Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the 9th Day of Christmas....

So I miss yesterday, thanks so much everyone for understanding, as I didn't have a clue it was coming up on me. It was my make up birthday, new years combo :) But Joe knew we had to take Elizabeth back into her aunt's for a birthday party that was happening this weekend she was invited to. So I figured, just as much that when he got ready to go in it would be a quick trip into town and back, so I got myself into the normal Friday routine, getting laundry done, housework ect... While in the midst of 3 baskets of laundry to fold, I get a call to go to my dads. So it ended up we were dropping off the kiddos for my sister to watch and taking the oppurtunity of going into town to stay there for some just us out time. We went out shopping for some things that we needed and had wanted to pick up for the house, then went out to dinner and back here to watch a movie together. It wasn't a whole lot of "going out" persay- As I didn't dress up at all, I was in lounge clothes and hadn't bothered since I didn't think anything was going on. But it was peaceful and nice. I had honestly forgot was quite time was like for convo and actually hearing one another LMAO. Usually we are hollaring at each other over top of noise ;)

And when we went to pick up the babes, they came home and passed out, so that left even more time to cuddle on the couch for another movie. We watched the Half Blood Prince and The Hangover. OMG- Talk about funny!

Today on the other hand, Dallas kept me wrapped up. He was walking into the living room from the girls room with a pencil (Ana hadn't put it up from drawing and of course I hadn't a clue) Needless to say right as I went to grab it he fell and jabbed himself. Luckily it wasn't too bad and just scraped the side of his cheek with it. But its been a bit sore for him and soothing him hasn't been the easiest thing. Understandable, so he has been a lap baby for the day. Hopefully tomorrow it will be much better for him. Thank goodness babies heal faster than us.

I took down the Christmas lights and decorations these last two days, and getting ready to finish up my new living room "look" I have new shelves and frames to put up and hoping to get it finished in the next few days. As soon as I do I am going to be snapping to share, as I am so extremely excited about my color combo pick and urban look. Now here is to hoping that I can keep it all looking nice with the kiddos ;) HEY- Wishing again- Someday my fairy godmother will come grant them LMAO

I have kept up so far with project 365- So this a good start :) I figured if I keep just this blog going with it, it will help me out. So no extra link neccessary to follow me along with the journey through photos. And if any of you are going to also be doing the project, please let me know the link to your blog for it, so I can add you on my sidebar here and we can help motivate one another :)

Here are my Day 1 photo, From my -as I am calling it- My life in photos. I am going through each day and photographing about one thing I have done during the day to recap my activities for a year. This is my way of saying goodbye to another chapter in our lives, and gearing up for a new one, The new ornament me and Joe added to the tree this year. I will post day 2 and 3's photos tomorrow :)

Now onto today's gift, On the 9th day of Christmas......
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And for those that missed day 8's gift this is what was hiding inside:
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Thanks so much everyone for your patience with me during my break once again, and your comments as well, It is greatly appreciated!
Until tomorrow :)


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

I saw you signing out Liz love and it IS late over there! Bless your heart! I am SO happy that you and Joe had some NICE quiet time together, were able to shop, eat out, watch movies AND cuddle! And I SO hear you on the actually "hearing" each other! LOL!

The boys brought The Hangover here the day after Christmas, which is when I had MY four sons together (girls are in Washington, drats!). They were ALL cracking up and I only caught bits 'n pieces as I was cleaning up from our holiday meal together, but I got the gist of it! :D

I LOVE redecorating so I'm REALLY feeling your excitement as you prepare to RENEW your living room! Hope you share some after photos with us!

I've taken a few photos and if I do start posting them, it most likely won't be until Monday. I've just not had a chance to accomplish much with the boys here and I am already up MUCH later than I should be (shhhhhh ...) and hope to get some work done tomorrow after Robert takes them home!

They REALLY are VERY well-behaved and little darlings, it's just that I am SO used to a quiet house all week that I am constantly distracted with their SWEET little voices and scurrying about the house! LMAO!

Thank you for today's prezzies sweetheart and I hope that you get a SOUND sleep and awake SUPER refreshed in the morning!

Love and hugs,
Linda <3

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much!! I am so glad you had a good time! I am so sorry the little guy got hurt! Poor thing! As my little one is just starting to pull himself up everywhere, and get really mobile, we are dealing with lots of bumps and bruises. No fun! Yesterday I had a big package of toilet paper on the floor (it hadn't made it up to the bathroom yet), and I thought it was so cute that he was standing up next to it (we buy the BIG packages here). It was cute until he decided to launch himself over the package, and did a nose dive on the other side. Aww... broke my heart to see those big tears!!!

I am doing the 365 too - here is my 365 blog

Hopefully we can all stay motivated and finish this year with a GREAT project!!

Gayle said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed time with your husband. That's important! Thanks so much for the adorable kit! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the gifts I love your work!!

Armeniangirl said...

Your work is lovely, and I am so happy I happened across your blog! Thank you so much for the gifts, I can't wait to use them!

busybee said...

It sounds like you had a very nice evening with dh. Doesn't it feel like the batteries are recharged after having a little peace and quiet? I know that is the case for me.

Oh and redecorating is always loads of fun, well after you get done cleaning up the greater mess that it takes to place things just right.

Thanks for another day of sweet stuffs. I feel so spoiled! ;)

Hug the lil injured one a ton today.


Anonymous said...

Love the word art from the previous gift!!
Thanks very much for today's gift.

Stefanie said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous freebies. I have enjoyed your gifts so very very much. I used some to make my desktop screen saver and my new blog header, you can see them at

jessicamae3 said...

Loved your kit today!
I created a layout and posted it at GP!
Thanks for all the goodies!
These patterned papers are AWESOME!!!

kimmerbean said...

Thanks so much, Liz!

Jaclyn said...

Oh oh Liz thank you again - I love your style and can't wait to use this uber cute freebie! Thank you again sweets!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 03 Jan [LA 03:00pm, NY 06:00pm, UK 11:00pm] - 04 Jan [OZ 10:00am]).

fl_connie said...

thanks very much, again, Liz! So glad you had a nice evening out!! It's soooo important!