Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Suprise!

Okay so I have been thrown for a total loop.. I took some time away from the PC for a bit because the SYTYCD contest totally has me stressed and biting nails (I will explain that in a bit) But I really needed some walk away time to clear my mind to get back into a great creative groove to get my best foot forward for the contest.
First to address a few questions I missed... The alpha I used on my layouts is from Misty Catos kit Flying High- Which I haven't seen yet in SweetShoppe BUT.. I got it from the DigiFiles from
Also YES- My portion of the kit Fruit Salad that I did with Kristin and Amy will be going up in my shoppes later on this weekend (I am adding on to it a bit before putting it in the stores)

Well in the meantime- JUST as I am getting my mojo back for designing, Joe surprises me. He says- "Honey, I dont have to work tomorrow... or the next day.. or the day after that...."

AND MY JAW DROPPED!! I swear I thought he was going to say that he had walked out or got fired or something, I was just totally expecting the bombshell news.
Instead he smiles and says "I just got my 10 year bonus check and I am taking a vacation to spend time with you and the kids" Awwwww!! I was shocked and so stinking excited.
(In 10- Almost 11 years of working there, he took only one vacation because he NEEDED to.. and they get 1 week paid vacation for every 3 years of working there I believe it is)
So I was just so stoked. And still am since his vacation still has 3 more days (it started this past Saturday and ends on Tuesday :)

So for Mothers Day (since it was also my step daughters birthday) We kicked off family week going to the Columbus Zoo! We all had a blast and the sun burn I got was so totally worth it!
Then it was WWE RAW live on Monday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus- Which Joe took TONS and TONS of pics of. (Did you know there is 2 hours of wrestling that happens that Isn't televised??? And the Main Event was a huge Tag Team match)-Okay most of you probably dont watch WWE- But I gotta love some hot men getting mad at each other LMAO LMAO
So Tuesday was the Salt Fork State Park... Wednesday we did the local park and dinner out, Thursday we went out visiting family and today (well friday since I have yet to be in bed) we did a full day of shopping then a movie night :)
I am definitely going to have to take some time to scrap those pics and share them like super soon! I have dumped my CF card like 3 times already from this week LMAO- So definitely tons of new scrap worthy pics.
So speaking of scrapping.. I have totally fallen behind again- And like I said with the contest going on and vacation at the same time... I have had very little time to even think about it LMAO. But I did manage in spurts throughout the whole week to finish up my week 2 contest kit and get it uploaded on the due date WOOT!!! I just hope its good enough to get me through to the next round (which I will find out tomorrow morning (sat at 11 am EST)
But either way- if you haven't heard of the contest.. Tons of AMAZINGLY talented designers are all creating awesome kits for us all to download for free according to the challenges of the contest. Each week 20 more designers get cut from the contest and it keeps going until the final round- and then the public gets to vote for their favorite designer for a chance to win an amazing guest spot at ScrapOrchard and also a HUGE advertising package.
Now I have been biting nails throughout the contest because there are some really awesome designers in this, and I have been floored at all the talent oozing from the creations. But I have to say- Regardless of whether I win or not.. it has been tons of fun and a great mojo booster for me to get my creative wheels definitely spinning to create at the best of my ability. Seriously challenging and I have been loving it!!!
The week 2 challenge was to create your best Project 365 kit. Which I was like OMG! I already have one.. now I seriously have to think hard on how to make another that is totally different than what I have already.... So I came up with this one *8 Days A Week*
(And yes TOTALLY inspired by the Beatles for this- And you can click on the preview to go to the gallery and download this kit :)

So yeah- totally a challenge for me- And then the week before we were giving a set of color swatches to pick from and I came up with this one *Shop-A-Holic*
(You can also click on this preview to go and download as well)
So now I am just waiting for the next rounds announcement to see if I move on and get to create something else to push my creative thought- Wish me luck!!!!


KayJay said...

ooh, a surprise holiday, what a lovely thing to happen! Your post makes me realise how lucky we are in Germany, with 6 weeks paid holiday every year, from now on I will not take it for granted!
Love your kits for SYTYCD, and congratulations on making it to round 3, not that I ever doubted you would! (I popped into the chat this afernoon, your morning, so I know all about breaky in bed! ;)
CU soon

Anonymous said...

Luck? Hahaha... you wont need it sweets! Your stuff is truly amazing! I will wish you luck anyway though.. just for giggles. Thank you so much for the brill kits.


tricertifiedx2 said...

Hey girlie!!! Have been missing ya!! Totally LOVING the new kits for the contest, as always you are ROCKIN IT :D. Must say, WOW, and then again WOW on the Surprise vacation, and it sounds like you totally had a blast. Can't wait to see some of those pic's scrapped when you get the chance. Wish my last week had been as fun, next time I will just come and play with you....O-kay?? LMAO. Good Luck with the rest of the contest...I know you are going to take it to them :D :D ;0