Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13 Days Down!!

I deeply apologize for the hiccup in the advent countdown. Things came up yesterday that just threw my whole schedule out of whack. One of the wonderful madness's of life that I don't particular care to much for ;) hahaha If only things would go as planned all the time- life would be perfect hahahaha

I do want to share with you what happened to me last night because I think its a highly overlooked problem in our society- *WARNING Liz is about to get on a soap box here LOL* But last night one of my brother's customers (he has a few paper routes he has done for years) - Anyway she called me because she had fallen and needed  help with some of the "routine" type of things as well for the evening. I love the woman dearly, she is very kind and loving- but very proud and stubborn. She is almost 90- lives at home alone and her family lives a good driving distance away from her. She unfortunately is reaching a point in her life now where constant care is inevitable- and its a rather sad situation because she is not sure how things are going to work out for her. I am the one she trusts to come and help her with the "embarrassing" situations as well as the simple type of errands as of late.

And I see this type of situation a lot with my brothers customers, because we are basically the only people they see on a regular, daily basis. I take my children occasionally to visit with the elders on my brothers routes, because it brings them great joy- and it also helps teach my children valuable lessons in helping others (because we usually visit and do a few chores like taking out the garbage and cleaning up a few things here or there) 

So how is this soap boxing? Well we see tons of things in stores, outside of banks etc. on helping the children of the communities to have a wonderful Holiday- but rarely do we see anything about helping the elders of the community that don't have family around during the season. So please do me one favor this holiday season, while you are out shopping- eatting out- browsing the town for all the beautiful light displays or even find yourself in an over zealous baking mode. - Smile and wish all those you see a happy holiday- because you might be the only person to do so for them this year.
And if you have time, Stop and drop off some homemade goodies to the elder down the street that keeps to themselves- Or maybe even send a few cards to the local rest home. 
Me and the kids will be going to the two area rest homes this weekend and passing out cards and wishing holiday greetings. I hate to even think of someone not getting so much as a greeting this year. So that is my holiday pledge and I hope that it's one that is contagious :)

Okay- OFF my soap box now LMAO

Since I missed yesterday's post- tonight contains both day 12 and 13 - Be sure to click on both links to get both gifts.
With 13 days down and only 12 to go.... 
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I hope you enjoy!!
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Much love and hugs- Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!  Until tomorrow


Anonymous said...

we just visited to care centers to night ans sang a few christmas songs and yes it really does make a difference for them. but i have to tell you there waa this couple who must have been husband and wife as the woman was just going on in head of the man and the little man was calling her and calling her but i guess she couldnt hear him ,finally a lady i was with got her attention to tell her the man was calling her and the next thing i know is she and him were so very sweetly curled up in a chair made for one ,together, you could just see the great deep love they had for each other.i learned true love never grows old tonight

Shuckclod said...

Thank you for day 12 and 13... I always respect the elders... I live in a small town that has nothing for them... We do not even know if there are people in need here. All the donations get shipped out, which sucks. Your children are learning good lessons that they will carry through their lives. Have a good evening.

lovetocraftbetty said...

Thank you for Days 12 and 13!

In our city we have "Toy Houses" for donating gifts/toys for children, teens, and seniors at Christmas - I usually contribute appropriate senior gifts as the elderly are the ones least remembered.

My Mom lived in a senior center for the last year of her life - it was wonderful to see local children's dance groups or schools come to perform for the seniors, especially at holiday times. It certainly brightened their days.

Thank you for sharing - your children are learning valuable life lessons.

libbywilko said...

Thank you for both parts 12 and 13 and for the post ! Totally agree we need to care for all member of our community especially when they are older and still independent. My grandfather was 92 and living in his own house in a village of people that regularly came and visited with him even his mail man dropped in for a cup of tea!

Simona said...

You are a great woman Liz. Teaching the kids how to help people and to respect elders is wonderful. Wish you all a happy Christmas!

snickels said...

Thanks so much for your generosity, both to us scrapbookers and to the people in your community.

I sometimes wish we lived in a smaller community where you could just go to a senior center to hang out. I tried to do that once with my kids when they were little and I was told I needed to fill out an application, have a background check and go to a training course before we could come in to visit with the residents. So after I filled everything out, they never called me back and "couldn't find my paperwork" when I finally called them.

Anyway, thanks for days 12 & 13!

Meg said...

Thank you for all the amazing downloads. We are only giving gifts to the kids this year so I feel like I'm cheating and a gift for myself LOL. Thanks so much.

Cosmictadpole said...

Thank you so much for your lovely gifts! I'm touched that you went and helped your brother's elderly customer out. The world needs more people like you!

Monkey Toes Too said...

Thank you for 12 and 13.

BeachBaby said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for days 12 and 13 as well as just being you! The world needs way more people like you in it! Your children are lucky to have a mom that passes such caring on to the younger generation!!

Nancy said...

Thank you for the goodies and the "Christmas Spirit" inspiration!!

benelol said...

Thank you very much :)