Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There are so many new things going on at Gotta Pixel this week that you wont want to miss a minute of it! 

Tuesday, as always, is Dollar Pixel Days. There are over 22 products rocking the section this week, all for just $1.00! The deal runs 1 day only, so you wont want to miss picking up such awesome designs at such a great deal! 

Also, if your a Pixel Club member, you are going to want to check out the downloads section. This past week 9 new products have been added and there is still more to come. If you aren't a member, you should check out the subscription offers available. Over 1,000 downloads are yours with the subscription, all of which are exclusive and can't be received any other way! You can't get a better deal for the amount of digi scrap goodies! 

BUT WAIT! Do you want to get a year subscription for FREE??? This week there is an awesome contest going on in the Gotta Pixel forum. Just scrap your vacation (from anytime frame) and you could WIN! Check out the rules and how to enter in the contest here

While your in the forum, check out the Question of the Day and get to know the team and members a little bit more. And a little birdie told me that just by letting us get to know you a little bit better, Liz (Sweet Digi Scraps) just might visit your inbox with a little something. 

So what are you waiting for? Go hop over to Gotta Pixel and join in the fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chat Today!!!

This is a quick post and run as I am up with Peanut for his midnight feeding.

This have been a bit busy the last couple days as the these have been the last days in my area to have your child screened and set up and everything for school later this fall. The girls have been super excited with all the talk about school and their teachers for next year- I personally am not holding up the whole "growing up" idea quit as fond as they are! LOL

I know once September rolls around, I will be a babbling lost puppy dog in my own home for a few days.
I will come back to post a little bit more later on, but I wanted to give a quick reminder that tonight- June 12th at 8:30 pm the first Giveaway of the Evening will begin at Gotta Pixel. I will be in the chat room starting at 8 pm, that way everyone has chance to settle in before the fun begins.
Be ready to answer some questions and win some gift cards to the shoppe.... and SHHHH Our little secret, but there is something that will be given just for coming and celebrating my 2nd design birthday.
Hope to See You all There!!
And dont forget that Saturday at 11:30 am EST I will also be hosting a Speed Scrap to get you inspired to create an awesome layout with some of tonights winnings!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two New Kits! WOOT

Okay so I took a bit of a break... But Joe's sister came in again this weekend. And we had Iggy (Joe's older daughter) and my dad decided it would be awesome to also have a family weekend! So they kept me pretty busy.

Friday night we spent time with his Sister and went outside to play for almost the entire day, The sun was kissing us goodbye by the time we even thought to come in! LOL
Saturday was yet another fun day- I had the boys on top of the kiddos here and it was CRAZY! Everyone was running around screaming and just keeping me on my toes- But it was fun. We did Banana Split night- Which was totally awesome and messy!! The girls got to make their own (minus the cutting of the bananas) And by the time it was all said and done, I had 3 VERY sticky babes, and 4 bowls of choco soup! LMAO. I of course had Joe take tons of picks, cuz it was just too comical and I will DEFINITELY be scrapping them!
Sunday I was up SUPER early to help dad and my little bro do the papers- My brothers had 5 paper routes that they did- But since Donald got a different job (since he turned the rip old 16) My dad and little brother have been left to do them all... So I have been helping out as much as I can. Either way, so that was totally fun and exhausting. I am actually pretty happy to be helping them out though- It is making me get up and walk for 2 hours and get MUCH need exercise to help shed the baby weight.
So anyways, Dad took us out to breakfast at Dennys afterwards. Totally loving their sizzling skillets!!! And it was delicious. Although a bit rowdy in there as they were having a pre wedding breakfast or something and there was a HUGE group of people behind us. So I came home stuffed and ready to nap! When I woke up though.. I got a HUGE surprise. An old school mate had looked me up. (Whats so special huh?) Well she is getting married this summer and wants me to do her wedding photos. Okay Awesome- I have missed doing weddings- Since last year I had to step down because of the hives and such with being prego for peanut. Either way, She goes on to tell me that the wedding is in CALI!!! So they are flying me out to Cali- all expenses paid and paying me to do the photos! Nothing sweeter than getting paid to take a vacation right???
And Today was an adventure too.... We all went out for lunch (My ENTIRE family! LOL) So it was quit fun to have all 14 of us sitting at the Chinese Restaurant together. The babies were riots! They kept laughing and picking at their Papa and I know he just loved being with all of us. He really smiled like I haven't seen him do in a while.

So when we came home, it was regular as usual (well before the weekend usual) And all was going good. Ana came running into the living room crying, and had water just dripping off her face! I couldn't help but laugh- But Joe got to bottom of what happened and found out that Roxy had spit the water in Ana's face! Okay- So I shouldn't have been laughing- But Joe (since we are doing the "do unto others as you would" type deal for punishment because of the stubborness we have been receiving) takes a drink of his water and SPLAT! Spits the water on Roxy.
Okay- So that whole punishment deal only works if the kids DONT want the same treatment. She starts rolling it. Finds it hilarious. So she runs into the bathroom- Comes back and I get the next shower!

IT WAS ON!!!!!

About 15 minutes, 5 VERY soaked people and a very soaked house later... We finally stopped spitting on each other.

Good lord how awful does that sound? LOL
So anyways- I did manage in the midst of all the craziness to finish up my two kits that I had been working on... AND if you haven't checked out the Sweeties Blog... YOU NEED TO!! There are tons of contests going on right now for ways to win gift cards to my shoppe! And you DONT want to miss them.

As for my new kits... The first one is on sale for just $1.00 today only!!! And I am totally loving it!
In Daddys Foot Steps

And the second one is on sale for 20% off and the lush feel of it is totally drawing me in!
Tropical Passion

Hope you all enjoy the new creations... And remember, Today we all get to find out who won the SYTYCD Contest at DSA! So crossing my fingers and can't wait to see who is announced today :)

And also mark the calenders!!! I have TWO chats coming up this weekend! And I will go into detail about them in tomorrows post!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pet Turtle

Okay so yesterday I left the house to walk up to my dads. (Its a really short walk, takes all but maybe 5 minutes to do) Either way, As I cross the ally and start up the railroad tracks I get a startle..... I wasn't expecting to see something move in front of my feet LMAO. So I jump back and then realize... OOO Its a turtle! So I pick it up, and seeing as my house was only about 50 yards from me, I take it back toward the house.
When I was a kid, my sister was obsessed with turtles, we have 3 of them for pets and kept them in an outdoor pin that my dad built with a homemade pond and all. So I figured the girls would LOVE to see a turtle and be fascinated to death with it. As I walk back into the door, Joe looks at me funny and says... "Why are you ba.... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I laughed and asked where the girls were, cuz I found them a pet.
Roxy heres the word pet and says "Come on everybody, Mommy's got something"

Now, as they come around the corner to see what it was, All I heard was total screams!
Now, I dont know if it was the fact that is was totally strange for them to have a turtle in the house... or the fact that it was trying like hell to climb out of my hands... (I am betting the arming and leg flailing part) But they didn't want any turtle pets at all.
I tried to come toward them with it, to you know, warm them up to the idea and check out the new animal.


Ana and Stevie take off running, Ana goes under my kitchen table, and Stevie goes hiding in the utility room. Roxy on the other hand backed up against the fridge. So I thought, okay well at least one is kinda open to checking this thing out.

I put the turtle on the floor, and that was the breaking point. The girls moved faster than I ever knew possible- Ana up on my table, Stevie on the washer and Roxy standing up on the kitchen chair- Freaking out!

All the while, me and Joe are laughing hysterically- Because well, I have never seen a kid NOT be fascinated with a turtle- Let alone 3! I mean I can understand running and screaming if it was say a snake or spider or something of that nature (cuz I do freak out when I see em LMAO)
But this was the most hilarious thing ever for them to just absolutely LOATH the idea of a pet turtle in the home.

So I gather up my new buddy (who was 13 by the way) and took him back to the tracks where I found him and was back on my original adventure of going up to my dads.
When I came back home finally, Do you want to know what the first thing Roxy said was?

"Mommy, can I have a pet turtle? Pretty Please!"
I told her I was sorry but Mommy had already let him go back into woods- And she cried!!!! I mean just bawled cuz she couldn't have the turtle back!

Okay on the Digi Scrap Note... I just wanted to say a HUGE Congrats to Lilly!!! She was picked out for Layout Of the Day today at GottaPixel using my kit Floating Wonders :). And with an AMAZING Layout I might add! Congrats girl- You so rock and I love this layout so much!
Check It Out!

AND I Myself managed to scrap a layout too!!!! WOOT!
Here is my layout with my Week 4 kit for the SYTYCD contest- My Favorite Thing: Family Night!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now the nerves set in....

Okay so I got it finished. My final round kit is up and I have never felt so nervous about a design! LMAO I mean I was nervous throughout this whole contest... because there were so many talented and still is ladies that I am putting my designs up against. But just to know this is it... this is the end is like OOO...
But I have to admit, I have had tons of fun with this and it has stretched my creativity again to even further lengths- Which I am totally loving!!
Either way- I am making this post short because I want to go scrap with this kit... So Here it is, My final kit for the SYTYCD contest:

My Favorite Thing: Family Movie Night

(you can click the preview to go download)

Thanks so much everyone for all the support! Wish me luck, grab the rabbits foot... rub the 4 leaf clover on my blog, kiss the horse shoes.... You name it!!!!
The voting starts On Friday and then I do believe Monday everyone will find out the winner :)

And while your over at DigiScrapAddicts, getting you some yummy week 5 goodies- START POSTING!!!
Thats right- You heard me! POST POST POST POST!!!!Get yourself involved in the site and let your voice be heard... and for a good reason!!
Right now the new "Last Poster Standing" contest is under way!
AND.. the winner of the contest gets a 1TB External Hard Drive!!!
How friggin awesome is that???
So Go On- Go Over and Get your Fix!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

O Happy Day!!

Okay so if you didn't hear... Saturday announcment was made at DSA and guess what....

I AM IN THE TOP 10!!!!
Can you believe it? I mean there are so many talented girls in this contest and I am very excited and honored to have made it this far!
This week we are to make a kit called "My Favorite Thing". I have tons of favorite things, family being the top but now to see if I can pick just one of them and pull of a smoking kit! CROSSING FINGERS :)
So after the announcement was made Saturday I stuck around and did the Speed Scrap- WHICH I TOTALLY LOVED! I had a blast and doing the chat actually made me take time to do what I totally enjoy- Which is scrapping my childrens lives. I am so behind in it, its not even funny. But I used my new kit Floating Wonders (like I was dying to use LMAO) And here is what I came up with:
My girls and my Mom enjoying some bubbles.
The journaling reads:Your Grandma got you started on blowing bubbles, Every time you would visityou would beg for bubbles! She enjoyed the smiles and giggles that it brought you both. She would be tickled to see the bubble addicts you have become.
And another reason I am excited???
Today marks 2 years since I first started designing!!!! I can't believe it has actually been that long!!! I reflected back and looked at some of my very first designs and BLUCK! LMAO
But to see how much I have grown, I am pretty proud I might say- And want to celebrate all this month. For starters, A Cherry On Top has choosen me to be their featured designer!!! How awesome is that????? So all month long enjoy some awesome challenges, giveaways and features at ACOT! AND I will be hosting 2 Speed Scraps, and 2 other Chats, as well as tons of give aways all month long... AND.. My stores are on sale all month.
okay I am off to see what I can come up with for "My Favorite Thing" so wish me luck and hopefully it will be awesome!