Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Up....

So yeah, I am realizing more and more these last few days just how much my babies have grown. To see the difference from Stevie to Dallas is just a Wowy mind blowing kinda feeling. I hadn't really let reality sink in just how much my baby girl had grown. I managed to create a layout of my baby girl during my time away. She seriously is just growing up so fast and gorgeously to boot. I created this layout of her with my kit Spring Fever which is on sale for $1.00 today during Gotta Pixel's Dollar Day. (and I also have a co-ordinating template pack for $1.00 today too that includes this layout template)
I got a little bit of the "motherhood blues" today I guess you could say. I had all this going through my mind and taking in just how big they are getting and Roxy was my biggest sit back. I mean before bringing peanut into the home- I just was used to everything, it was everyday routine and nothing that shocked me really. But now, when I do feedings, Roxy is right by my side talking to me and carrying on full conversations and telling me stories that she makes up and just amazing me with every word. I mean I now can remember exactly like it was yesterday what it was like feeding her, rocking her and doing late nights with her as a tiny babe, And now its like where did the 4 years go? How did she become so dang smart, When did she get so big that she wants to dress herself and show me how big she is by being self dependent. Of course, like a baby I bawled when Joe told me I could take a nap. I just let it go and cried on his shoulder. "My babies are soo big!!!" Ah, but this is just the tip huh? Next year I will go through it again putting them on the school bus and getting their paintings to hang on the fridge. I am so excited for it to come- But its so bitter sweet.
And Peanut isn't helping either- Already he is trying to doing things far advanced and just filling out and ugh- Let me freeze time!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! I snapped this pic of him today and I just love it!

I can't wait to scrap it. I am going to use my new collab....... Which I just released today. O yeah- I told you my mojo was back and I have hit my groove again!!!
Me and Val teamed up again and made my mostest favoritest Megas EVER!!!!!
I am going to be using these for a LONG time I am sure. and they are just to darn cute.
Okay So Yeah, You can guess what they are named..... Growing Up Girl and Boy.
Both are on sale until the end of this week at 25% off.
Check em out- I am soooo proud!

Okay I am off to sneak in a nap before the next feeding time. I have some more awesome stuff coming out and a little something for all of you too ;) So I will be back tomorrow night after the kiddos all get layed down for bed :)
Much Love


KayJay said...

Hi there Liz!
first of all Dallas James is adorable! Love the new picture of him! Its so good to have you back, you certainly have been missed!
And as for your new collab, wow, its amazing! You certainly have your mojo in the right place!
Take care of you and your little ones and enjoy them
Kerri (who knows exactly what you mean about "When did you get so smart!!"

Danyale said...

Love that little smile, like he is clearly happy to be just where he is. I can't tell you how much the time slips by....wait till your babies have babies.....the good thing is it starts all over again with that next generation, baby smell and a lot of cooing, lol! LOVE the new kits, the elements are CRAZY AWESOME. I think I may have to get both, and hope for a little grandson next time. Fabulous job with the collab, your mojo is kickin' it high gear, chick!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Ahhh Liz, you totally know us mothers!! Not only do you want to ask when did you get so smart....but you really want to ask when did you get so smart when they turn it against you....LOL!! Mine yesterday had the school call because she had a headache and wanted to come home....trying to work the system. Of course it didn't work. I found out last night that she really wanted to come home because she was missing us. Talk about break your heart!! They do grow up so fast, but it's amazing how quickly they get us wrapped around their little fingers!!I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL Miss Stevie is, that pic is awesome!! The nickname you have given Dallas is great, and that little grin is priceless.
Totally LOVING your new Mega's, they are ROCKIN', and of course I will probably have to work with both at some point...having one of each you know. So the big decision will be....which one first? Catch up with you soon.

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Dear Liz,

I have never been to your blog before and I am embarrassed to admit I had never seen your designs before. HOWEVER, girrrl! I am in LOVE with your work! O-M-G-! I cannot tell you how much your kits are "just my style!!!!"

You rock, you have a new big fan, and I will be telling ALL of my friends to come to your blog and to check out your stuff.

Things are a bit weird for me financially right now, but rest assured, when I am able to, I'll be rocking my shoppin' at your store!!!!!

I fell in love with "My Shabby Miss" and "Spring Fever" immediately! They're both awesome! Everything is awesome, but those two, in particular, I looove, looove, loove! :-) And don't get me started on your templates!! LOL!

Anyway, I'd be remiss if I didn't try to locate your blog so I can pop in and see you now and again.

Thanks so much!

Warm regards,

Dale and Shanell said...

Congrats on baby Dallas! He is just so sweet. It is a very nice feeling to bend over again, I remember. Love the new kit, so cute. Congrats again, and best wishes!