Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its a weekend! YAY!

So my weekend has kicked off okay. I say okay lightly and knocking on wood because its been one of those tiping on the balance beam kinda moments. I got myself a new printer and paper scrapping supplies (flowers, buttons and ribbons) this weekend. I have a full list of new hybrid projects on my slate coming up soon. Each week starting next month I will be posting a new project and tutorial on the Gotta Pixel blog. I am so excited for it to begin! I started on some of my projects as well, to give myself a bit of a jump start- They are turning out quite nice ;)

Jake came over for another jam session. We wrote yet another song- And it's turning out quit nice. I am really excited with the sound and how its coming together. The kiddos were our audience as usual, only today Roxy wanted to play too ;) So she got to play the guitar a little, and try out the sound. She was really excited and it was so much fun watching her learn. I think she might have a musical interest like me when she gets older.

But there is a downfall to my weekend, Hence my "on the edge" bit. Dallas is going through a clingy phase right now. I don't know what happened really, but since he had that fall he has been an "extra mommy boy". My baby that usually sleeps through the entire night, is now waking every hour or so reaching out for me to make sure I am close by. And its just me-Daddy won't do- It has to be mommy to hold him or rock him. Don't get me wrong I love my little man to death, but this is becoming something that is taking even my little sleep time that I normally get. Anyone else have this happen? What was your fix?

I am sure that it was the fall that gave him a "shock or scare" because it never happened before then. I never had this with the girls though, Stevie went through a Daddy's Girl phase, and had to sleep with her daddy and the blankie every night for almost 3 months. But it wasn't a wake up every so often to make sure he was still there thing. This is just out a good sleep he will wake up and cry, and cry and cry some more until I lay him on my chest and talk him back to sleep. This probably wouldn't be an issue for the waking back up part, but I am one that has to be on my stomach to sleep- and of course to put him down causes the whole cycle to start over again.

Needless to say, I have been a walking dead girl the past few days living on cappachino and Mt. Dew. But it has been a mixed weekend, Good for all the accomplishments- Bad for the lack of sleep ;) I did however finish a design in the mix of my zombie state ;) Its matching the color swatch of GottaPixel's Gotta Grab It. All the products in the category are $1 until the 12th.
Here is my first product for the Event, and I will have another added tonight as well:

And I shot my 365 photos for the past two days- Yesterdays was from the Icicles that are still hanging on the building next to me here. They are so long they are almost to the ground! And today's is from Roxy learning to play the guitar a little.

Until tomorrow... Much Love and Hugs :)


Jewel said...

I would wonder if he isn't a bit sick - the wake uP and cry and cry reminds me of when m son had ear infections. Hopefully whatever has him off his game will resolve itself soon. Your lck of sleep has not effected your designing skill though - beautiful kit!

Rebecca said...

Oh, girl! I'm right there with you! Jake is up at least 3 times a night, often more. This has gone on for months!! Add to that that I go out and throw wood in our stove at least once during the night, and the fact that when I wake up, I usually just "need" to check my email, I'm not getting nearly enough sleep. But I'm getting used to it... If it doesn't stop for you soon, you probably will to. ; ) The new kit is very lovely - I love Gotta Grab It!! : )

Anonymous said...

awesome colors in this kit. It has been so long ago, but I remember my little ones not feeling all to well when things like that happened. id Dallas happen to hit his head extra hard to cause him to be off balance (equalibrium) or possibly give him some headaches Liz? Just a thought....hope it vanishes too. You will be slowly becoming a zombie before you know it girl. Take care....hope all is well

GlitterQueen said...

That kit is so pretty I went right out and bought it (plus a bunch of others in the same colors!). Thanks for the info!