Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ah.... SLEEP!

You know, it doesnt catch up on you when you are up and about busy with housework and kiddos and the like, but when sleep deprevation hits you WATCH OUT! Or at least make sure you walk around with helmet on.
For the last two weeks really I have been in overload on the energy meter. My morning usually starts around 5:30 am with Peanuts feeding and changing ect... Once he is done and ready for bed again, Stevie is up-and its a small pre-breakfast snack and playhouse disney for a half hour or so until Roxy is up and shortly after comes Ana. Nap times are a thing of the past for the 2 older girls anymore as they are always go-go-go and Stevie usually naps during the day while her daddy is at work. So they have all kept me on my toes everyday with constantly changing up activies throughout the day.
Now dont get me wrong- I am not complaining in the least bit, I am actually seriously loving every second of it. I am a person that loves to be constantly working on or doing something. Not big on just sitting back and relaxing for a lazy night- Well except for when LOST is on or Thursday nights (thats my tv night LMAO) Which real quick- If you are a LOST fan or should I better put it addict, You have got to see this!! I love the song and well the person who put it together did an amazing job- So yeah If you like LOST- you gotta check this out:
But See..... loving being busy is not always a great thing, As it is the very thing that got me a goose egg! Tonight I sat down right as dinner was almost done to check my emails and such, and just closed my eyes for what I thought was a second and propped my head up my arm. Hmmmmmm Just that second was kinda nice- I was just about to open my eyes and SMACK! It wasn't just a second I had closed my eyes apparently as I felt my forehead smack against the edge of the desk. The thud was so loud I about peed myself I got so scared. Joe comes over to me rubbing my back in the most sincere way laughing his butt off at me in the softest manner asking if I was okay.
He says- Um honey, I think its time you just lay down and take that nap now. *He has been trying to get me to nap for the last couple days now* and Lemme tell you, I didn't hesitate on the offer!!!!! LMAO- The pain was enough to make me want me blankie and pillow!
So Lesson Learnt today..... Take time to sit down and see if your tired LMAO
So since I napped, I didn't get to finish my new project. But I am going to try and sneak in a few hours I have now before Dallas wakes up. But I am changing up a little bit so I can have some new goodies to have for scrapping my album. A little bit on the whimsy, shabby, elegant side. Its called Take My Breath Away and its a collection of mini kits that all coordinate with one another but have thier own feel and theme to them. I have to say I am so freaking proud of how they are looking so far. I can't wait to finish up the last 2 parts to get this baby released.

Here is preview of just one of the minis for the collection. This one is called Memories, for all the memories that still take your breath away. Coming soon....
And dont forget that the Growing Up Collabs are on sale this week for 25% off!

Much Love and until tomorrow, when I will hopefully have the new collection done and a little something for you to be revealed :)

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So~Inkin~Cute said...

I just talked to you on Yahoo and came over here really quick!

OMG, I have found another LOST junkie like myself!!! I used to have many friends who were big LOST fans, but they weren't TRUE fans, as they quit watching after season 2 because they couldn't follow along...DUH! What's wrong with these people!!!

LOST ROCKS and I am going to check out the Youtube vid you have... Thanks for sharing it!!

It was so good to talk to you.

Until next time...