Thursday, May 21, 2009

So this is Thursday...

If you can't tell by the title, I am still in a Beatles mood. I tried and tried for 2 days to avoid the music (cuz honestly when you start dreaming you are in the sub with diamond eyed fish swimming around you- Its time to break a way a bit) I tried to find mojo elsewhere, from my walks, from other music, movies- You name it I was trying to get inspired. But then wouldn't you know, Roxy started singing a Beatles song and my mojo came back. So today I am going to be finishing up yet another inspired kit.
But like How sweet was last nights' AI show??? I was so freaking glued to the tv it wasn't even funny. And to bring the Surviving members of Queen on- and Adam sang my song (Beth was and will always be my song as before (and while first dating Joe) I went by the name Beth. Talk about cloud niners here. AND for the record.... I dont care what his preference is.... Mine is him and he just has to like it! LMAO
Glambert has been approved on my list of okay guys. Joe laughed at me when I said he was being added to the list and goes.. You know there is never even a feasible chance of that happening. I catted back- About as much chance of Shania coming up to your door for a nice rendevue. LMAO

I do have to say though, the last few days have been a bit tough adjusting back to. I was really loving him being home here with me and the babes for vacation. I got a bit spoiled at the occasional nap during the day and going all over the place with the family. But summer is creeping up on us soon... so it wont be long (o great, there is another Beatles song that will be in my head all day) until we get to do even more stuff together. Can't wait for our camping trip!

So I am off to starting checking off things on my to-do list. Hopefully by tonight I will have the sweeties blog up and going and some fabulous giveaways started! Crossing fingers :)


Danyale said...

You can just keep bringing em' on sister!!! We have loved your mojo, no matter the name that draws it out! I was with you and everybody else last caught up in Idol this year when my little Emi was going gaga over Adam(if she only truly understood, lol)! Have had a blast with SYTYCD and been scrappin up a storm.....fingers and eyes crossed for Week 4!!!!!! I read the previous post, and left ya note in our ct area....this has been a great experience, and you were one of my first and favorite scrap has been a crazy awesome thing to be a part of it.

Amanda said...

Well Liz I am disappointed! Why didn't you say anything about MAKING IT? And your new kit is ABSOLUTELY FAB! Great work!