Friday, May 29, 2009

Pins and Needles are sometimes fun!

Amanda- You so called me out on that one! LOL. I was meaning to blog really I was, just for some reason it escaped me! Quick run down on what has happened since I last blogged....
I made it into Week 4 of the SYTYCD Contest- which umm.. when they said my name in the chat, I swear my kids thought I had lost it. I jumped up and down dancing with them and yelling. It was a happy dance day here in this house! Well... until they hit us with the next challenge... "Pick a Holiday".

I dont know if it was the fact that there are sooo many holidays out there, or the fact that I just couldn't get myself in a holiday mood for the life of me... But I was stumped. I begged pretty much half of my yahoo list to give me some ideas on what holiday to go with. Finally I just couldn't shake it, and started out on a Memorial day kit. *I mean I was in the mood, since it had just happened, and I had pics to scrap it, so why not???
About half way into the kit, I looked at what all I had and seen a cross, carnation, dog tags mixed in with a BBQ grill and ketchup and mustard splats.........
UM NO IDEA where my head was at, but apparently not paying attention to what I was doing! LMAO
But I dont know if it was the sheer laughter at my own attempt for a holiday kit, or the fact that I was really contemplating finishing up the kit or not, but my true holiday inspiration hit! And my SYTYCD Week 4 freebie kit was born-
(You can click on the preview to go download this kit)
Now- I can not tell you how much freaking fun this one was to create. I mean the inspiration hit and it just flowed... And once again I got lost in what I was doing and not paying attention. So as I hit the save button... I look and the fact that I had seriously just made a "Pull My Finger" flair button hit my funny nerve. I rolled it, hysterically. Joe was laughing at me laughing (I have this contagious giggle that has stages that eventually grows into a full on belly roll that leaves me pounding on the ground crying in pain! LMAO LMAO) Well in midst my laughter- I snorted and then... You guessed it... TOOT! Joe looks at me and says- "Well Baby, it must have been destiny!"
I told Valarie, I will forever be remembered as the fart girl from the SYTYCD! LMAO LMAO
So speaking of gas..... (God that sounds just awesome)
I also scrapped with the kit :)
The journaling reads:
It was a gassy day and every toot that came out, a face of surprise and shock came too. So I couldn't help but keep the camera close by.All while laughing at every moment. I asked... Roxanna! Are you tooting??
And you paused......

Thought about it for a minute.....
And then blamed FLOYD!!!

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I Know she is going to hate me for scrapping this when she gets older, but I couldn't resist! I finally had the kit that would make it all come together just right! LMAO

Also since the last time I blogged, I put up my Fruit Salad portion of the previous collab in my shoppes, and also came up with a brand new baby!!!
The girls and I spent Memorial day afternoon outside with bubble wands after the BBQ and It struck me for some more inspiration. I realized- DUDE I dont have a single kit for just blowing bubbles, and these girls LOVE to do it!
So out came Floating Wonders:

And here is a layout that Colie made of Miss Gabby blowing bubbles that is just adorable!
Fonk CK hand official shadow angle 58

I can't wait to get some time later on today hopefully to get some layouts created with it! It was so much fun to create, I know it is going to be a blast to scrap with!
So now I just wait, on Pins and Needles for tomorrows announcement. The contest will be narrowed down to the Top 10 and then its on to the public vote. O my nerves can't take much more of this challenge... its been tons of fun and I have loved every second of it, but man- Talk about making a girl shake like a leaf on a tree!!!


little kit said...

I love your April Fool's kit. It's a great holiday idea! Your Floating Wonders kit is going on my list of kits to get. I just did a layout (it's on my blog) with your Wonder kit and had some bubble blowing pictures. I may just have to redo the page when I get Floating Wonders.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Now...the story behind the April Fools kit totally had me rolling! I can just see all the giggling, laughing, snorting and then....just like in our house....Tooting!! The only difference is that in our house....our kids CLAIM theirs...LMAO!! LOVE your new kits girl...going to be getting to work with them. I think DH is coming home from work early today...we may have to break out the bubbles we got last weekend tonight!!! Catch you later :D

Danyale said...

I had a blast playing with this one, and actually manged to get one uploaded before my PSE crashed....AGAIN, damn bull program, lol! If I bang on my computer for awhile, maybe it will work again...hahahaha....and I can upload the other layout I have for week 4. I am so flippin' excited for you Liz, and can't wait until you hear your name again at the end of this week .... fabulously "tootin" kit, and love it actually has family meaning..hahahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Jokes is just awesome! thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh! liz too

physioscrapper said...

Wonderful April Fool's Kit...what a fabulous holiday to much fun! and Huge Congrats on being selected to carry on to Week 5! Whoo Hoo! Well deserved!

Nancy said...

What a fabulous, unique idea for a holiday kit. Can't wait to download it!