Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Retro Spring Blog Train!!!

Okay so I have a little gifty for you all today :) I am super excited about this one cuz it is part of one of the most fabulous spring kits I have seen. Some of the designers at GottaPixel got together to create a fantastic mega kit to give to you all- Yeap thats right I said GIVE :)
Wanna See It???

You can Download my portion HERE

So how do you get this entire mega???
Easy peasy! Just click on the designers names below that are participating. Each name will take you to a new blog with a new portion to download. Visit each one of the blogs listed below and grab the contribution from that designer for the Retro Spring, NSD Blog Train kit. When you have visited all the blogs, and downloaded all the piece, you'll have the entire kit. And it is phenomenal! Since some of the designers are international, if you don't find the freebie right away, check back, it will be there!

And get ready for NSD!!! Tomorrow I will post all the events that I will be partaking in and hosting as well as all the hot deals you can cash in on!!!
And Dont forget- Today is the LAST DAY for my Cleaning House sale... Over 20 products have been marked 2.00 or less and will be gone for good after today!!! DONT MISS IT!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So... how quick Can I catch up?

You know.... I should never again say I am caught up... or even remotely close. There for minute I thought I was going to re-gain my precious blog time, as its my true time to unwind and let it out.... hey a girl LOVES her diary right? However, I forgot to take in account that peanut would want fed during that peace and quite time that I have. But dont get me wrong, I absolutely love his bedtime feedings, as he just is so stinking happy go lucky and lovey and its the time of the day when me and him get our bonding alone time. (daddy has become a bit jealous of how much of a mommas boy he has actually become- But I love it :)

He is all smiles and its one that just well... I scrapped about it :)
credits listed here
Aint he adorable??? And getting soooo big. Speaking of getting big. My girls are growing so fast, its unbelievable. Roxy hit a growth spurt just in time for spring LOL. She is now towering her sisters and actually growing some legs :) Stevie is now just a half an inch shy of Miss Ana and everywhere I go people always ask if they are twins now. They are rotten as ever, and total hams lately. I managed to also get a pic recently of all three of them together-
credits listed here
We went to the circus the other day and the girls had a blast! Although Roxy has now decided she wants to try to be a contortionists and has had me giggling a bunch lately at her human pretzel attempts.
I am a bit ashamed to say I have gotten a whole lot done in the way of designing lately.... But then again I am not upset by it. Family time has been awesome lately and definitely had been long overdue!
But I have a bunch of stuff that will be debuting on May 1st YEAH!!!
And right now am clearing out a bunch of old stuff to make room. So right now all those items are 2 bucks or less and will be gone forever after April 30th :(
I shall be back later on to update more and also fill you all in on my Chats and Sales and Challenges I have planned for NSD. (May 1-3) Its going to be AWESOME!!!!!!
****O BTW- Did you notice my FAB new blog design??? Diana is awesome and I couldn't thank her enough for giving me a new look :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back with TONS of reasons to Celebrate

Okay so I have been gone for yet again another month from my blog.
I know this thing probably longs for some attention now and again. But I promise- for ONCE I have REALLY REALLY good reasons why I have put blogging aside.
There is a TON of events that are starting today that I have been behind scenes trying to get ready for.
First off... Scrap Orchard is turning 1 and teamed up with Gotta Pixel to celebrate. So there is a HUGE challenge event going on that I am helping host that will get you 5- YEAP 5 collab kits for free :) I have the first of the challenges up here at SO. So go check it out and get in on the fun.

Second... I had the pleasure of teaming up with Amy Sumrall and Kristin Aagard to create an absolutely ADORABLE collab. Amy is guesting at GP this month and picked little ol me to work with :) And even better.. The collab hits the store today :)

Here is preview of what it turned out like :
And Here is a little sampler from me to you inspired by the collab:

Be sure to check out the other girl's blogs as they have a little something for you too:)

Okay Then I had the awesome pleasure of teaming up with Kerri (Kay Jay) To create yet another fabulous collab. Whats the special occassion you might ask???
Well Miss Kerri is debuting today at BTST as a Designer!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Check Out What we did!! AINT IT CUTE!!!

OMG_ I am soo excited you have no Idea!!!
I have been planning my tail end off to make sure this month is extra fabulous and full of tons of events and prizes!!
And I have kicked off this months challenges with a fabulous gift:

Okay- I am off to catch a few winks before I really get going with the party at BTST.
But I will be back later on to update you all on the babe and life in general- O Yeah and a few more goodies too.