Thursday, December 23, 2010

23 Days Down

 Tonight was nice. I did exactly as you said- I took a moment for me and breathed! LOL I did a few more batches of cookies and prepared my butterhorn dough (this is a sweeter, more fattening and smaller version to the nut roll LOL) Picked up some marble for rolling it out- Since the table this year was an epic fail for it, and hoping that today I have enough steam to get it all done. (prepping all the Christmas dinner dishes)   I KNOW what you are thinking- WHY? LMAO

Well I have to get the ones I can for my own dinner prepared by tonight latest. Like the green bean cassarol, cookies, pies, cottage cheese salad, veggie plate- You get the idea.  Either way, My aunt Debbie called me last night and it was such a pleasant surprise. We don't talk that often (she is my mother's sister) as differences in the past with the family kind of made that whole side fall apart. I have talked to her off and on since my mom passed away, but always avoided calling her because she sounds exactly like my mom on the phone, and well.... it's hard. Either way, her phone call last night did exactly the opposite of what I thought it would. Hearing her voice was a god send, really. It was the uplifting encouragement that I needed, and I think was the ticket to give me the goodnight sleep that I had so desperately needed for so long. 

She informed me that she was going to fix up a Christmas dinner for herself, by herself. Well I won't be having any of that- No one should be alone for Christmas, especially blood. Soooo tomorrow afternoon I am heading over there while the kids go with their dad for a bit and help her create a good old fashioned Christmas dinner. Then afterward, I need to take the kids out to their dad's grandma's for their dinner and exchange- then back in to go up to dad's and cook and play Santa. Friday will be SLAMMED!! LOL

Now for today- its prepping, wrapping, Christmas light hopping (we go out for a drive every year to see all the displays) and last minute shopping- Even though I SWORE i wouldn't be this year LOL.  AND AND AND- Before I forget AGAIN LOL- On the sidebar there is a swagbucks widget. EVERYONE GET THIS TOOLBAR!!!! I am telling you, start it now and Christmas next year for you will be free!!! SERIOUSLY- No scams or gimics, nothing like that. I cashed in my swagbucks this month ( I had been using it since July or so)  for $100 in Amazon Gift Cards and grabbed up a bunch of gifts for Christmas (which all came in today WOOOHOOO!!) . Its simple and easy- You just use it like you do a yahoo/google search engine. Everything you want to look up, use that tool bar and it starts adding up points for you- I think at 250 points (at least as it stands now) you can get a $5 amazon card. But there are various other things you can cash your points in for as well, just trust me. If you start using it now, like I am, by December next year you can get all your Christmas just for doing what you already do now on the web :) Since the 18th I have already racked up 205 swagbucks for next years gifts :) I am sorry I am spamming you, but since I had been sharing holiday gift ideas, this was one I DEFINITELY had to share! LOL

Okay, now what you all been waiting for .......
with 23 days down and only 2 to go.....
Here is your 22nd and 23rd little gifts from me to you,

 *Sorry these gifts have been opened*
*Please click BOTH the trees and the words for your downloads*
note the download will be available until Dec. 23rd 11:59 pm EST

And for those that missed the last gift given, It is still available for download. Please click older posts and both Yesterdays and the day before has the downloads for some holiday hybrid printouts. 
 And to answer Jewel's Question- Here is a run down of what kits were for what months:

January- To Us
February - Cupid Struck
March - Time Flies
April - Pass The Peas
May - Mama Mia
June - Mister Happy Go Lucky
July - My Pet
August - Family Tree
September - Spunk
October - Fall Feelings
November - Thrifty
December - A Cozy Christmas
All gifts go directly into my shoppes (both personal and at ACOT) and are available for $1 for anyone wishing to pick up any missing pieces.

For a limited time only!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Much Love until tomorrow :)


Rebecca said...

Thank you so much, honey! I'm so glad you got to take a little breather!!! You certainly deserve it! (((hugs)))

Jewel said...

ACK! Liz you rock! I just looked at yesterdays, and the calendars - you have NO idea how much I needed those! I make one each year and this year haven't been able to, and was going to skip it, and my FIL just asked me 'how are your calendars coming?' and I was going to try to whip some up tomorrow so as not to disappoint him. Now I don't have to!! Thank you SO much! And today's gifts are wow too! I have a question ... if I wanted to pick up the kits that you made the calendars with .. to customize a bit .. which kits would I need?

Thanks you again! You are totally DA BOMB and saved my but!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Liz, you make this 'ol gals head swim!

To be SO young again and as busy as you! Well, I am about half as busy and twice as old! ROFL!

Thank you SO much for explaining the SWAG BUCKS! I've seen them around, but have not taken the time to check them out. You've twisted my arm to start collecting as I need all the extra help I can get!

Thank you for the delicious goodies and I am happy that you had a nice chat with your aunt Debbie and that you are going to visit her. I just KNOW this visit shall be priceless!

Hope to find you sleeping sweetly darlin'!


marsie55 said...

Wow, you are such a kind person .. the world needs more people like you in it!! I am glad you got some sleep, and caught up with your Aunt. I am sure her Christmas will be so much better with your help. Thank you so much for the 22nd & 23rd downloads ... I am actually keeping them to open late on Christmas, when I am done with all the festiities and have some quiet time .. I am going to be overwhelmed and have such fun!! I'm off to do some late shopping (groceries) now!! Take care of yourself! xxx

Cherbear said...

Thank you!

Carien(Holland) said...

Thank you so much for all the amazing gifts!Happy Holidays! :)

Crystalnva said...


Photographing Mom said...

So glad you took some time for you!
Enjoy your Christmas!!!
And Thank you!!

tamis3angels said...

Thank you so much. Enjoy your busy Christmas.

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 9 post on Dec. 23, 2010. Thanks again.

Marif said...

Thank you so very much!!

Anonymous said...

10 fold what Linda said. I am tired just reading your post of all you are doing. I am certainly glad you did do some me time for yourself. Sounds as if your dinner will be awesome especially with family around to enjoy it. Altho, your note made me cry remembering a similar experience...not nearly as warm as yours, but still touched me.

Thanks for the swags buck reminder, I too am gonna plunge in and see...I can use all the help I can get, and if it has been already proofed by you, well then, I am signing up too!

Have I told you how happy I am to see you posting again regular? reading about how your kids are and family is doing? after all this time, it warms the cockles of my heart knowing all is well with you and yours.

Thanks again for todays goodies too. You are always #1 g/f.....

Merry Christmas with bucket-loads of Love from me to you and your's.

God Love ya girl for your heart, generosity and thoughtfulness.

Jewel said...

Thanks for the details Liz! I guess the two un-linked kits are not available anymore? I'll have to figure out something that will match OK. I just bought your $25 deal 0 so excited!

Chris said...

You make me tired just reading your posts! It's great that you got some breathing time and a good night's rest. I know what you mean about the voice thing - it's very hard but sometimes also very good for the spirit. Glad you are reconnecting with your aunt. Have a blessed Christmas Liz!! I'm off work for a couple of days and my kids don't let me use the computer at home so I probably won't "see" you until after Christmas!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

wow! You are one super-amazing woman! Holy Moly! I read everything that you accomplish in a day and I get tired just from HEARING what you're up to! LOL!

You are truly SUPERWOMAN!

Thank you for all you do. I sit here and think about all of the other stuff you have going on (prepping for Christmas, etc.) and then I think to myself, "WHEN DOES THIS GIRL HAVE TIME TO DESIGN!?!?" Not to mention blog about your day. You must never sleep. I need at least 3-4 days to accomplish what you get done before breakfast (I'm sure of it!).

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your life and your art with all of us!


teresaj said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts and I was just wondering where I could find the other part of the calendar. I love this and would like to make one but can't find it in your posts. THanks.

tiggconn said...

Thank you :) Glad you took some time for yourself.

Sandy Mauk said...

Thank you! What a great December this has been with you. Hope that you find your peace and have a joyful and blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [24 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

shawnyrvr said...

So very bummed... I came on at 12:45 last night and the night before... and then I had to drive home 18 hours tonight... and somehow missed both days in that few hours... awww shucks, I'm loving your stuff though. THANKS so much hope all your holiday wishes are fulfilled. Hugs & Blessings! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :-)