Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And let the countdown begin!!

Okay I could seriously squee like a little girl right now because I am so excited. Something about this time of year gets me going into this big bursting ball of energy LMAO- Dallas, today, looks at me and says "Mommy I am so tired, you wear me out!" Shouldn't that be more like the other way around?

In any regard, I count it as a good thing in this house this month. Tree is up and decorated, lights halfway done ( I say half way because I am facing that every so daunting task of going through more than half of the strands of lights and figuring out which one is causing them to be on the blink! ERGH!)
I swear- One of these days- I am going to invent Christmas lights that NEVER die! LMAO

I am even more excited because today kicks off the countdown to Christmas- and the Advent Event :) 

I am going to keep my chatter down to a minimum today- Because I want to introduce those that might be new to the Advent and 12 days events. Everyday a new gift will go up at 12 am EST. The days gift will be a mystery simply because I love the joy of getting a gift for Christmas and unwrapping to find out what's inside Smile
Each gift will remain available for 24 hours before it will be revealed and a new gift given. *Once a gift has been revealed, it will be placed in the shop*. All the advent and 12 day items will be placed into their own category in the store so you can easily check and recap all the items given, as well as check to see if you have missed any.

I would like to ask that you keep the surprise in the gift giving by not commenting on what type of item is hidden in the download. That way others coming later on will still be able to have the same element of surprise

Now lets get on with it shall we :)

With 1 Day down and only 24 more to go: 
~*~Sorry this gift has been given~*~

Please note this download will remain valid for 24 hours. After that point, it will be revealed and a new gift given. 

I hope you enjoy- Thank you all so much for your support and friendship throughout the past year!!
Much Love and Hugs!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Holidays

I know I am a tad late on wishing you so- Or early depending on which way you want to look at it :)

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was amazing. First family holiday meal without any fighting that I can ever remember, and the turkey was the absolute best turkey I have EVER made or tasted!! I was soo proud of how juicy and delish it turned out :) The kiddos had a blast and ate like little hams themselves, and helped make the best darned pumpkin cookies ever!

I have missed blogging, and jotting down the days events. Life got rather hectic and busy once again- but then again doesn't everyone's? LOL So a little update shall we?

I started a different job for a few to save up for Christmas shopping (goodness do the kids lists get more expensive as they grow or what? LMAO) I last blogged about some major life changing events that were to come, although they didn't come in the way we had anticipated, they did non the less. Health wise, everyone has been mostly on the up and up- minus the season colds and such. Dad is doing well, as are the kiddos. I found out that I am going to be an aunt again :) YAY for new babies!!! And things have been pushing a total new gear for me. 

I feel like a brand new person actually, its refreshing to say the very least. It took a good bit of time I must admit, but I finally found a balance and found the strength needed to make some changes that were long overdue. And now with the holiday season upon us- I am in that good old Liz mood that I have soooooooo very much missed!!!

I managed to get a few new kits finished in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle- and already started the awesome Advent and 12 day goodies for next month - Lemme tell you, You won't want to miss any of these this year :) And the Sweeties have been busy creating some of the most fabulous layouts!

As You Are
Puzzle Bug
And not to mention some even more fabulous news- Remember all the amazing wordart and cluster sets that Danyale created awhile back with some of my designs? Well they have made their reappearance in the shoppe :) So if you had some saved up in your wishlists before, and have been dying to get your hands on them- nows the time :) Cuz not only are they back- but on sale for 50% off for Cyber Shopping Weekend :)
Game Day Wordart Best in Show WordartPhotoshoot Wordart
At Work WordartGet Ur Eyes Checked WordartBackyard Boy Wordart

Okay- I got to get this new kit finished and finish up the first week of advent :) Will be back tomorrow to give a couple sneak peeks of what the first week will bring while we count down the days of Christmas together!
Much Love and Hugs-