Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a weekend

Monday is like my Sunday (and verses Saturday much like my Friday) I kind of like having it that way, as that is the normal for my area. Most of the mom and pops kind of places are closed on Sundays and Mondays- so its like family rest and relaxation time. And that we did :) I finally got my flower beds dug up and some of the flowers planted (Only some of them since I was pretty much dodging rain drops all weekend) The girls helped with the digging- and was more than happy to keep going until Stevie found a worm...then another..then another. They made it very apparent that they are more of the girly girl variety and not so much into the whole earthy thing. SIGH....Maybe that will turn around soon (at least I figure it will by the time its really nice and warm out and they can go make mud pies and dirt castles LMAO)

I also managed to get a good bit of ground work done for SDS, which I think is turning out to be awesome! My schedule for chats for the entire summer has been mapped out, challenges figured out AND I have been working underwraps on a new exciting announcement :) Another milestone was hit on the Sweet Digi Scraps fan page- and there is a new exclusive gift available for download...and by the looks of it, another will be posted tomorrow :) YAY! So if you haven't already- head over to the fan page and click on the exclusive gift tab to grab up the new giftie.
I also have a new kit that entered the stores today that I am rather fond of. In memory of my mother, as something that I can never forget is her hands. She had hands that were so soft and gentle to the touch, and always seemed to make everything alright. But yet on close examination you could tell they were the hands of a hard worker, that gave everything her all. In any regard, since Mother's day has just recently passed by, I have had her stuck prominent in my thoughts as of late...so out came this kit: 

I will be back very soon with some new announcements AND get ready for the SDS Sweetie call. I have not had one in a little over a year, and it's just the right time. So be on the lookout on how to apply to be one of the Creative Sweeties!

With Much love and hugs,

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