Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sorry for missing

I missed last nights post, as I completely passed out on the couch. I didn't get any sleep the night before as I burnt my set of snowman so had to restart those from scratch, and also had to finish up the teachers gifts. Aww the joys of Christmas gift crunch! LOL So I will post both day 22's and 23's gifts tonight when I post. But I had to come here and blog now since I had a chance, and also correct my mistake in day 21's gift :)

Firstly- From the printout gifts, I realized I missed including the last 5 months for the calendar. (Can I say how glad I am that I got sleep LOL- I think I was dreaming when I did the last post LOL)
So here is the missing months for your calendar projects: (the printout download is still available and will be until midnight tonight)

And anyone still rushing to do gifts for others, you could always do goodie cans like I did for Roxy's teachers. These were easy to make, and I didn't have to go to the store for anything for them. (click the image to enlarge for details)
However, you can make these anyway you wish, and fill with anything as well. I put hard tack candy in these, but whatever you choose for your recipient is wide open to cookies, candies, even scarfs, gloves you name it! Theses were made with the half stack pringle cans (except the middle one is done with a peanut can)- But any can/jar will work. Just line with your favorite papers and embellish away. I personalized the cans to also work as pencil holders for the teachers with their names. The "Mrs. Roberts" I did a simple trick with the flower cluster to make it stay. Once I wrapped and tied the ribbons around it- I stuck the prong of the brad through the top ribbon and fastened it there. Then put a glue dot under the ribbon knot to keep it in place. (The tops are held down with brads as well through the middle of the flowers) 

Okay, hope that helps with ideas for last minute gifts for you. I will be back tonight with 2 gifts and some more last minute savers :)


cosmictadpole said...

Thank you so much! I just assumed it was meant to be a partial calendar ;) Really cute gift ideas for teachers!

Marif said...

Thanks so much for the rest of the calendar and the great gift ideas...!
Hope you get lots of rest soon, you have to remember to take care of yourself ... Hugs!

ellezee said...

Thank you so much for the calender! I using it for last minute Christmas gifts! Also thanks for all other gifts! They are all sweet! Your generosity if amazing! Merry Christmas to you and your family! God Bless!!

KandiceD said...

Thank you so much for the fantastic gifts, they were completely beautiful. You are Amazing and very talented!

tiggconn said...

thanks for the missing months. Hopefully you can get some good rest soon after the holiday is over. I know I will! ;)

Crystalnva said...

BREATH.............LORDY GIRL YOU`RE MAKING ME TIRED..Just think 30 minutes Christmas Morning after the kids hit like a tornado it`s over Then there`s clean~up oh did I even have to think of that !!! THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your`s

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [23 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Jewel said...

Thanks so much for the gifts! I just remembered to check in here and am sad I missed most of the month - more for your funny blogging than the gifts - coz I think I just might but your $25 deal and get them anyways LOL. I do love reading about your holidays, this being the 3rd year I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for all you do! Will you be singing for us this year?