Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now THATS more like it!!

If it's not one thing, its the other right? I just know I am happy to be able to blog again!! The last couple nights have drove me batty trying to get one in. The past couple nights my technique problems have been a feat to reckon with! First my ISP had uploading going at an extreme snail speed (we are talking 5kbs- SLOWER than dialup!!) Then anyone else have problem with blogger the last few nights? I would get the dashboard to load- but not this text interface to actually blog in UGH! I was trying last night and I feel asleep refreshing and waiting to blog - how sad is that? (Like face plant on the desk fall asleep LOL)

Its been a crazy start to the year, busy wise. This week has been full of doctors appointments, lawyer visits, court, taxes (preparing and sorting) back to school, I can't wait for tomorrow and this week to be over with! On the doctor side of things, everything is looking MUCH better for me, and we finally got results in for dad's bone density scan and marrow. We have seen two specialists this week (one more appointment tomorrow morning) and they are all looking at surgery now. I knew someday this would be coming, but I don't really know if he, or I for that matter, are prepared for all its going to take to be done. They have said that its pretty much just bone on bone now for both his ankle and knee, and pretty close to being the same at his hip. So now they are looking for good spots of bone for pins and areas to go in and  do replacements to get rid of the pain and mobility issues, and hopefully prevent extra wearing of the bone. Tomorrow we go in to see if there are good spots at the knee area to go into, and he gets molded for a splint for his leg. Dad is all ready for it, and acting rather enthused to have people finally talking about replacements- Me on the other hand, well I'm pretty sure I will be gray by the time this is all said and done. 

In the midst however, I have  managed to keep up with my resolutions AND my 365's!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT? After diving in, I did change up how I was going to tackle both projects though. Now my scrapping in done with my Lessons in Life book, and my journal is actual writing in an altered journal. I will take pics of my journal today so you all can see, I am rather proud of how it looks :) It makes me want to pick it up each night and write in it. Plus I realized just how relaxing it is to actually pick up the pen and paper and let the thoughts go. 

I really flubbed up the 12 days in a big way, so I am just throwing those out. I am far behind, plus we only had 4 days left... so we are just gonna call em gifts LOL. That way if tonight my net or blogger decides to be completely wonky, I won't feel so bad. Plus I plan on going beyond those 4 gifts. I figured at the end of each week I can make available some 365 tools and my pieces for my Lessons in Life book so that you too can all take the journey with me. So EVERY Friday, I will have a new 365 template, 7 predecorated Lessons in Life pages for you, and 7 either cards or wordart to coordinate with the project. That way we help keep each other on track :)  

Here are my first couple days (and also the first couple pre-deco pages that I will have for you all tomorrow)- I will put up an album in my gallery and link to it so that everyone can see. 

And here is the 6 Lessons in Life cards that are completed so far. After this week I will save the wordart pieces as well- so those wishing to use JUST the wordart for their layouts can do so. However, I figure at this rate- by the end of the year everyone will have a great inspirational set to use for holiday gifting. Like a full album of 4x6's, or print them out and bind them with jump rings to make a rolling inspiration desk item- O the ideas I have  :) LOL But ALL of these cards will be available tomorrow for download as well as the 12x12 predecorated pages (the pages I create just minus the journaling) 
And for today- I have a gift for you all as well :) Since I am kinda messed up the 12 days- I am going to go ahead and reveal this to you all. Still a 24 hour download, before it goes into the shoppe. 

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note the download will be available until Jan. 7th 11:59 pm EST

 And for those that missed the last gifts- here is what was hiding inside: 

All gifts, and ALL Advent and 12 days items go directly into my shoppes (both personal and at ACOT) and are available for $1 for anyone wishing to pick up any missing pieces. The $1 price will end on the 10th!

Much love to you all! Happy scrapping and hope you all are having much luck and success with your resolutions and 365 journeys!
Until tomorrow....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

on the 8th day.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well dang, I haven't blogged since last year. (Corny I know ;) My grandma used to do that to me when I was little. We would watch the ball drop together, and then 5 minutes later she would go "Well come to talk to me, I haven't talked to you since last year" Ah the little things that stick in your mind as you get older. They seem corny and silly then... but its funny how those are some of the most cherished and memorable things you carry throughout life. 

Last night was nice, a cozy evening with the kids. Ana and Bub made it to watch the ball drop, and was out like lights shortly after. My family on the other hand was making quit the noise in town. Fireworks, screaming, pots and pans- people falling all over themselves. I found it rather hilarious staying up til 3 just to laugh at their expense. Question- What happens when 2 redneck drunks get ahold of fireworks and a coffee can? You get 2 blown up drunks LOL- Not literally, however instead of putting the can down on the ground and THEN lighting it, as told over and over- he insisted on holding the can. Needless to say he was jolted sober for awhile LOL ( I shouldn't laugh, because they are both very lucky not to have been severely hurt, but man on man- Its like throwing a firecracker near someones feet- That jump reaction that is just to irresistible to laugh at? Yea that times 10 :)

Thank you all for your support and kind words about my goals for this coming year. I am wishing you all much success with your resolutions and personal challenges this coming year as well. I figure this much, as long as we keep pushing each other...we will get there! Candi, and Connie you both kind of hit my 365 on the head.... but its a bit more. This year I am going to push myself to do two 365 projects. I figure if I can do it, I will ensure I get the "liz" time in- and if not.... its okay, it will just be 365 (give or take a few LOL) HOWEVER, I am going to do a scrap journal this year- Include one photo from the day, as well as journal ect.. and create it using my scrap products. That way I scrap, take photos and write daily. (You will see what I mean in tonight's gift) 

ALSO- I am going to do a project that I am calling "Life's Lessons 365" . I know in no means am I going to catch up on my scrap albums for the kids anytime soon. And I have learned that life is far too short, and even though I don't think I will be going anywhere anytime soon- I want to make sure that for a fact my children have some of my words of guidance and "wisdom" (if you want to call it that LOL) for later on in life. Of course I plan on keeping up with it far past this year, but I want to make sure this year I get as much in as I have learned on my path so far. I am almost finished with my pages for today- but was waiting for this quiet evening time to complete them. I will post them as I go, and anyone wishing to join me can- I would be more than happy to have you along the ride. I will also provide "basic life lesson cards" as I go on the journey too- so you can use and modify if you wish for your own scrap projects.

Okay, now what you all been waiting for .......
The 7th and 8th days of Christmas
*Belated ;) *

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 And for those that missed the last gifts- here is what was hiding inside: 


All gifts go directly into my shoppes (both personal and at ACOT) and are available for $1 for anyone wishing to pick up any missing pieces.


Thank you all so much again!I am off to finish up day 1 from my 365's and go ahead and do day 2 while I am at it :) See ya'll in the morning :) And Lainey- Pop me an email- I will be glad to set you up, as I retired that kit last summer :)