Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1 Day down...24 to go!

The countdown for Christmas is on! Is it just me, or did this year fly by entirely too fast? I guess its something that I have learned happens with age. As a kid, the time never seems to go by fast enough. The longing and waiting for Christmas seems like it never ever ends. I could remember making my lists as a kid in July waiting and wishing for snow ( I am not really a big fan of the heat- never have been ) But now it seems I am just wrapping up things that happened in July and already its time to scramble for holidays. 

The kids have made sure to make the lists ever growing for me. I am pretty sure everyday adds a new item that I have never heard of or even thought about before. The top of the list this year was choo choos (for bub) as he is now obsessing over trains and also rrrrrrreeeerrrrrs (which is bubba talk for planes) And the girls are the Zhu Zhus. Heck of a name for toy hamsters. The plus side to those however as opposed to the real ones- A- no cages to clean, B- no furry funerals due to the pet cats C- no worried mommy freaking out when she goes to feed the thing and sees it is no longer in the cage but instead wandering somewhere in the house. I'm guessing the person that came up with the idea for the Zhu Zhu, was definitely a mom that had lost far to many in her home! LOL

Speaking of Gifts...are you ready for one? How about 30+? Yea, well me too :) Each year since I have been designing I have done the 12 days of Christmas on my blog here. A little extra something to say thank you to those who follow and have supported Sweet Digi Scraps throughout the year.  HOWEVER, this year I am doing a little something extra. We are going to add advent to the list of holiday events this year, because I am in a countdown kind of mood for this holiday. 

So here is a quick run down of how this will work- Each day at midnight EST (Because this is when the day turns over for me) I will post a new gift for you all to have. It will be available for 24 HOURS to download, as soon as the 24 hours is up, the day will be disabled- put into the store and a new gift will be made available. Each day will be a complete surprise (because well... that's the best part of opening up your Christmas gifts isn't it? The anticipation of what might be inside?- For me it is :) On Christmas day there will be 2 gifts made available. (one for the end of advent, and one for the start of the 12 days) 

So are you ready?....... Let the countdown begin- 
with 1 day down and only 24 to go.....
Here is your first little gift from me to you, 
*Sorry Day 1 has expired*
note the download will be available until Dec. 1st 11:59 pm EST

I hope you all enjoy today's gift! Much love and hugs,
Until tomorrow.......

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday = Madness!

I hope everyone had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving! Mine went pretty well, and the turkey that I cooked this year had to be hands down the absolute best turkey I have EVER had or cooked for that matter. Usually I forget an over night basting, or fall asleep leaving the turkey rather dry for dinner. WELL.... not this time :) Actually the whole dinner turned out rather tasty.

I will be back later on to give more details, as life is starting to come around to a better normal for me- thank goodness. I have several things to play catch up on, but blogging is one thing I dearly missed out of my routine before, and I am making my early new years resolution to stay committed again. PLUS- I gotta get geared up for the annual Sweet Digi 12 Days ;) This year however, be ready for a fabulous twist... as I am adding a Sweet Digi Advent. Nothing like Christmas for a full month huh?

Anyways- I am off to run into the madness of holiday shopping. I hope that you all have a wonderful time shopping during this weekend. And just in case you are like me, and going out in your Pjs in search for the hot item of the year and wont be home to catch the digi deals- No worries, as SDS products will be on sale from Friday clear until the end of Cyber Monday.

Sweet Digi Scraps is celebrating Black Friday AND Cyber Monday with a huge sale! Save 50% off all products. Making all prices $2.50 or less. You wont want to miss out on this sale. Sale runs until Tuesday November 30th. Including these fab new releases:

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Much Love, Hugs and warm wishes :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

DSD Sale! 50% Off!

Sweet Digi Scraps is celebrating DSD with a huge sale! Save 50% off all products. Making all prices $2.50 or less. You wont want to miss out on this sale.

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