Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Make a Wish....

Today was yet another rainy dreary day. The temperature shift wasn't all that wonderful either, seeing as I was just bragging about the summery Sunday we just had. But we made the most of it this evening with some indoor activities and some rather comical conversation. Kids really do say the darndest things. 

So as I was walking home with Miss Roxy from school, we got into the discussion of whether or not butterflies could fly in the rain. (Her class room is currently watching caterpillars change into butterflies, so it has been a very highly talked about subject around here) In any regard I didn't really know, but guessed that since I have never seen one out while it was raining the answer was probably no. She then proceeded to start the song "Rain Rain go away" but she threw me a line I didn't know existed in the song. "Rain Rain go away, Come again a never day" ....Hmmmm a never day seems like a rather awesome place to send those dreaded things to :) 

I have a high love for music and singing (as some of you already know) But it has wore off in  big way to my children- Dallas especially. Today he finally sang "twinkle twinkle little star" pretty much word for word. I will have to record the next time, as he was rather hilarious to watch. After every word he would pause and take a deep breath then belt it out like he was howling at the moon. Every few words  his glasses would slip down his nose, and he would push them up with both hands over the lenses LOL. But he has been working on singing that song for a good while, and to see that look on his face when I screamed YAY You did it!! Was something of the biggest cheese eating grin ever.  I'm pretty sure he is going to be a performer of some sort when he gets older. 

But the moment that really got a good laugh today was from Miss Ana and Stevie. (This has a little bit of irony as it fits perfectly with my new kit...either way) Both of them had picked dandelions when we had went out this afternoon. Keep in mind these are the yellow type, that have yet to dry out and become those poofy white balls of seeds. Either way, they were sitting on the couch and just blowing away, but I couldn't exactly see what it was they were blowing at, as I was in the kitchen. So I peek around the corner, and there they are blowing at the dandelions from earlier. 'What in the world are you two doing?' Ana: "We're blowing them away" Stevie: "Do you want to make a wish?" O MY.... So after a good bit of laughing, and regaining my composure- I explained that only the dried up dandelions would blow off the seeds :)

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments on yesterday's post. I am so glad that you all enjoyed the mini, but know you are anxious to find out who will be receiving the 2 new alpha sets.
Fasten This Totally Grunge

Since there were a large amount of comments-some of which were annon. , I decided to pull 4 numbers.... Drum Roll Please.....

So the lucky winners are : #1 Peggz, #10 Lynette, #25 Pam  #33 Was Annon. so I went to the next one #34 vyrlefan
Congratulations to you ladies- If you would please send me an email at with the subject line "Blog Win" I will get you your download links :) 

ALSO- From last weeks posted challenge both Kristy and KandiceD completed the scraplift and posted links in the comment section. So BOTH of you will be receiving a $10 gift card to the shoppe :) I will be PM'ing you both with your codes. And for everyone here are their layouts from the challenge - Aren't they fabulous? 

 by Kandice

By Kristy

This week I am issuing a NEW Challenge- This will end April 19th at 11:59 pm EST. ALL those participating will receive a mini kit for participating and a chance to win a $5.00 to my shoppe. So whats the challenge? Simply this- Ask your child what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes.  (or if you dont have one that you scrap for you can use yourself as your subject) Scrap a page about the response you get, date the page and upload to any gallery of your choosing. You can use ANY scrap products for this challenge, and upload anywhere. ON APRIL 19th- Post your layout link in the comments section :)  I can't wait to see what you come up!!

And a little something to help get you inspired for this challenge- Here is a sampler of "Up So High" which will be released this Saturday. 

~*~Click the Preview to Download~*~
(please note the link will only be available for 24 hours and will expire April 14th 2 am EST)

With that, I am off to dreamland- where all the wishes come true. I am hoping tonight brings me a dream of a beautiful beach in the warm summer sun with all the ice cream a girl could ever want :) 
Much Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fresh Start

The April showers are really making their presence known here. I am pretty sure that 80% of the day today it rained, and I am loving it! It feels so...fresh. I will say though its rather crazy weather wise here lately- but that is southeastern Ohio for ya. Sunday it hit 85 degrees here, and had us thinking that the AC going into the window wasn't such a crazy idea. We did however hold off and just enjoyed the warm summery feeling by taking the kiddos to the park. 

It was a rather eventful weekend. Besides going to the park, we enjoyed a nice family movie night Friday evening. The kids picked Tangled, which I have to admit was soo stinking cute. Then it was a late night girls night with Iggy Saturday. I swear that child can go days without sleep if she wanted to. I think it was 3 or 4 in the morning when she finally passed out- although the conversation was well worth the lack of sleep :) 

Sunday however was a milestone day. Not only did we get our first taste of summer, but miss Roxy lost her first baby tooth!! We had spent the night before trying to convince her to just pull it out (as it was hanging by a thread) but she put it off. In any event, when she woke up Sunday morning I went in to greet her and show daddy how loose her tooth really was. She opened to say AHHH...and Joe goes "wow, thats really loose!" Not but a second later, I asked her to show me again and it was just gone- Poof- vanished! We searched all over her bed, clothes, floor - and the only conclusion was that she must have swallowed it LOL. In any regard the "tooth fairy" got to make its first visit. Gosh they are growing up way to fast on me!!

As for scrap/design- I fell a little behind. Up so High didn't fully get previewed as I had hoped for- so it will have a new release date of the 16th :) But I will most definitely be showing the preview soon, with a chance to win before its released. I managed some template sets, quick pages and a few wordart sets as well that will be releasing on the same day. 

But since I have to push the schedule back a little bit, I wanted to give you all a little gift. I was just inspired by the color pallette in midst of creating my kit for Saturday- and the sidetrack turned into a nice mini. 
Since everyone had said spring brings about fresh start feelings- here is my fresh start spring inspired design.  *Also included in the download is a template perfect for your 365 Projects.

~*~Sorry this link has expired~*~
this will be available for 24 hours before it is added to the shoppe 
(link expires 1am EST April 13th)

Here is a look at the new alpha sets coming this wednesday

Want a chance to win these? One lucky commenter today will receive both new alpha packs :)

Remember the scraplift challenge from the other day? Post your links in the comments section either here- or on that post and the winner will be picked for tomorrow's post :)

As for now, it is just turning 1 am for me- so I am off to dreamland. I will be back tomorrow with new release details, and a sneak peek of Up so High. Much love and hugs to you all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling a little more like spring

Finally today felt a little more like spring. The sun was shining, the air was warmer, and I noticed a lot more yellow all around. Stevie picked a daffodil today, and proceeded to smell it for what seemed like forever. Her face was proof as well as the yellow pollen had turned her entire nose a bright yellow LOL.  Good thing she didn't pick up her father's allergies :)

Of course with the nice turn around of weather, it meant spring fever hit the kiddos. It was a nice afternoon outside playing on the trampoline and swing set at dads. He bought them the swing set 2 years ago, but we opted to put it up in his yard (great excuse to get away and to involve papa in the kiddos growing up) I know a couple of you had asked how he has been doing, since we had such a scare last year with his health- So quick update :) He is actually doing a good bit better, it took a lot of trial and error with medications for them to finally get it right for him. We haven't had to visit the hospital for anything lately except for routine blood work that he now gets to make sure his levels are staying "okay" which is always a plus. So, knocking on wood, so far so good :)

I did manage to get a couple "work" hours in this morning which was great. This weekend will be brining a couple new template sets, some new alpha packs and quick page sets from some of the latest kits. As for kits, I have one that I am working on for next tuesday release. I will update sneaks from here until there, but for now these are the colors that spoke to me :

Also Daisy Jane is now up and available! I am so excited to also show you some of the fabulous layouts the sweeties have come up with using this kit. It is trully one of my favorite color palletes, (if you hadn't noticed this also was the colors used in my kit Photo Shoot :) I am in awe of their talent!
From Simona
From Gwen
From Chris

 And 2 I created also:

I will be back a little bit later to add in my other project photos, as little bubba is looking up at me for some lovings before bedtime :) Much Love, for now.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Winning Day

Today was a rather nice treat, full of surprises and turns  but ending up on a great note! The weather on the other hand was somewhat of a bear, or at least undecissive. It tried snowing, raining, hailing and ended up with the sunshine peeking through the dark stormy clouds. But that is a sure sign for us that spring is here and ready to go! Thank goodness ;)

I have greatly enjoyed reading all your favorite spring moments, some of which are my own favorites as well. Here I am in the fresh start of spring, renewing me! And you are very right, its the perfect time and feeling for it. Everything gets a nice facelift- the trees start to bud, flowers pop up, the grass seems greener, the birds are chirping away and the smell is so very nice. One of my absolute favorites of spring is going out on a warmer day, when the rain just starts and taking in the smell of fresh rain, and that odd smell that comes off the sidewalks and road from it. Something about that smell just- invigorates me :) 

That being said- I went to to find out who was going to recieve Daisy Jane earlier to get a jump start on their spring scrapping. And here are the results: 

Yep, I felt like giving away 3 :) So congratulations to Micheladas Shuckclod and judith!!! If you would please email me at with the subject line "Daisy Jane" I will send along your download links :)

Now I had promised you all a peek at some of the paper scrapping I have been working on :) My camera battery has died in the middle of pictures this evening- so on the charger it goes for a little bit ;) I guess that is what happens after a couple photo shoots for family. In any case I did manage to grab up a couple pictures of the projects before it completely died on me- and will do the more detailed pictures and my hybrid albums on tomorrows blog post. 

Here are the albums I have been working on - One is Roxy's Kindergarten album, one is an album for myself and Joe, one is of Stevies 4th year and the other is of one of our vacation trips: 

I managed to get a few detailed pictures of Roxy's album- I used a Basic Gray Black board album ( Jack I think) October Afternoon's Fly a Kite and Thrift Shop, and some dollar general scrapbooking stickers that I snagged up (I dont remember the brand however :( Its not complete- as school is still going on, but it is a start to her album that I hope to put the finishing touches on when she goes through promotion. 

Now, I also promised a little gift. This is a long time coming however, and I hope to pick it back up and continue on the journey I had started. The download contains 8 premade (or as some have called them 'stacked') pages. Just add your photos- a little extra touch and some journaling and you have a great addition to your albums. Each page has a little life lesson on them. There is both 4x6 and 12x12 sizes in the download. 

Here is a preview of the pages included: (The 12 inch size has PLENTY of empty space for you to work with- I only used a sampling of the title work to show on the preview)
I hope that you enjoy!

Alright ladies, I am off to do what I hope you all take the time out at least once this week and do for yourselves- A long hot bubble bath, with soft music, candles and ALONE time :) A girl needs at least one day of pampering and relaxation a week right? 

I will be back tomorrow with some great Daisy Jane inspiration, a little sneak peek of whats coming next from me, and some more pictures on the albums I have been working on. I hope you all have a wonderful evening(or day) and see you tomorrow!

With much love and hugs-

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Spring in My Step/Challenge and Chance to Win

So my weekend to the dogs....or should I say germs LOL. The downside of changing seasons is that it usually throws us all out of whack here with allergies and sinuses and such. Runny noses, achy ears and throats and fevers were the name of the game. Everyone is fine, just those inevitable colds you can't avoid :)

I did manage to get one the new kits uploaded before everyone went total ick :) Which felt so awesome. I have missed designing and scrapping so very much. Makes for awesome mommy time ;) The other kit will be released soon, but there is a chance to win it below :) 

Want to see what came from that swatch I posted earlier......
Its a bit different, but still "Liz"

Here are a couple layouts I did with it: 

The scrapping mojo has slowly returned, and I couldn't be happier- I will take this over the spring cleaning  anyday ;) Although the blog isn't fully (showing) the new skin yet....I have to resize my new buttons but I think its a nice little change to get things moving full in swing- (Especially with iNSD coming close around the corner) 

I also managed to scrap a little too with some awesome new kits that have popped up in digiland while I was away. I got my hands on Colie's Corner's new kit Solve A Mystery, and it was just perfect for some pictures of the guilty subjects in the past:

I also got the chance to play with some of Laura Burger's new designs. They were both fabulous and fun kits to scrap with: Race Zoom Zoom

Now I mentioned on Facebook there was going to be a little challenge posted :) So here we go!!! From the 5 layouts above, pick your favorite and scraplift it! (A scraplift is where you look off a previously done layout and make your own variation of it) You can use ANY kit you wish- and upload ANYWHERE you wish. Challenge ends Monday April 11th, 2011. To enter, just create and upload your scraplift anywhere- then post a link to your finished layout in the comments section of April 11th's Blog post. Those that complete the challenge will be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to my store!

Now because I am in such a happy mood- I wanted to also give you all a chance to win my new kit "Daisy Jane" that will be released Wednesday (April 6th) evening. 

Just post in the comments section of today's post on what your favorite thing about spring is, or your favorite memory of spring in the past. I will be back tomorrow evening to do a random draw for a winner and also a little gift that I have been working on :) And pictures of some awesome hybrid and paper albums I have done recently :)

Much Love and Hugs-