Friday, May 29, 2009

Pins and Needles are sometimes fun!

Amanda- You so called me out on that one! LOL. I was meaning to blog really I was, just for some reason it escaped me! Quick run down on what has happened since I last blogged....
I made it into Week 4 of the SYTYCD Contest- which umm.. when they said my name in the chat, I swear my kids thought I had lost it. I jumped up and down dancing with them and yelling. It was a happy dance day here in this house! Well... until they hit us with the next challenge... "Pick a Holiday".

I dont know if it was the fact that there are sooo many holidays out there, or the fact that I just couldn't get myself in a holiday mood for the life of me... But I was stumped. I begged pretty much half of my yahoo list to give me some ideas on what holiday to go with. Finally I just couldn't shake it, and started out on a Memorial day kit. *I mean I was in the mood, since it had just happened, and I had pics to scrap it, so why not???
About half way into the kit, I looked at what all I had and seen a cross, carnation, dog tags mixed in with a BBQ grill and ketchup and mustard splats.........
UM NO IDEA where my head was at, but apparently not paying attention to what I was doing! LMAO
But I dont know if it was the sheer laughter at my own attempt for a holiday kit, or the fact that I was really contemplating finishing up the kit or not, but my true holiday inspiration hit! And my SYTYCD Week 4 freebie kit was born-
(You can click on the preview to go download this kit)
Now- I can not tell you how much freaking fun this one was to create. I mean the inspiration hit and it just flowed... And once again I got lost in what I was doing and not paying attention. So as I hit the save button... I look and the fact that I had seriously just made a "Pull My Finger" flair button hit my funny nerve. I rolled it, hysterically. Joe was laughing at me laughing (I have this contagious giggle that has stages that eventually grows into a full on belly roll that leaves me pounding on the ground crying in pain! LMAO LMAO) Well in midst my laughter- I snorted and then... You guessed it... TOOT! Joe looks at me and says- "Well Baby, it must have been destiny!"
I told Valarie, I will forever be remembered as the fart girl from the SYTYCD! LMAO LMAO
So speaking of gas..... (God that sounds just awesome)
I also scrapped with the kit :)
The journaling reads:
It was a gassy day and every toot that came out, a face of surprise and shock came too. So I couldn't help but keep the camera close by.All while laughing at every moment. I asked... Roxanna! Are you tooting??
And you paused......

Thought about it for a minute.....
And then blamed FLOYD!!!

Template starter by Erin Keith Font Angelina
I Know she is going to hate me for scrapping this when she gets older, but I couldn't resist! I finally had the kit that would make it all come together just right! LMAO

Also since the last time I blogged, I put up my Fruit Salad portion of the previous collab in my shoppes, and also came up with a brand new baby!!!
The girls and I spent Memorial day afternoon outside with bubble wands after the BBQ and It struck me for some more inspiration. I realized- DUDE I dont have a single kit for just blowing bubbles, and these girls LOVE to do it!
So out came Floating Wonders:

And here is a layout that Colie made of Miss Gabby blowing bubbles that is just adorable!
Fonk CK hand official shadow angle 58

I can't wait to get some time later on today hopefully to get some layouts created with it! It was so much fun to create, I know it is going to be a blast to scrap with!
So now I just wait, on Pins and Needles for tomorrows announcement. The contest will be narrowed down to the Top 10 and then its on to the public vote. O my nerves can't take much more of this challenge... its been tons of fun and I have loved every second of it, but man- Talk about making a girl shake like a leaf on a tree!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So this is Thursday...

If you can't tell by the title, I am still in a Beatles mood. I tried and tried for 2 days to avoid the music (cuz honestly when you start dreaming you are in the sub with diamond eyed fish swimming around you- Its time to break a way a bit) I tried to find mojo elsewhere, from my walks, from other music, movies- You name it I was trying to get inspired. But then wouldn't you know, Roxy started singing a Beatles song and my mojo came back. So today I am going to be finishing up yet another inspired kit.
But like How sweet was last nights' AI show??? I was so freaking glued to the tv it wasn't even funny. And to bring the Surviving members of Queen on- and Adam sang my song (Beth was and will always be my song as before (and while first dating Joe) I went by the name Beth. Talk about cloud niners here. AND for the record.... I dont care what his preference is.... Mine is him and he just has to like it! LMAO
Glambert has been approved on my list of okay guys. Joe laughed at me when I said he was being added to the list and goes.. You know there is never even a feasible chance of that happening. I catted back- About as much chance of Shania coming up to your door for a nice rendevue. LMAO

I do have to say though, the last few days have been a bit tough adjusting back to. I was really loving him being home here with me and the babes for vacation. I got a bit spoiled at the occasional nap during the day and going all over the place with the family. But summer is creeping up on us soon... so it wont be long (o great, there is another Beatles song that will be in my head all day) until we get to do even more stuff together. Can't wait for our camping trip!

So I am off to starting checking off things on my to-do list. Hopefully by tonight I will have the sweeties blog up and going and some fabulous giveaways started! Crossing fingers :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I dont even know where to begin....

Okay, so today was a pretty awesome day. I finally got some sleep around 10 am this morning (wellllll after I had wanted to LOL) and woke up at 2 ish to go shopping for a cookout. Took all the kids up to Dad's house and had a great barbeque and totally pigged out! The kids had a blast with bubble wands outside and of course chatting papa's ear off. Peanut was just adorable and all smiles for everyone. And then I came home to watch Survivor with Joe- YAY! JT won- He was sooo cute!
Then I sat down and read all the comments and love left for my "Why Dont We" kit and from the new people that been introduced to SDS- and I was on cloud nine! I truly am overwhelmed by the love and support- Thank you all soo much, it means so much to me to know that you all enjoy my creations.
But most of all today I got to sit back and realize how very blessed I am- Not just in my personal life with my family and such (because I do believe that I am more than blessed there) But also in my business and professional side of my life. Today kicked off Creative Team Appreciation Week, and of course I was sitting here thinking of the Sweeties, and I just became so extremely humbled, and so emotional- Okay tearing up again here - And I realized that I owe more than I can ever begin to imagine to my wonderful digital family. Working with them, and I dont even want to call it that, because never for a moment do I feel like anything with them is "work" - Okay better put, Creating with them has been amazing. They have been my solid footing ground in this industry, constantly eagar to help, and support and give me ideas and inspire me. I know that I am where I am at now- With my abilities, my designs, my layouts, just about everything about my digital scrapbooking is where its at now because of the "Sweeties"

Let me reflect for a moment here... And please hold snickers to yourselves there! LMAO
When I first started to design.. I meant some amazing girls that I was just in awe over at SBF. Colie and Lilly were my first scrapbook friends. And my first ever customers too :) So these girls had me so impressed I kinda begged them to become CT members for me (My first ever- And of course I didn't do a call... I just kinda begged people LMAO)
Then I found Kristen and she just blew me away and then a few others girls and I had my first ever "Sweeties" I was so excited. I kept designing and these girls helped boost me all along the way... And had me on cloud nine all the time with comments and pushes to do even better. Then I got what I THOUGHT then was better and decided to REVAMP my first ever kit- Just to see how I had grown as a designer- And I was sooo excited (well then, now I can't believe they even put up with this stuff!) Here is my first ever RE-Vamp (so the first version was FAR FAR worse than this LMAO)
Hey- I said dont laugh! (Can you believe these girls even wanted to work with this?? LMAO)
Either way as time progress I got better and better at designing, but it was because of these girls that I grew to where I am now. If you had any idea of how many late nights I would keep Colie and Lilly up on messenger sending back and forth previews, and ideas and begging them on my hands and knees to look over my stuff and help me name it and give me ideas of what else it needed- And Valarie has been my latest late night victim LMAO LMAO
And I have asked all the girls I dont even know how many times for ideas and constructive critiques, And even after all my begging and bothering, they still create AMAZING layouts and projects with my designs.
To My Amazing Creative Family:
I am in awe every time I browse your galleries, You all have amazing talent oozing from the seems and you completely blow me away.You push me each and every day to make something amazing for you to work with, because you deserve it! You push me everyday to be a better scrapper, because I want to be worthy to hang my projects along side yours. You inspire me everyday by sharing your lives with me and the world in such a beautiful way that we feel like we are part of it too. You touch my heart, and stick a piece of yourselves in my memories by sharing the stories and journaling and memories of your own. You truly are amazing women, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am so very very grateful to have you all in this business adventure with, and owe you all so very much. I would not in a million years be where I am today if it wasn't for you. Even though I know that I dont always express this as much as I should, Thank you.
Thank you for being my support, For never hating me too much (at least never telling me) Thank you for all your understanding and support through my trials outside of scrapping. But most of all thank you for being you and finding me worthy enough to hang out with such a talented and fabulous group of ladies. There is no way that I could ever truly express how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Did ya see it??? DID YA?? Well I made it on to round 3 of the contest over at DSA. I am soo stinking excited, So much so that as soon as the next challenge was announced- I started on it :)

And guess what... I AM DONE!

Joe was sooo nice today and took the girls out to play and gave me work time. (Well that and I made a deal with him that if he did it for me, I would let him read my diary entries from our first dates :)

Why would I do that??? Um well.. cuz this weeks challenge was to take a Beatles song and use it for inspiration in a kit. Well... I was already crusing with the Beatles groove, seeing as I had already used one of thier songs for my last weeks entry. So while jamming around the house cleaning up one of their songs came on and just clicked in my head and the wheels started spinning.

*please excuse as I dip into the gutter for a minute here*

But the song that struck my mojo (no pun intended) was "Why Dont We Do It In The Road"And yes... I started going down memory lane to when me and Joe were freshly dating and going to our "parking spot" way out in the country down Foster Lane. And it struck me... Why not do a kit to scrap those memories.

So I put the song to work through a kit with a fun fresh color pallete all about the days when you would go out on dates, go parking, or just go for those endless road trips just for fun!

Check it out:

*Why Don't We*

You can click on the preview to head on over to thier gallery and download this kit.

Thank you so much everyone for all the support and encouragement through this contest, It has been seriously stiff competition and really challenging.

This week another 20 people will get cut from the contest.. and then it will be up to the public to vote for the winner of round 4... So wish me tons of luck :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Suprise!

Okay so I have been thrown for a total loop.. I took some time away from the PC for a bit because the SYTYCD contest totally has me stressed and biting nails (I will explain that in a bit) But I really needed some walk away time to clear my mind to get back into a great creative groove to get my best foot forward for the contest.
First to address a few questions I missed... The alpha I used on my layouts is from Misty Catos kit Flying High- Which I haven't seen yet in SweetShoppe BUT.. I got it from the DigiFiles from
Also YES- My portion of the kit Fruit Salad that I did with Kristin and Amy will be going up in my shoppes later on this weekend (I am adding on to it a bit before putting it in the stores)

Well in the meantime- JUST as I am getting my mojo back for designing, Joe surprises me. He says- "Honey, I dont have to work tomorrow... or the next day.. or the day after that...."

AND MY JAW DROPPED!! I swear I thought he was going to say that he had walked out or got fired or something, I was just totally expecting the bombshell news.
Instead he smiles and says "I just got my 10 year bonus check and I am taking a vacation to spend time with you and the kids" Awwwww!! I was shocked and so stinking excited.
(In 10- Almost 11 years of working there, he took only one vacation because he NEEDED to.. and they get 1 week paid vacation for every 3 years of working there I believe it is)
So I was just so stoked. And still am since his vacation still has 3 more days (it started this past Saturday and ends on Tuesday :)

So for Mothers Day (since it was also my step daughters birthday) We kicked off family week going to the Columbus Zoo! We all had a blast and the sun burn I got was so totally worth it!
Then it was WWE RAW live on Monday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus- Which Joe took TONS and TONS of pics of. (Did you know there is 2 hours of wrestling that happens that Isn't televised??? And the Main Event was a huge Tag Team match)-Okay most of you probably dont watch WWE- But I gotta love some hot men getting mad at each other LMAO LMAO
So Tuesday was the Salt Fork State Park... Wednesday we did the local park and dinner out, Thursday we went out visiting family and today (well friday since I have yet to be in bed) we did a full day of shopping then a movie night :)
I am definitely going to have to take some time to scrap those pics and share them like super soon! I have dumped my CF card like 3 times already from this week LMAO- So definitely tons of new scrap worthy pics.
So speaking of scrapping.. I have totally fallen behind again- And like I said with the contest going on and vacation at the same time... I have had very little time to even think about it LMAO. But I did manage in spurts throughout the whole week to finish up my week 2 contest kit and get it uploaded on the due date WOOT!!! I just hope its good enough to get me through to the next round (which I will find out tomorrow morning (sat at 11 am EST)
But either way- if you haven't heard of the contest.. Tons of AMAZINGLY talented designers are all creating awesome kits for us all to download for free according to the challenges of the contest. Each week 20 more designers get cut from the contest and it keeps going until the final round- and then the public gets to vote for their favorite designer for a chance to win an amazing guest spot at ScrapOrchard and also a HUGE advertising package.
Now I have been biting nails throughout the contest because there are some really awesome designers in this, and I have been floored at all the talent oozing from the creations. But I have to say- Regardless of whether I win or not.. it has been tons of fun and a great mojo booster for me to get my creative wheels definitely spinning to create at the best of my ability. Seriously challenging and I have been loving it!!!
The week 2 challenge was to create your best Project 365 kit. Which I was like OMG! I already have one.. now I seriously have to think hard on how to make another that is totally different than what I have already.... So I came up with this one *8 Days A Week*
(And yes TOTALLY inspired by the Beatles for this- And you can click on the preview to go to the gallery and download this kit :)

So yeah- totally a challenge for me- And then the week before we were giving a set of color swatches to pick from and I came up with this one *Shop-A-Holic*
(You can also click on this preview to go and download as well)
So now I am just waiting for the next rounds announcement to see if I move on and get to create something else to push my creative thought- Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Come to the "Pop Swap"!

I wanted to let you all know about the chat I will be hosting later on today (May 1st at 6:00pm EST)
I will be over at hosting the "Pop Swap". Whats that you might ask? Well simply this... Everyone comes in and swaps ideas and techniques on how to make your layouts pop. From photo editing tricks, shadowing tips, color combos, blending- You name! If you can do and make a layout pop- Or if you want to learn how to make your LOs stand out beyond the rest... then you wont want to miss this!
OO Not to mention I will be giving away a few prizes... and also giving out a challenge for even more prizes!!!
Hope to see you all there!
(And If you are here for the GottaPixel Blog train, Scroll down to the prior post for the link and list for the hop :)