Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am spotlighted :)

I am going to make this a short post.. as I have been doing nightly blog posts to the Gotta Pixel Blog for the P365 Challenge. In any event- If you want to read up all about me, how I got my start in scrapbooking, as well as how well my day went ;) OR should I say didn't go LOL. Then head over to the Gotta Pixel Blog.

And be sure to stop by my store as I have a little gift for everyone there today as well :)
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its a weekend! YAY!

So my weekend has kicked off okay. I say okay lightly and knocking on wood because its been one of those tiping on the balance beam kinda moments. I got myself a new printer and paper scrapping supplies (flowers, buttons and ribbons) this weekend. I have a full list of new hybrid projects on my slate coming up soon. Each week starting next month I will be posting a new project and tutorial on the Gotta Pixel blog. I am so excited for it to begin! I started on some of my projects as well, to give myself a bit of a jump start- They are turning out quite nice ;)

Jake came over for another jam session. We wrote yet another song- And it's turning out quit nice. I am really excited with the sound and how its coming together. The kiddos were our audience as usual, only today Roxy wanted to play too ;) So she got to play the guitar a little, and try out the sound. She was really excited and it was so much fun watching her learn. I think she might have a musical interest like me when she gets older.

But there is a downfall to my weekend, Hence my "on the edge" bit. Dallas is going through a clingy phase right now. I don't know what happened really, but since he had that fall he has been an "extra mommy boy". My baby that usually sleeps through the entire night, is now waking every hour or so reaching out for me to make sure I am close by. And its just me-Daddy won't do- It has to be mommy to hold him or rock him. Don't get me wrong I love my little man to death, but this is becoming something that is taking even my little sleep time that I normally get. Anyone else have this happen? What was your fix?

I am sure that it was the fall that gave him a "shock or scare" because it never happened before then. I never had this with the girls though, Stevie went through a Daddy's Girl phase, and had to sleep with her daddy and the blankie every night for almost 3 months. But it wasn't a wake up every so often to make sure he was still there thing. This is just out a good sleep he will wake up and cry, and cry and cry some more until I lay him on my chest and talk him back to sleep. This probably wouldn't be an issue for the waking back up part, but I am one that has to be on my stomach to sleep- and of course to put him down causes the whole cycle to start over again.

Needless to say, I have been a walking dead girl the past few days living on cappachino and Mt. Dew. But it has been a mixed weekend, Good for all the accomplishments- Bad for the lack of sleep ;) I did however finish a design in the mix of my zombie state ;) Its matching the color swatch of GottaPixel's Gotta Grab It. All the products in the category are $1 until the 12th.
Here is my first product for the Event, and I will have another added tonight as well:

And I shot my 365 photos for the past two days- Yesterdays was from the Icicles that are still hanging on the building next to me here. They are so long they are almost to the ground! And today's is from Roxy learning to play the guitar a little.

Until tomorrow... Much Love and Hugs :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

And the snow just keeps coming.....

Today dropped another 6 inches of snow here. I can't complain too awful much, as I know there are many that have a lot more, and are facing the bitter, and do I ever mean bitter cold. -40 degrees or more for some for a windchill? That is insane! I don't know really what to make of it this year. The school's have yet to go back from the Christmas break, with exception of one school that had its first day back today- And it will probably be the only day for another week. Where I live there are more children living on backroads it seems than in the town. I don't think they mind it though ;)

When it finally lets up some, and the roads have been cleared a bit, we are going to take the kids out to Salt Fork for some sledding. More than likely on the golf course. I can't wait for the photo opts :) Not just from the kids, but the scenery out there when it's snow covered is just absolutely gorgeous. It's a lake/lodging camp area not to far from me here that is full of wildlife and natural beauty and caves. I can't wait to see what Hosie's Cave looks like all ice and snow covered.

One thing I won't miss when the snow finally lets up though is the 5 am sound of metal scrapping on the roads. Being surrounded by local businesses has its downfalls that way. Dark and early (since we are talking before the sun even thinks of shining LMAO) I get the echoing of plows in unison clearing up parking areas on top of the road crews. Dallas isn't a fan either ;)

I did scrap today though. My layout for the DSA Scrapoff. I guess I should have told everyone about my "news" earlier, but it didn't seem that big a deal for me. A few weeks before Christmas, me and Joe had a late night discussion on our relationship, the parents, the kids and life in general. And the subject came up once again on marriage. Now, I am on that isn't huge on the whole wedding bit. Me and Joe have been together for 6 years- Have lived as a married couple, act like one the whole works... just no piece of paper or name change. To me and him, it didn't even seem neccessary to go through with all that just for those minor things. So we HAD agree'd to just never get married and let common law do its thing. Until recently it meant that 7 years of being together meant you were married by common law, but I guess that no longer exists in Ohio here.

But anywho... during our discussion, we realized that a wedding wasn't just for the couple. But for the parents as well. My dad and his being more convientienal types they kind of expect, or would like to see at least one of their children do the same as they did. My dad isn't getting any healthier unfortunately, and I know that I am his only hope and chance to walk a daughter down the isle. And deep down I guess Joe was hiding the fact that he secretly wanted a wedding. SOOOOOO, we agree'd and said we would. So now on to planning that big day.

I haven't set a date, I have about 10 in my head. I haven't picked colors or anything of that nature- But at somepoint soon I will. I guess I should be excited to create something as gorgeous as a wedding, but call me crazy- It all seems like a bunch of work and money and effort for one day to say the same thing we tell each other every day ;) LMAO We'll see... maybe I will get excited about it after picking a date and some colors.

For those that missed the last day's download, this is what was hiding inside:
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Until tomorrow, Much love and hugs :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

Well, it snowed, AGAIN. I think I might have found my best work out routine ever this winter- Shoveling snow ;) I live right next door to a business (on both sides) and not but a few doors down from the fire department. So I have been trying like a mad woman to keep up with the sidewalk clearing. Wouldn't you know, my luck, the store was out of salt.... Wonder why? We are looking to get a few more inches still before we get a clear day. I must say though, it makes for a pretty view out my window here. The street light is glistening on the fresh snow and its just a sparkly wonderland out there.
Today was a energized day. Jake (my guitar friend) came over this morning, and brought me a "concoction" of caffeine. I don't know what you want to call it, but it was a mix of cocoa, french vanilla cap. hazelnut cap. coffee and cream. Even though I usually snub my nose to the mere thought of coffee, this was DELICIOUS! I am going to have to pick his brain for a recipe on how to make it, because man I could start everyday off that way ;)
We had a 3 hour jam session, and successfully wrote another song. The kids enjoyed being the audience for us, and dancing along. Although I think Dallas enjoyed watching the girls act goofy even more so. The drooling was a bit more today than usual, since he thought today was a good day to be raspberry boy. The only time I wasn't hearing the "pfffffffft" noise was during naps. He cracks me up.
I didn't get finished still on my living room, but more progress did get done :) I have 2 wall sections yet to finish and then my boarders. (Yes I know I should have done those first, and trust me I am kicking myself in the bum for it;) But I didn't realize that I wanted to do it, until I got half into it. O well, It shouldn't be too bad to do it, since its just a small trim to line the top of the walls and its the just dip and stick kind. So no messy paste ;) Always a plus. But I did promise pictures, regardless of my progress, so here we go:

Now on to the gift for the day :)
On the 12th Day of Christmas.....
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I want to thank you all so very much for making this my best 12 days yet, and hope that you all enjoyed the gifts as much as I have creating and giving them :) And I hope that you all continue to follow on the 365 journey with me. There is a fan page link on the side bar here to keep up with the news and happenings ;) And you never know when another gift might come up just to say thanks :)

Much love and hugs, Until tomorrow.......

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the 11th Day of Christmas....

I obviously didn't get my blog done like I had wanted today, and you can bet that means neither did my living room :( School was supposed to go back in session today, however the weather decided it wasn't white enough here and we needed some more snow. So after 5 inches or so more, It looks like school won't start again tomorrow either.
But it wasn't the school not starting back up that put me back on my schedule yet again. Joe tells me (he says it was a reminder, but I am sure this is the first I had heard of it) about a Birthday party today that all of us had been invited to. It was his little sisters party, and of course I hadn't bought any gifts yet. So off shopping I went. Then it was back here to get 4 kiddos dressed and ready to go- This is one task that I swear one day I will find a way to get done in a decent amount of time LMAO, but for now its the biggest obstacle for any outting.
When all was said and done, the kids wanted to play Memory (The Disney Princess edition). I lost. Each princess had two poses (so total of 4 cards per equaling 2 matches) I was pretty good about remembering which princess was where, but Ana beat us all. She has eyes like a hawk- I swear she could see through the cards LMAO. Dallas did however beat us on the most cards slobbered on ;) He has yet another tooth coming in and his drooling is in overdrive. It doesn't help that Stevie taught him how to blow spit bubbles either. He has been walking around the last two days going "Maaaaaa, Maaaaaaa, Maaaaaaaa" with big bubbles splattering all over the place. Today was 4 bibs soaked, O but its so cute!
But they are all sleeping like lambs right now, so I am going to take some time now to get some of the things crossed off the list and hope that I can FINALLY get them done tomorrow. Here is some peaks at the progress so far, well snippets I guess. I will for SURE regardless of whether or not I get done do full room shots tomorrow :)

On the 11th Day of Christmas....
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I am off to finish up while the kids are all sleeping :) Then to get my blog redone like I was hoping to have done today. I think I should keep my mouth shut on deadlines anymore- It seems when I give myself one, on something that I WANT to get done... something always comes up LMAO. O Such is life ;)
Much love and Hugs,

Monday, January 4, 2010

On the 10th Day of Christmas....

Today was much better with Peanut. He still wanted cuddled but wasn't quite as sore. At least we wasn't fussy- Wanting mommy- Yes and OMG Was it so nice! Days like this won't be happening as often in my future, so when I get the chance and they want me, everything drops and I soak in that joy of being "mommy". I get mainly anymore the kisses on the boo-boos. Just like you Rebecca, Dallas is in the falling all over the place stage. Not so much anymore as his balance is getting much better and he is walking alot more, but still they never seem to fail. When we went in for our family portrait for Christmas, wouldn't you know he fell and got a goose egg on his forehead just in time for the snapping to begin. But makes for a nice story behind the picture and makes them al the more special ( BTW- TP Story.. too cute- sorry he got hurt, but the situation around it struck my funny bone)

I got a little more accomplished on my redecorating here, It's turning out pretty nice. I need to go in and get a few more frames, and votives to match what I have going on.. but it should be done tomorrow (Crossing fingers) I have my altered art projects drying now, hope to have them finished and hung up as well. I can tell you this much, when its all said and done- I am going to just sit in here with a nice cup of tea to pat myself on the back and admire it. I will share the specifics tomorrow, but this is the first time for me to be trully excited about seeing the end result- And I did it all on a small budget ;)

I am also giving my blog a redo ;) So if you are reading and something looks bit funny- Its because I am working on it LOL. I will be adding your links to the sidebar as well. Hopefuly the fresh looks will help keep my mojo in high gear this year.

On the 10th day of Christmas.....
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I am off to go check out everyone's links you have left! Thank you so much, I enjoy it emensely to see the designs in use. And love getting to know you through your creations and blogs.
Thank you again,
Until tomorrow :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the 9th Day of Christmas....

So I miss yesterday, thanks so much everyone for understanding, as I didn't have a clue it was coming up on me. It was my make up birthday, new years combo :) But Joe knew we had to take Elizabeth back into her aunt's for a birthday party that was happening this weekend she was invited to. So I figured, just as much that when he got ready to go in it would be a quick trip into town and back, so I got myself into the normal Friday routine, getting laundry done, housework ect... While in the midst of 3 baskets of laundry to fold, I get a call to go to my dads. So it ended up we were dropping off the kiddos for my sister to watch and taking the oppurtunity of going into town to stay there for some just us out time. We went out shopping for some things that we needed and had wanted to pick up for the house, then went out to dinner and back here to watch a movie together. It wasn't a whole lot of "going out" persay- As I didn't dress up at all, I was in lounge clothes and hadn't bothered since I didn't think anything was going on. But it was peaceful and nice. I had honestly forgot was quite time was like for convo and actually hearing one another LMAO. Usually we are hollaring at each other over top of noise ;)

And when we went to pick up the babes, they came home and passed out, so that left even more time to cuddle on the couch for another movie. We watched the Half Blood Prince and The Hangover. OMG- Talk about funny!

Today on the other hand, Dallas kept me wrapped up. He was walking into the living room from the girls room with a pencil (Ana hadn't put it up from drawing and of course I hadn't a clue) Needless to say right as I went to grab it he fell and jabbed himself. Luckily it wasn't too bad and just scraped the side of his cheek with it. But its been a bit sore for him and soothing him hasn't been the easiest thing. Understandable, so he has been a lap baby for the day. Hopefully tomorrow it will be much better for him. Thank goodness babies heal faster than us.

I took down the Christmas lights and decorations these last two days, and getting ready to finish up my new living room "look" I have new shelves and frames to put up and hoping to get it finished in the next few days. As soon as I do I am going to be snapping to share, as I am so extremely excited about my color combo pick and urban look. Now here is to hoping that I can keep it all looking nice with the kiddos ;) HEY- Wishing again- Someday my fairy godmother will come grant them LMAO

I have kept up so far with project 365- So this a good start :) I figured if I keep just this blog going with it, it will help me out. So no extra link neccessary to follow me along with the journey through photos. And if any of you are going to also be doing the project, please let me know the link to your blog for it, so I can add you on my sidebar here and we can help motivate one another :)

Here are my Day 1 photo, From my -as I am calling it- My life in photos. I am going through each day and photographing about one thing I have done during the day to recap my activities for a year. This is my way of saying goodbye to another chapter in our lives, and gearing up for a new one, The new ornament me and Joe added to the tree this year. I will post day 2 and 3's photos tomorrow :)

Now onto today's gift, On the 9th day of Christmas......
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Thanks so much everyone for your patience with me during my break once again, and your comments as well, It is greatly appreciated!
Until tomorrow :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I got suprised.. so now I am behind :)

I wanted to come here and let everyone know early that I got a nice surprise this evening from Joe and my family. It seems they had planned together for my sister's day off for babysitting so that Joe could take me out to dinner and a night to just us :)
I am just now getting back home with the family and have a few things that I need to finish up here (since I left around 6 pm.....) And I know there is no way I can get everything done and have my gift for today posted in even a remotely close time.

SO... We are on a pause until tomorrow for the 9th day. I apologize for this, but I didn't have any idea this was brewing up behind me, or I would have planned out in advance.

But some alone time for me and joe was VERY nice, and a long time over due. So I am going to go cuddle with him and watch a movie to finish off our night together.
I will be here tomorrow- With a mile long post I am sure about today and yesterday- As well as share my Project 365 photos from day 1 and 2!!!

Thanks so much for your understanding for the pause for a day :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

On the 8th Day of Christmas.... Its NEW YEARS!!

Well dang, I haven't blogged since last year :) O COME ON NOW... I know corny, but soo much fun to say. No? Okay maybe I am the only one LMAO.

So how did you spend your evening? Have tons of fun? I know I did. I spent most of my evening in the chatroom at gottapixel with the girls and had a total blast! Thanks so much ladies for making my evening one to always remember! And then of course here in the house it was full of laughter and squeals and running around of little ones everywhere. I was the designated babysitter for the evening. But it was so much fun, before the chat we all ran around playing hide and seek in my house here. However, the little ones didn't quit understand that you dont hide in the same spot every time LMAO. I had fun scaring them a few times by hiding in the shower and closets, "O You Sneaky Mommy" Roxy would tell me. It was too cute.

Then we played red light green light, Goodness had it been forever since I played. But to watch those expressions when I frooze them- O MY! I never laughed soo hard. But now, as I sit here at 1 am, they are all fast asleep. 3 made it to watch the ball drop this evening, but that was it. LOL.

I have a mass of blanket mounds and pillows all over my living room right at the moment, as they all (but Ana and Stevie) decided to pass out in here. Pics to come tomorrow for sure! LMAO.

Now onto todays gift :) It coordinates with the kit that was given to the ladies at the New Years Chat, and can now be found in the shoppe (perfect kit to kick off the 365 Challenge)

On the 8th Day of Christmas....
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And for those that missed yesterday's gift- this is what was hiding inside:
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Thank you all so much for the comments, I have greatly enjoyed reading them all. And thank you all for all the support in the past year, I hope you all have a very blessed and happy year to come!
Until Tomorrow.....