Monday, June 13, 2011

Its all about growth

Back yet again. I have come to a conclusion that crossing your fingers AND your toes counteracts the whole "good luck" thing. After all the wonderful net problems I had just a while back- A lovely little storm came through yet again and knocked me back out. They couldn't figure out the problem for the longest of it ended up just replacing everything- Yet once again :) I THINK, although you can't tell a tech this, that when the power surged that my modem just fried out. I mean- Its only been the SIXTH time that I have had to replace the modem due to being fried in the last 4 years... Not without a little weekend hiccup though - Cuz wouldn't you know after getting all fixed we had another storm come through and knocked out the cable/net for a day. 

The plus about this last storm though...was that it managed to tear down a super delicious cherry tree from down the street. 

For as long as I can remember that tree always had the best tasting cherries...but the only problem was that the tree belonged to the Dr. Office here, and the neighbor is a bit...well the kind of lady you would see chasing kids away while swinging a broom :) So I was lucky to catch up a handful and never got a chance to REALLY pick the tree for some good baking cherries - Until this weekend that is! I figured the tree is down...and its going to be pitched, so I went and picked it dry today. 

For desert tonight- Cherry Crisp!!! It was sooo delicious. hot and fresh out of the oven, me and kiddos devoured an entire pan with a quart of vanilla ice cream on top. And I still have probably 5 lbs or so of cherries up in the freezer waiting for some jam and another round of crisp :)

As for scrap related, This month marks 4 years of designing for me! I actually "techinically" have it coming this week :) But I am going to kick it off tomorrow with the announcement of the new fabulous Sweeties!! The new ladies are amazingly talented- and have already been a blast to work with so far! So tomorrow get ready to see the brand new faces of the Creative Sweeties :)

This week also has some fabulous giveaways, contests, gifts all celebrating "Growth" - As hitting the 4 year mark really has me looking back at all the things that have happened -  O YEA- A Super Awesome grab bag is also coming that is jam packed with goodies. Want a sneak peek? 

All THAT and more is going to be available in the birthday grab bag coming June 14th :) I can't wait... these are hands down some of my top favorite creations.
So I will be back tomorrow- and we will start the "Growth" celebration. 
*O yea and we will be revisiting some of my VERY first designs all week yea be ready for some laughs ;) 

Much love!


Carolyn Albro said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you're back. We were having a similar problem with our cable, but it would go out just randomly, come to find out the wires out at the box were OOOOOOLD! Unfortunately, they never came to fix it so... DSL it is and it SUUUUUUCKS a LOT! But it's better than nothing *shrugs* Hope you get to stay with us for a while this time *grins*

Nikki O said...

woot woot! so glad your internet issues are finally fixed and you're back in the game! :)

Photographing Mom said...

Glad your back. Congrats on the anniversary! And congrats on the cherries. :D