they change them rather frequently. So I do a quick skim over in the morning to see whats changed, and snag as they come available. 

For Mothers of Little Kids

I managed to get $80 worth of toys that the kids had on their wishlists today for $33, but paid absolutely NOTHING out of my pocket (I will list how in a moment) 
Other deals are best found when going to the gift/wish list section and looking at Most Gifted (This takes a lot of the search work down for you, because it will bring up the deals others have already found and snagged up ;) 

#2 - NoMoreRack -   Now this site is one to check daily! You have probably the first couple days of this week to get things in before Christmas, HOWEVER, it is definitely one you want to start up on now :) 2 reasons, Number one there is always some free gift and shipping is only $2 bucks EVER. Second reason- You get free stuff  for having friends sign up through you. The more friends you refer the bigger gifts etc. you can get- Like right now, if you invite 500 friends- you get a $500 Amazon gift card- How many of us have Facebook friends lists at least half that length- So it is definitely obtainable.  
I look at it this way- If 500 of today's readers would just sign up for the site- Not even buy anything, I would be able to go on a $500 shopping spree- Seriously I would be in flipping heaven! LOL 

#3- WOOT Check it daily, and sign up for their newsletter. Sometimes they are hit and miss , but signing up is totally worth it for the day you find something you want or need for just a couple bucks. 

#4 -  Kmart - IN STORE - Why? Because each week a new gift section will be placed on a particular sale (watch Sunday Papers for ads) However most of those items not only are discounted BUT they get you double reward points. Which is basically free kmart money. With that said, I will just go into the HOW I get it for free. 
With the Kmart rewards card- you get points for everything you would have purchased anyways. Most of the time when you buy something that is on a special sale- you get bonus points. For about half of the year, I have done the rewards card program with them. All the grocery shopping not only added bonus points, BUT gave me free gas cards. By doing a half year of just here and there shopping - Not regular even as its not my preferred store- But I managed to get $49 bucks racked up in Kmart rewards money that I will be using closer to Christmas when all the DEEP discounts happen :) Tadda Free Shopping :)

Now for ways to gather up gift cards and free items- 

I said it last year, and I will say it again - USE IT!!! Get yourself use to using the toolbar for your search engine instead of others. There are several ways to get swagbucks and some people do it to the extreme where they make $100s in gift cards a month. While I am not THAT fanatic about it, it does reward my stupid spell checks, mindless searches, and even my shopping :) At every 450 swagbucks I reach, I cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card, keep adding up the entire year and then when Christmas comes I have put myself in a nice shopping spree position just for all the things I was going to do anyways.  
Plus like the NoMoreRak- this has a referral program too. People sign up through you... you get points for their mindless searches too :)

Okay I need to get off my promotion soapbox here LMAO- I didn't mean for it to come across as me promoting the sites-although it sounds like it . I really just wanted to share with you all some of the tricks and things that I do to make Christmas shopping for my family much easier and cheaper :) 
I will be back tomorrow with some awesome tutorials on homemade holiday gifts, decorations and another gift!

In the meantime- what are some of the ways you all get free items, deep discounts or even coupon? I would love to know some of your tricks as well!
Much love and hugs- Until tomorrow!


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