Monday, May 18, 2009

I dont even know where to begin....

Okay, so today was a pretty awesome day. I finally got some sleep around 10 am this morning (wellllll after I had wanted to LOL) and woke up at 2 ish to go shopping for a cookout. Took all the kids up to Dad's house and had a great barbeque and totally pigged out! The kids had a blast with bubble wands outside and of course chatting papa's ear off. Peanut was just adorable and all smiles for everyone. And then I came home to watch Survivor with Joe- YAY! JT won- He was sooo cute!
Then I sat down and read all the comments and love left for my "Why Dont We" kit and from the new people that been introduced to SDS- and I was on cloud nine! I truly am overwhelmed by the love and support- Thank you all soo much, it means so much to me to know that you all enjoy my creations.
But most of all today I got to sit back and realize how very blessed I am- Not just in my personal life with my family and such (because I do believe that I am more than blessed there) But also in my business and professional side of my life. Today kicked off Creative Team Appreciation Week, and of course I was sitting here thinking of the Sweeties, and I just became so extremely humbled, and so emotional- Okay tearing up again here - And I realized that I owe more than I can ever begin to imagine to my wonderful digital family. Working with them, and I dont even want to call it that, because never for a moment do I feel like anything with them is "work" - Okay better put, Creating with them has been amazing. They have been my solid footing ground in this industry, constantly eagar to help, and support and give me ideas and inspire me. I know that I am where I am at now- With my abilities, my designs, my layouts, just about everything about my digital scrapbooking is where its at now because of the "Sweeties"

Let me reflect for a moment here... And please hold snickers to yourselves there! LMAO
When I first started to design.. I meant some amazing girls that I was just in awe over at SBF. Colie and Lilly were my first scrapbook friends. And my first ever customers too :) So these girls had me so impressed I kinda begged them to become CT members for me (My first ever- And of course I didn't do a call... I just kinda begged people LMAO)
Then I found Kristen and she just blew me away and then a few others girls and I had my first ever "Sweeties" I was so excited. I kept designing and these girls helped boost me all along the way... And had me on cloud nine all the time with comments and pushes to do even better. Then I got what I THOUGHT then was better and decided to REVAMP my first ever kit- Just to see how I had grown as a designer- And I was sooo excited (well then, now I can't believe they even put up with this stuff!) Here is my first ever RE-Vamp (so the first version was FAR FAR worse than this LMAO)
Hey- I said dont laugh! (Can you believe these girls even wanted to work with this?? LMAO)
Either way as time progress I got better and better at designing, but it was because of these girls that I grew to where I am now. If you had any idea of how many late nights I would keep Colie and Lilly up on messenger sending back and forth previews, and ideas and begging them on my hands and knees to look over my stuff and help me name it and give me ideas of what else it needed- And Valarie has been my latest late night victim LMAO LMAO
And I have asked all the girls I dont even know how many times for ideas and constructive critiques, And even after all my begging and bothering, they still create AMAZING layouts and projects with my designs.
To My Amazing Creative Family:
I am in awe every time I browse your galleries, You all have amazing talent oozing from the seems and you completely blow me away.You push me each and every day to make something amazing for you to work with, because you deserve it! You push me everyday to be a better scrapper, because I want to be worthy to hang my projects along side yours. You inspire me everyday by sharing your lives with me and the world in such a beautiful way that we feel like we are part of it too. You touch my heart, and stick a piece of yourselves in my memories by sharing the stories and journaling and memories of your own. You truly are amazing women, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am so very very grateful to have you all in this business adventure with, and owe you all so very much. I would not in a million years be where I am today if it wasn't for you. Even though I know that I dont always express this as much as I should, Thank you.
Thank you for being my support, For never hating me too much (at least never telling me) Thank you for all your understanding and support through my trials outside of scrapping. But most of all thank you for being you and finding me worthy enough to hang out with such a talented and fabulous group of ladies. There is no way that I could ever truly express how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.

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