Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yes, I got time!

Okay, so I am convinced that blogging about having free time is definitely a jinx. Shortly after blogging last, my father feel severely ill and we went through a series of hospital trips and doctor visits and just what seemed like an non ending nightmare. So it only made things a bit more hectic on the schedule on trying to get the HAVE to's done on time, plus juggle everything else. Needless to say I was ready for a breakdown... but by the grace of tons of well wishes and caring and patience- he is on the mend once again and looking better each day. Which I am forever grateful for. (As many may know, my mother passed about 2 years ago- and I am just not ready yet for the juggle that might come once I loose my last backbone)

Anyways- Enough of the sad talk. Dallas is now crawling, pulling himself up to things and walking along the edges and even has gotten brave enough to stand a few times on his own. It wont be long til those feet are in motion :( So bittersweet!
The Girls are doing awesome with school and loving it! I am liking the time with just me and Stevie and Dallas as well, the bonding we have gotten to do is awesome. Stevie is becoming more and more fluent with her talking, and Dallas is learning along with her- as he now says Mom and Dada.

I got my Mojo back for designing- Created 4 new kits- I know right? And just feeling awesome to get back into the groove.
The Creative Team is holing a blog train today (In which I am also participating- but will have separate post for) Just click on the Link above to go to the Creative Sweeties Blog to check it out!!!

As for the New Products, I have 2 that released today for Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It Event. Both of these kits are just $1.00 until the 14th! Check em out:

Then I also have two other new releases this week that have gone up- First is a Collab with Valarie Ostrom and the other is my new Halloween kit!

Okay- I WILL be back later on, when my net stops acting all funky (its raining and I use Wi-fi) So I can post my blog train portion for you all :) See ya soon!


Amanda said...

It is SUPER great to hear from you again and even SUPERER to see some new stuff! WOO HOO!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh you sweet thang, you and I BOTH have been MIA for a spell, eh?

I am SO sorry to hear about your father being ill Liz love, but am ELATED that he is on the mend. I do think about you having lost your mom so young and I SO hear your sweet heart about not wishing anything to happen to your dad.

I saw your tweet come through and retweeted, have found myself still up trying to get my first blog post up in three weeks and I just HAD to come by and say HELLO girlie! I see you on Yahoo, but I KNOW you are busy and I'm struggling to get going again and have just hesitated barging in! LOL!

I see that you have been through some BIG changes since last we chatted! That was before your wedding shoot out here in California and I've been wondering how things went for you???

SO, you are NOW co-owner of Gotta Pixel! How FREAKIN' cool is that sweetie!!! CONGRATS! I consider you to be VERY business savvy and have NO doubt that you've made a VERY wise move right there! WOOT!

Dallas nearly walking and already talking??? Where, oh WHERE is the time going so quickly? The girls in school even! Oh my, before I know it, our grandbabies will be off to school as well and I'll be REALLY, REALLY old! EEEEKS! LMAO! I'm being silly as it is WAAAAAAAAAY past my bedtime and I've been VERY good about keeping reasonable hours MOST of the time now!

Well, you know I can ramble a good one, so I'll bow out gracefully, tell you that I've missed you OODLES and I am wishing you an SUPER weeekend and hope to catch up with you son darlin' girl!

Much love,
Linda :D

P.S. AWESOME, AWESOME, TOTALLY awesome NEW kits Liz!!! You NEVER cease to AMAZE me! MWAH!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

wishing you "a" SUPER weekend and hope to catch up with you "soon" darlin' girl!

Dr. Oz was SOOOO right about sleep deprivation being equivalent to being drunk! I am DEFINITELY not in my right mind! LOL!


Danyale said...

WooHoo....she's back in the saddle again, our mushy taters boss lady.....and bringing it ON!!!!!! We love all the new kits, and have I said those bubbles rock! ROFL!!!!!You know we are here for you always!