Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspiration- I love you :)

Okay so this morning has been awesome! I woke up at 4 am, and inspiration was charged and ready to go!! So I started on some designing...because its been far too long!!! I figured I would give a little idea of where this is about to go, because I am uber excited and think its going to turn out fabulous (now cross the fingers that my head can make my hands turn out the work ;0 ) 

I have started on a vintagey spring, fun yet versatile kit- The same ol SDS style, with a tiny spin. So here at the colors I am working with to give you an idea.

I also scrapped today!! I am on a roll ladies and gents! The fabulously amazing Danyale has bloomed into a freaking awesome designer in my absence. If you hadn't already seen  her stuff.....its is a MUST! I don't think I have ever fallen for a designer style so quickly to be honest- But I have- I'm smitten ;) Seriously though... I was blessed with the wonder gift of getting her brand new kit that has yet to be released- and its AWESOME!!!! I can't exactly show you the kit just yet...but if you check out her blog, she will be posting in the near future when its released and where to snag it up! 
I have started a hybrid album with the kit too...but here is the layout I created this morning of me and My Miss Roxy ;)

I will be back later with a little sneak peek, my blog makeover (I told ya- its a ROLL LOL) some photos of the scrap projects I have done in my absence and also some updating on the kiddos :) 
I hope you all are doing wonderful, and that this Monday is anything but blue :)


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Happy Monday sweetheart!!! It is a lovely indeed, and a bit more so hearing from you! :)

I have been as equally blown away by Danyale's full-blown designer status and style! Nothing short of AMAZING!

Love your layout and glad you've been able to get a chunk of scrapping accomplished! You must really be feeling GOOD about that sweetie!

Love those priceless and FUN pics of you and Miss Roxy! Beautiful babes ye both be!

Well, off to start my day, my week and hope to keep catching your posts on my blog roll! So far, so good! ROFL!

Loves and hugs and wishing you a MOST fantabulous week darlin'! Can't wait to see your blog makeover and your new designs!


Simona said...

Hi Liz! I am so glad to see you back again. And I really hope this is a brand new start for you. Not going into details. I am sending you a big hug and a big kiss to all your kids who are growing up so beautifully! Love your page with Danyale's kit, too. That shows you sure didn't lose your creativity! Love hun!

Rylea said...

Good morning sweets. Missed seeing your posts and inspirations. So happy you are back.....isn't it amazing how you inspire people to become seriously awesome? You too are truly are. Can't wait to see what is in the works for you and what your up too with your creating. XOXXOXOXOXOXO

Peggy said...

glad to see you back!