Saturday, January 2, 2010

I got suprised.. so now I am behind :)

I wanted to come here and let everyone know early that I got a nice surprise this evening from Joe and my family. It seems they had planned together for my sister's day off for babysitting so that Joe could take me out to dinner and a night to just us :)
I am just now getting back home with the family and have a few things that I need to finish up here (since I left around 6 pm.....) And I know there is no way I can get everything done and have my gift for today posted in even a remotely close time.

SO... We are on a pause until tomorrow for the 9th day. I apologize for this, but I didn't have any idea this was brewing up behind me, or I would have planned out in advance.

But some alone time for me and joe was VERY nice, and a long time over due. So I am going to go cuddle with him and watch a movie to finish off our night together.
I will be here tomorrow- With a mile long post I am sure about today and yesterday- As well as share my Project 365 photos from day 1 and 2!!!

Thanks so much for your understanding for the pause for a day :)


tricertifiedx2 said...

You are such the lucky ducky!! Enjoy that cuddle time girl....the www will wait!! Especially for the PHENOMINAL gifts you have been giving. Can't wait to hear about your suprise night out, wish I could get one of those VERY soon...wish, wish, wish....LOL. Yeah, and I already blew P365....forgot my SD card on our trip out of camera in card so no pic's. Oh well, maybe next year, this year has so many OTHER goals to achieve for this family. But that's a whole other story....lmao. Chat soon girl and Thanks again for the many gifts....Blessings.

Jaclyn said...

Oh :p ... I'm mad, KIDDING! I'm so happy you got to go out (and JEALOUS TOO). I hope you totally enjoyed yourself! You deserve it hon!

Rebecca said...

Wow - you lucky girl!!! I am so happy you got to enjoy some alone time!! Have fun! : )

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You are TOO sweet to apologize, but I don't think a one of us would expect you to feel the SLIGHTEST bit of pressure for having missed today's gift! I am SO tickled that you two had a "date" day/night as it is SO important for us to take time with our partners, which in turn makes the rest of our relationships MUCH richer!

Look at Mommy, her face is SO full of color today! I'm bad, sorry, but hey, time alone with DH is sure to make those BEAUTIFUL cheeks of yours EXTRA rosy! *wink*

I'm on my way to bed, LATE and still haven't made it to my blog! Is there hope for me? LMAO!

Tomorrow is another day and I have another opportunity to give it ago!

See you later alligator and may your day go smoothly!

Love and hugs,
Linda :D

justclick said...

No problem with a day off! Thanks for all the terrific gifts. I'll be back!

busybee said...

There is no need to apologize when real life gets in the way. Those real life things are way more important. I am so glad that you got to have a date night with hubby and can't wait for the recap of events, with photos. Well maybe not ALL of the events. *wink* LOL!


Nancy aka physioscrapper said...

As I was celebrating New Year's Day with my mommy (she's was a New Year's Baby - 72 years ago!), I didn't get around unzipping the Jan 1 file until just a couple of minutes ago...and holy cow! Wow! thanks so very much...the kit is beautiful! and also the word art for does goes beautifully with the kit the other night... thanks again so very much! And I'm really super glad you had time with your hubby and kids... that by far is the MOST important thing! Thanks for sharing the fun you had with them.

tweederbug said...

How cool is that. I wish that I would have a sitter for my kiddos and be surprised. That is better than any Christmas gift ever. A date night .. how sweet.

Scrapragous said...

The only think I am mad at is me that I missed the day with the music kit, as far as your day off…GOOD FOR YOU. I have this saying up in my “work” room, “Some things are urgent some things are important…learn the difference.” The time with your sweetie, now that’s important!

Sam said...

Wow, what a gorgeous night! I'm so glad you got to have a nice time out. Very happy for you, and just the teensiest bit jealous!

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