Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling a little more like spring

Finally today felt a little more like spring. The sun was shining, the air was warmer, and I noticed a lot more yellow all around. Stevie picked a daffodil today, and proceeded to smell it for what seemed like forever. Her face was proof as well as the yellow pollen had turned her entire nose a bright yellow LOL.  Good thing she didn't pick up her father's allergies :)

Of course with the nice turn around of weather, it meant spring fever hit the kiddos. It was a nice afternoon outside playing on the trampoline and swing set at dads. He bought them the swing set 2 years ago, but we opted to put it up in his yard (great excuse to get away and to involve papa in the kiddos growing up) I know a couple of you had asked how he has been doing, since we had such a scare last year with his health- So quick update :) He is actually doing a good bit better, it took a lot of trial and error with medications for them to finally get it right for him. We haven't had to visit the hospital for anything lately except for routine blood work that he now gets to make sure his levels are staying "okay" which is always a plus. So, knocking on wood, so far so good :)

I did manage to get a couple "work" hours in this morning which was great. This weekend will be brining a couple new template sets, some new alpha packs and quick page sets from some of the latest kits. As for kits, I have one that I am working on for next tuesday release. I will update sneaks from here until there, but for now these are the colors that spoke to me :

Also Daisy Jane is now up and available! I am so excited to also show you some of the fabulous layouts the sweeties have come up with using this kit. It is trully one of my favorite color palletes, (if you hadn't noticed this also was the colors used in my kit Photo Shoot :) I am in awe of their talent!
From Simona
From Gwen
From Chris

 And 2 I created also:

I will be back a little bit later to add in my other project photos, as little bubba is looking up at me for some lovings before bedtime :) Much Love, for now.....

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Liz! Your store has been hacked:( I'm so sorry!! Go look!