Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now the nerves set in....

Okay so I got it finished. My final round kit is up and I have never felt so nervous about a design! LMAO I mean I was nervous throughout this whole contest... because there were so many talented and still is ladies that I am putting my designs up against. But just to know this is it... this is the end is like OOO...
But I have to admit, I have had tons of fun with this and it has stretched my creativity again to even further lengths- Which I am totally loving!!
Either way- I am making this post short because I want to go scrap with this kit... So Here it is, My final kit for the SYTYCD contest:

My Favorite Thing: Family Movie Night

(you can click the preview to go download)

Thanks so much everyone for all the support! Wish me luck, grab the rabbits foot... rub the 4 leaf clover on my blog, kiss the horse shoes.... You name it!!!!
The voting starts On Friday and then I do believe Monday everyone will find out the winner :)

And while your over at DigiScrapAddicts, getting you some yummy week 5 goodies- START POSTING!!!
Thats right- You heard me! POST POST POST POST!!!!Get yourself involved in the site and let your voice be heard... and for a good reason!!
Right now the new "Last Poster Standing" contest is under way!
AND.. the winner of the contest gets a 1TB External Hard Drive!!!
How friggin awesome is that???
So Go On- Go Over and Get your Fix!!!!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

You TOTALLY rocked it girl!!! I am thinking POSITIVELY!!! As I said, your CREATIVE process is GENIUS and DEFINITELY "outside of the box"!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything you do and I'll head on over in the morning to leave you some LOVIN' at DSA!!!


Linda :)

Rachel said...

I am bummed that I don't have your cutest "My Favorite Thing" kit. Yours was the best and for some reason I can't find the zipped folder that I downloaded... :( Will you be offering it again or in stores soon?