Thursday, September 3, 2009


HAHAHA- I had to start out with something right? Seeing as I have been in hiding for how long now? Which means tons to update on. School is starting next week for Roxy and Ana, so that means more time and I couldn't be more excited to have my blogging time back. However it is so bittersweet. My babies aren't babes anymore :(
Speaking of babes, updates!! WOOOO Gotta love em. First off, Dallas is now with 2 teeth, and more on their way. He hasn't been the happiest of lil' men since the teething kicked in, but he is up and moving around and more excited than ever to be able to half way keep up with big sissys. YES, Up and moving is right, already the little booger is army crawling all over the place and in the stage now where everything goes in the mouth. The girls have been doing good.. nothing big to report other than school starting. Sickness has come and gone and come again in the house as this last week the weather took a nice drastic turn from 90 degrees at night to 50 :( But we are managing to fight off the full blown sickies. Its hard to believe that summer is ending already.

So why have I been missing? I am sure your all dying to hear what could possibly kept me so busy! LMAO. Well first, I left ACOT. That was another bittersweet move that I just had to make. I love everyone at ACOT so much, and the people there are just awesome, however I took on an ownership position at Gotta Pixel. And with that made myself completely exclusive to GP.
Aside of taking on the ownership position and all the new tasks that came my way with that, I also jumped back into my love of singing once again. Little did I know that singing a few songs here and there and letting them be published online would get me a few gigs. And so my weekends filled up with either photo shoots or performances to eat up what free time I did have. But now that summer is dwindling... Time will become something I shall have a little bit of again. Well one can hope at least :)

So hopefully later tonight, once my kiddos have layed for the new early bed time.. I can get some more blogging and catching up done :) As I seen Janet has sent me an award I must go claim ;) THANKS GIRL!!


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Lynn said...

you still alive now?! Let us know what's up!