Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You've come a long way baby!!

Today we are kicking off the celebration to 4 fabulous years of Sweet Digi Scraps. I can't believe it has been that long already, time flies when you're having fun :) 

Now to kick it off right... First and foremost I want to introduce the new amazingly talented Sweeties!! I am so honored to have these ladies working with me, and already they have shown some absolutely beautiful scrapping skills! So without further ado.. please welcome : 

(Not pictured  but certainly NOT any less fabulous are Amanda and Faith) 

Now to give you a little taste of what they have been up to- I have some sneak peeks of the birthday special grab bag that JUST released today :) 


 All of those fabulous layouts were created using my birthday Grab Bag special- All about growing up. It is now available in my personal store and at ZZS

 Now back to the title for today's post. It has been a long time since I really looked back at what I started out creating. Four years ago- I made my very first kit- Teal Jewels. Now THEN I was happier than all get out because I had accomplished a big thing. I thought I was rolling big- Looking back I haven't a darned clue what I was thinking OR why someone didn't stop me for that matter!! LOL Want to see what my first creation looked like? O GET READY- This is all kinds of horrible! LOL

June 2007

O YES ladies and gents- that would be what I actually deemed worthy of using back then ;) HAHAHA. 
I am a tad bit embarrassed- But hey we all started somewhere right? 
So anyways- after only a couple of months of designing.... and actually LEARNING a little bit about my programs, I revamped this kit. And even the revamp is well..... Its better than the first one I will give it that much hahahaha. 

August 2007

So I figured why not redo it all over again. So today I bring you Teal Jewels 2. The remake to my very first kit!! I would have to say... judging - We've come a LONG way :) But you can decide for yourself....

June 2011
 ~*Click the Preview to Download*~

Be sure to mark your calendars too- As Wild Card Wednesday is tomorrow :) 

Join me at ACOT in the chat room at either 10 am or 10 pm for tons of funs and a few giveaways too :)
The topic we're covering this week is : In a Snap (Template and Quick Page usage, Quick Photo Edits AND Journaling Inspiration) Hope to see you all there, and I will be back tomorrow with some more fun reminiscing and another revamp :) And Colie, Linda- fair warning ladies ;) I am totally going back to the old days with you all too. (insert evil grin hehehehe)

Much Love!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Its all about growth

Back yet again. I have come to a conclusion that crossing your fingers AND your toes counteracts the whole "good luck" thing. After all the wonderful net problems I had just a while back- A lovely little storm came through yet again and knocked me back out. They couldn't figure out the problem for the longest of times....so it ended up just replacing everything- Yet once again :) I THINK, although you can't tell a tech this, that when the power surged that my modem just fried out. I mean- Its only been the SIXTH time that I have had to replace the modem due to being fried in the last 4 years... Not without a little weekend hiccup though - Cuz wouldn't you know after getting all fixed we had another storm come through and knocked out the cable/net for a day. 

The plus about this last storm though...was that it managed to tear down a super delicious cherry tree from down the street. 

For as long as I can remember that tree always had the best tasting cherries...but the only problem was that the tree belonged to the Dr. Office here, and the neighbor is a bit...well the kind of lady you would see chasing kids away while swinging a broom :) So I was lucky to catch up a handful and never got a chance to REALLY pick the tree for some good baking cherries - Until this weekend that is! I figured the tree is down...and its going to be pitched, so I went and picked it dry today. 

For desert tonight- Cherry Crisp!!! It was sooo delicious. hot and fresh out of the oven, me and kiddos devoured an entire pan with a quart of vanilla ice cream on top. And I still have probably 5 lbs or so of cherries up in the freezer waiting for some jam and another round of crisp :)

As for scrap related, This month marks 4 years of designing for me! I actually "techinically" have it coming this week :) But I am going to kick it off tomorrow with the announcement of the new fabulous Sweeties!! The new ladies are amazingly talented- and have already been a blast to work with so far! So tomorrow get ready to see the brand new faces of the Creative Sweeties :)

This week also has some fabulous giveaways, contests, gifts all celebrating "Growth" - As hitting the 4 year mark really has me looking back at all the things that have happened -  O YEA- A Super Awesome grab bag is also coming that is jam packed with goodies. Want a sneak peek? 

All THAT and more is going to be available in the birthday grab bag coming June 14th :) I can't wait... these are hands down some of my top favorite creations.
So I will be back tomorrow- and we will start the "Growth" celebration. 
*O yea and we will be revisiting some of my VERY first designs all week too....so yea be ready for some laughs ;) 

Much love!