Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pet Turtle

Okay so yesterday I left the house to walk up to my dads. (Its a really short walk, takes all but maybe 5 minutes to do) Either way, As I cross the ally and start up the railroad tracks I get a startle..... I wasn't expecting to see something move in front of my feet LMAO. So I jump back and then realize... OOO Its a turtle! So I pick it up, and seeing as my house was only about 50 yards from me, I take it back toward the house.
When I was a kid, my sister was obsessed with turtles, we have 3 of them for pets and kept them in an outdoor pin that my dad built with a homemade pond and all. So I figured the girls would LOVE to see a turtle and be fascinated to death with it. As I walk back into the door, Joe looks at me funny and says... "Why are you ba.... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I laughed and asked where the girls were, cuz I found them a pet.
Roxy heres the word pet and says "Come on everybody, Mommy's got something"

Now, as they come around the corner to see what it was, All I heard was total screams!
Now, I dont know if it was the fact that is was totally strange for them to have a turtle in the house... or the fact that it was trying like hell to climb out of my hands... (I am betting the arming and leg flailing part) But they didn't want any turtle pets at all.
I tried to come toward them with it, to you know, warm them up to the idea and check out the new animal.


Ana and Stevie take off running, Ana goes under my kitchen table, and Stevie goes hiding in the utility room. Roxy on the other hand backed up against the fridge. So I thought, okay well at least one is kinda open to checking this thing out.

I put the turtle on the floor, and that was the breaking point. The girls moved faster than I ever knew possible- Ana up on my table, Stevie on the washer and Roxy standing up on the kitchen chair- Freaking out!

All the while, me and Joe are laughing hysterically- Because well, I have never seen a kid NOT be fascinated with a turtle- Let alone 3! I mean I can understand running and screaming if it was say a snake or spider or something of that nature (cuz I do freak out when I see em LMAO)
But this was the most hilarious thing ever for them to just absolutely LOATH the idea of a pet turtle in the home.

So I gather up my new buddy (who was 13 by the way) and took him back to the tracks where I found him and was back on my original adventure of going up to my dads.
When I came back home finally, Do you want to know what the first thing Roxy said was?

"Mommy, can I have a pet turtle? Pretty Please!"
I told her I was sorry but Mommy had already let him go back into woods- And she cried!!!! I mean just bawled cuz she couldn't have the turtle back!

Okay on the Digi Scrap Note... I just wanted to say a HUGE Congrats to Lilly!!! She was picked out for Layout Of the Day today at GottaPixel using my kit Floating Wonders :). And with an AMAZING Layout I might add! Congrats girl- You so rock and I love this layout so much!
Check It Out!

AND I Myself managed to scrap a layout too!!!! WOOT!
Here is my layout with my Week 4 kit for the SYTYCD contest- My Favorite Thing: Family Night!!


makeyesup said...

Loved your story about the turtle, great to have a laugh so early in the morning. Could just see the kids jumping up on furniture to get away.

Anonymous said...

I am dying here with tummy aches from laughing so hard at the turtle story because I could see it so happening. OMG! I hope you are saving these stories in ajournal g/f for the later. They will love reading mommies antics of their childhood down the road. and then to ask for a pet afterwards? totally kids....who can figure them out but love 'em all the more we do. Adorable story and love ya extra for sharing it with us all. Made my day so fine!!

LEIdee Q said...

funny story! LOL I loved Lilly's LO and that's why I chose it for LOTD! The colors of your kit are gorgeous and I love the perspective of her photos. Her layering, stitching, clustering behind the photos. It really caught my eye! The kit is perfect for the photo w/ the color beads in her hair!