Friday, January 8, 2010

And the snow just keeps coming.....

Today dropped another 6 inches of snow here. I can't complain too awful much, as I know there are many that have a lot more, and are facing the bitter, and do I ever mean bitter cold. -40 degrees or more for some for a windchill? That is insane! I don't know really what to make of it this year. The school's have yet to go back from the Christmas break, with exception of one school that had its first day back today- And it will probably be the only day for another week. Where I live there are more children living on backroads it seems than in the town. I don't think they mind it though ;)

When it finally lets up some, and the roads have been cleared a bit, we are going to take the kids out to Salt Fork for some sledding. More than likely on the golf course. I can't wait for the photo opts :) Not just from the kids, but the scenery out there when it's snow covered is just absolutely gorgeous. It's a lake/lodging camp area not to far from me here that is full of wildlife and natural beauty and caves. I can't wait to see what Hosie's Cave looks like all ice and snow covered.

One thing I won't miss when the snow finally lets up though is the 5 am sound of metal scrapping on the roads. Being surrounded by local businesses has its downfalls that way. Dark and early (since we are talking before the sun even thinks of shining LMAO) I get the echoing of plows in unison clearing up parking areas on top of the road crews. Dallas isn't a fan either ;)

I did scrap today though. My layout for the DSA Scrapoff. I guess I should have told everyone about my "news" earlier, but it didn't seem that big a deal for me. A few weeks before Christmas, me and Joe had a late night discussion on our relationship, the parents, the kids and life in general. And the subject came up once again on marriage. Now, I am on that isn't huge on the whole wedding bit. Me and Joe have been together for 6 years- Have lived as a married couple, act like one the whole works... just no piece of paper or name change. To me and him, it didn't even seem neccessary to go through with all that just for those minor things. So we HAD agree'd to just never get married and let common law do its thing. Until recently it meant that 7 years of being together meant you were married by common law, but I guess that no longer exists in Ohio here.

But anywho... during our discussion, we realized that a wedding wasn't just for the couple. But for the parents as well. My dad and his being more convientienal types they kind of expect, or would like to see at least one of their children do the same as they did. My dad isn't getting any healthier unfortunately, and I know that I am his only hope and chance to walk a daughter down the isle. And deep down I guess Joe was hiding the fact that he secretly wanted a wedding. SOOOOOO, we agree'd and said we would. So now on to planning that big day.

I haven't set a date, I have about 10 in my head. I haven't picked colors or anything of that nature- But at somepoint soon I will. I guess I should be excited to create something as gorgeous as a wedding, but call me crazy- It all seems like a bunch of work and money and effort for one day to say the same thing we tell each other every day ;) LMAO We'll see... maybe I will get excited about it after picking a date and some colors.

For those that missed the last day's download, this is what was hiding inside:
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Until tomorrow, Much love and hugs :)


modCreative said...

Congratulations! :) I'm planning a wedding as well and it's sooo crazy but fun :)

Benita said...

Congratulations :D
Maybe you'll get excited when you try your wedding-dress?
I'm sure your little ones will
love to dress up for the big day :)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations!!!! Oh, girl, it doesn't have to be a big wedding where you spend lots of money and effort! You can make it as easy or as difficult as you want! My hubby and I didn't HAVE the money (or help), so we borrowed I think $500 from the bank and got married at a shelter house overlooking the lake - we invited like 20 people, had a nice preacher who agreed to marry us (but not in the church, as we were already living in sin), and had a small BBQ catered for the reception. But if you want a big wedding, go for it!!! It could be a lot of fun! Whatever you do, I wish you the best!

Oh, and I'm sorry you've got so much snow! I thought we had a lot, but you've got us beat by a long shot!

makeyesup said...

Congrats on your decision for the wedding. Even though it's for all the family, just remember the day is for you 2 and don't forget the special things of your relationship.

belle007 said...


Lukasmummy said...

Congratulations, just remember if nothing else about you excites you there is always the wedding photos and scrapping them lol. Hugs Crystal xx

Miss Em said...

Crap! Another cute kit!!! What is with designers launch amazing kits this week. I am going to go broke! =)

Wonderful news on the wedding.

Jewel said...

Congrats! My hubby and I got married after we had been together 8 years and the kids were 6 and 7 LOL. I spent under 2 grand - and the bulk of that was on my dress (I splurged and spent about 250) and then food. If you make it so that its not a dinner you can save a lot on food. My boss donated her yearly rental of her yacht clubhouse (she gets one a year free - gave it to us) my sister DJ'd, I got my flower girl's dress off Ebay for 4.99 and my bouquet from the grocery store the day of the wedding, and we had SO much fun. No stress, no bridezilla, no pressure. I wore burgundy and black velvet ROFL. No traditions. It was just a big, huge celebration of our relationship, our love, our family. The kids remember it and they had so much fun. I want to do it again for a vow renewal one day just because it was so much fun! I'm sure you will have a wonderful wedding:)

GlitterQueen said...

Wow, this is so cute! Thanks!