Monday, December 20, 2010

20 Days Down!!

I am getting so stinking excited! Its almost here! I kinda feel like a kid  I am so anxious :) The kids are too of course, but I think I am more so. When the ads were flashing this evening on tv for various different toys- I got the surprising response of "I want that for my birthday" hmmmmmm Well that's good, because it gives me almost a year to prepare for it :) LOL

Anyone still rushing around? Besides Rebecca ;) Although girl I don't envy you- 7 kids to shop for at crunch time would make me totally gray! I say we team up this coming year in my resolution for gifting- One gift bought each week clear up to Christmas. Hmmmmm... we will see how that pans out ;)

Okay as for gifting- I have been promising and promising :) So here are some homemade projects that I have completed for the holidays. I am doing the simpler ones today - and then the calendars and memo pad and brag album tomorrow with downloads to the printouts for those projects in case you would like to make them for a gift as well.  Because if I put them all up here today, you would be looking at the worlds longest blog post.... or something close at least LOL.

The first one is just one of 4 that I completed- they are done in shadow box 4x6 frames ( i picked them up at the Dollar Tree for a buck a piece) Each one contains a dinosaur that pops out in the middle of the box, and a complete scene (these are for my nephew) . I used fibers for the grass, and the rest is all print outs from my kit Rawwr. The bottom is 2 mini composition books (those picked up 3 for a dollar) And turned them into mini journals for my girls.

Okay, top is my gift boxes all decorated. None of them are the same, but it gives you the general idea. I am using these for my baked gifts and candies. I just decorated the plain white boxes you can pick up 3/6 for a couple bucks at walmart.  The frame is one of 3 (they are for the girls grandmothers on their daddies side) The set of frames came from Kaiser Krafts beyond the page line. The gift card card is made from Lil stinker and for my brother (gag LOL)

Top one is a full hybrid album using Buttercup, prima and K&Co items. The album itself is from Maya Road and its a gift for my friend. The bottom left is a Kaiser Craft project - Its awaiting my pictures to be picked up and placed on there as well as the final decorative touches. The end result will have the big piece top, with the 3 flowers hanging from it with the kids pictures amongst it all. Its a gift for their aunt. And the bottom right is a gift for another friend who recently had a baby. There are 4 to this set as well, but each one is just mother goose quotes and ryhmes printed out using my Mother Goose kit and put into frames I picked up 2 for a $1 at the dollar store :) 

Okay I will post more of my gifts tomorrow, as I am sure this is getting rather lengthy as it is! Hope you all have a very wonderful Monday :)

Okay, now what you all been waiting for .......
with 20 days down and only 5 to go.....
Here is your twentieth little gift from me to you,

 *Sorry this gift has been opened*
note the download will be available until Dec. 20th 11:59 pm EST

And for those that missed yesterdays gift, here is what was hiding inside:
(I have to admit, this is one of my fav alpha sets yet :) 
All gifts go directly into my shoppes (both personal and at ACOT) and are available for $1 for anyone wishing to pick up any missing pieces.

For a limited time only!


Monica said...

Thanks Liz!!
Yes, those alphas are amazing!!

Lynna said...

Thanks so much for Day 20! Hard to believe Christmas can already be so near! :-) And still so much to do...

marsie55 said...

OMG I hit the shops here in Adelaide, South Australia today .. it was totally crazy!! And we have late night shopping for the next 3 nights!! Wow, I hadn't opened yesterday's gift yet .. love love love that alpha!! Thanks for day 20! xxx

Rebecca said...

DUDE! That would be such a FABULOUS idea, Liz!!! But, I don't know that everyone would still fit in or like what I bought them way back in January!! :( Seriously, though, I'm not usually this much of a procrastinator, but the money just hasn't been there, plus I'm working my butt off and have no time. lol - you'd think as much as I'm working I would have the money, but unfortunately the work I'm doing this month we don't get paid for until mid February! That really stinks! Anyway, it'll get done, one way or another!!

Thank you for another tremendously awesome gift!!! You rock, girl!! (((hugs)))

Photographing Mom said...

Me! Me! I'm still running around like crazy. ;) Hubby and my Mother to shop for. SCARY!!

Thanks for the gift!!!

Marif said...

Wow very cool projects!!
Tanks for the gift too and yes I'm still running. I don't have gifts for my in-laws, my brother and sister in law, my nephew and two nieces or anything for anyone's stocking...
Tomorrow is my son's birthday and I guess I'll take care of Christmas after that... Wish me luck!

Cherbear said...

Thank you!

tiggconn said...

I used to be crafty like that every year. Maybe I will again soon. They are adorable!

Thanks for todays freebie! :)

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Omg! I had to come back in to see what you were workin' on! You have no idea how elated I am to hear that you know of K&CO, Maya Road, and Kaiser brands! hahahaha! While although I am a HUGE digital fan, my true love of scrapping started in the paper world. I have so much stuff it's almost insane!

I have a hybrid gallery, although it's rather small. My scanner/printer went out awhile ago and I have been without until THIS WEEK when I found out my mom got me an AWWWWWESOME Canon printer/scanner. Of course I don't get it until Christmas, but she had to ask me which one I wanted, therefore ruining the "surprise." BUT I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER and I cannot wait to get it. My gallery will be filled with awesome stuff! Drop by my "unfilled" gallery sometime! LOL!

Hugs to you and thank you for sharing your awesomeness!

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [21 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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