Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once in a lifetime

Well if you hadn't already got the buzz through your emails, facebook/twitter or even read an article or two about it... This July is a rare treat for us all. It is one time we will experience a month with 5 full weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) - So I figured why not celebrate!

This last (actually first weekend) was busy busy busy here, as I am sure it was with you all as well. There was fireworks every night at different locations, as well as the town festive. The kids had a blast and as Miss Roxy said every day "Mommy- this is the BEST day EVER!" and yes- she was that excited when she said it hahahaha. Gotta love kids ;)

In the past few weeks, Dallas has taken to the "I got your Nose" game a good bit. I snatched his up one morning, and waved my hand around in the air saying "O No buddy- it wiggles! I can't control it" well.......... Every since then, my nose apparently wiggles too and its a wild goose chase to get it back :) Although it backfired rather amusingly at him yesterday.

We were at the City's fireworks event, and waiting for the show to start the kids were all running circles in the football field- playing and passing time. Dallas came up and snatched up my nose- and took off running screaming "IT WIGGLES MOMMY" well as chasing him up the field to get my nose back- they let off a test "boom"- You know the little white but REALLY loud fireworks....Needless to say he was NOT prepared for that and came running back the other way and said "I DONT WANT IT!"
The easiest way I have gotten my nose back in a while ;)

I am forewarning- if you haven't already noticed- This is going to be a rather winded post. Aside the festivities of the holiday here- My father has made a huge life changing decision for himself that we are trying to prepare for. So cross your fingers, send a blessing - prayer etc. once in a while if you would please. I will get into whats going on a bit later on in the week, as we are still going through the preparation period, to ensure things can happen next week for him.

Tomorrow/Today is Wednesday and it means time to get WILD!
at in the chat room
I will be in the chat room 10 pm EST
The topic we will be covering: Photo Shop This ( Photo editing tips/techniques/programs)

And tomorrow I will be sharing with you all some FABULOUS inspiration that the sweeties have been hard at work creating. They really have been blowing me away with their scrapping abilities!! Truly some of the sweetest and talented ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing. - They have some fabulous layouts showcasing the new kits Liberty and Cherry Picking that I know your gonna love!

Also- just because the 4th has passed - doesn't mean the chance to save has. The Big Bang sale runs the rest of this week , as well at the Whole ShaBANG specials are still available all of July.

 And just because- A little something for you all :) I hope you enjoy!!
~Click the Preview to download~

With Much Love- Catch you all tomorrow :) And be sure to check out the Facebook fanpage if you haven't already picked up Daddy Dearest :)