Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

So yesterday... After LOST I crashed. Head hit the pillow on the couch and that was it. Joe woke me for a feeding but that was pretty much it- I slept. Which I think is due in part to a cold I can feel coming on that I am fighting back with vitamins and tons of tea and soups :) Although I think I can blame Colie for coughing on the keyboard and sending it via yahoo. BRAT! I am sooo not ready for it to be my turn to carry the bad luck torch again. (*Colie and I seem to always have bad luck, one of us at least once a day has something happen that makes you think "only me")
My Luck started with the icky cold feeling, then today ONCE AGAIN, I was sitting here at the desk and *SPLASH, FIZZ, POP, SIZZLE*
Yeap, "Only Me"- And not only did it happen, but this is the second time.
And OOOOMG the smell that followed was horrible!!
For the second time in less than a half a year I fried my router.
For some reason, electronics and liquds dont go together well.

So I had to hook up an older one I have that just well.... Makes things go so stinking slow until I go in and get yet another new one! YEAH!
So yeah, I didn't do it tonight though because it was my daddy's birthday!!!!!
We had a really nice family get together- cake, ice cream, pizza, babies gallore and a cake fight.....
HEY- My brother started it!!!!!
He was So sneaky the little brat! Came up behind me all sweet and hugged me around the neck.... Even goes as far as say I love you.....
Wow, how sweet is this? My brother being lovey and nice for a change....
Then he brings his hand up to let go and SPLAT....

He smacked a piece of cake on my face and smeared it across.
O SURE.... Go ahead and laugh, Everyone else did hystarically.
I didn't find it quite as funny however.
So half pissed and half thrown off, I instantly grab a handfull and fling it behind me...
Well He is a bit faster than my reaction time apparently.....
Joe enjoyed being painted.......
Okay now seriously really you can laugh now, because I started to roll it.
I mean honestly my aim couldn't have been better to get a perfect "bulls eye"
And of course the kiddos seeing the great example mommy made, the rest is history LMAO LMAO

But it was great fun and got dad laughing a good bit. So I think it was over all a nice birthday for him. Now I am just dreading next month for them..... Theres 4 next month, but I guess that just means I need to prepare myself for a bunch more cake baths.

I finished up my new collection though, YEAH!!! I mean I am super excited about this one. Its definitely a little change up from the normal for me. But I need to step outside the box so I could have some new goodies to scrap pics for my album. And I also have 2 goodies for you that I will be uploading as soon as I get a bit better connection here on my end and posting here- Probably mid afternoon before I get back from town and get it set all up here again)

But here is a peek at the collection that will be released tomorrow.

Until later today, Much Love


Lanna said...

I Really like the colors on this kit!
Great job...I will have to go check it out..

Knit Purl Gurl said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I left you an invite on my blog!

Jewel Goodwin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog hun! And thanks for the good luck - I think I'll need it LOL.

TheMommason said...

Hey I saw a layout for "That's How we Roll" on DST that said it would be up on GP today but I can't find it in your store :-(