Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday!!

Today we are going to kick off the start to Wild Card Wednesdays!!! 
The topic: Digi Scrap 101
(Covering the basics of digital scrapping and some of the most important tools to create simple paper style layouts) Today we will be covering some of your basic tools in your scrapping program. And basic uses and how tos to create fabulous pages. We will also be dicussing what tools make what things happen for digital layouts that you would usually do with paper layouts. There will be covering of some more advanced techiniques- but not completely in depth, just a basic rundown to get you going forward with your creativity. 

Wild Card Wednesdays is a weekly chat that I will be hosting
at in the chat room
Each week a new chat topic will be discussed and challenge issued covering the topic. The chats will be offered at 2 times to accomodate time zones and the subject will be the same during BOTH, so it will only be necessary to attend one chat time. Those that attend will recieve ACOT points to use on future purchases, and those that complete the challenge will receive a gift from yours trully.

NOW- It has been expressed that both chats times available are not necessarily going to work for some people wishing to partake- FOR this there will be a recap thread in the forum about the topics discussed as well as a Saturday "Nooner" recap chat. This weeks "Nooner" will be Saturday May 28th in the ACOT Chat room at 12 pm EST (noon)  This will be for anyone to attend and either refresh or catch up on the topics at hand- And a question/answer based part to ask any new questions you might have developed during the few days after the Wednesday chat. 

The chat recap will also be posted in the forum for those to go back and look over the things dicussed OR for those that can not make it but would like to freshen up their skills to look over.

And don't forget- today is the last day to apply for the Creative Sweeties team:

Calling all scrappers that are laid back, easy going and love to have fun! If you want the chance to work with ALL Sweet Digi Scraps products- then this is for you!

Requirements are simple: Use what you like, but do use what you take
4 layouts per month, upload to the Zig Zag Scrap gallery and 2 others of your choosing
Help weigh in on questions, designs etc that I might ask from time to time
But most importantly, above all- Have fun.

To apply email the following to sweetdigiscraps AT yahoo DOT com
with subject line Im A Sweetie (this is so I can easily filter spam as well)
* Name and short bio
*a layout using one of my products (Either past or present- free or in the store)
There are currently 2 free mini kits on my facebook fanpage
*Link to your most recent/updated gallery
*Answer why you feel you should be a "Creative Sweetie"

Call ends May 25th 2011
All emails will be replied to within 24 hours, if you have not heard a reply back, please resubmit as spam filters may have blocked your email.
announcement of new Sweeties will be made June 1st 2011

Hope to see you all later on in the ACOT chat room!!


KandiceD said...

It was great chatting with you and I will definitely try the stamping tools! Thanks again!

Shuckclod said...

Hi liz, I sent 2 PM to your zig zag account, did you get them? They are showing they are in my outbox and not sent? Let me know? I can't wait to get the kit, thank you....

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hello sweetness! I've been a bad girl and up for two days straight, but on my way to bed now and wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy 4th Digital Designing Anniversary! You and I share the same anniversary date and I think that to be pretty special lovely lady!

Hope to find all is well your way. I am excited about your new ventures and, perhaps, I can make a chat or two in the near future! It would be fun to spend some time with you in a chat room. I've not done much of that in the past few years!

Take care sweetheart and may the rest of your week be just as sweet as you are!

Happy, happy!

Love and hugs,
Linda XX

Anonymous said...

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