Friday, June 12, 2009

Chat Today!!!

This is a quick post and run as I am up with Peanut for his midnight feeding.

This have been a bit busy the last couple days as the these have been the last days in my area to have your child screened and set up and everything for school later this fall. The girls have been super excited with all the talk about school and their teachers for next year- I personally am not holding up the whole "growing up" idea quit as fond as they are! LOL

I know once September rolls around, I will be a babbling lost puppy dog in my own home for a few days.
I will come back to post a little bit more later on, but I wanted to give a quick reminder that tonight- June 12th at 8:30 pm the first Giveaway of the Evening will begin at Gotta Pixel. I will be in the chat room starting at 8 pm, that way everyone has chance to settle in before the fun begins.
Be ready to answer some questions and win some gift cards to the shoppe.... and SHHHH Our little secret, but there is something that will be given just for coming and celebrating my 2nd design birthday.
Hope to See You all There!!
And dont forget that Saturday at 11:30 am EST I will also be hosting a Speed Scrap to get you inspired to create an awesome layout with some of tonights winnings!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello - just found your blog. I enjoyed reading about some of your exploits. ;) It sounds like you have such a nice little family! Thank you so much for sharing your cute "freebies". Best wishes.
Pickles :)