Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

So yesterday... After LOST I crashed. Head hit the pillow on the couch and that was it. Joe woke me for a feeding but that was pretty much it- I slept. Which I think is due in part to a cold I can feel coming on that I am fighting back with vitamins and tons of tea and soups :) Although I think I can blame Colie for coughing on the keyboard and sending it via yahoo. BRAT! I am sooo not ready for it to be my turn to carry the bad luck torch again. (*Colie and I seem to always have bad luck, one of us at least once a day has something happen that makes you think "only me")
My Luck started with the icky cold feeling, then today ONCE AGAIN, I was sitting here at the desk and *SPLASH, FIZZ, POP, SIZZLE*
Yeap, "Only Me"- And not only did it happen, but this is the second time.
And OOOOMG the smell that followed was horrible!!
For the second time in less than a half a year I fried my router.
For some reason, electronics and liquds dont go together well.

So I had to hook up an older one I have that just well.... Makes things go so stinking slow until I go in and get yet another new one! YEAH!
So yeah, I didn't do it tonight though because it was my daddy's birthday!!!!!
We had a really nice family get together- cake, ice cream, pizza, babies gallore and a cake fight.....
HEY- My brother started it!!!!!
He was So sneaky the little brat! Came up behind me all sweet and hugged me around the neck.... Even goes as far as say I love you.....
Wow, how sweet is this? My brother being lovey and nice for a change....
Then he brings his hand up to let go and SPLAT....

He smacked a piece of cake on my face and smeared it across.
O SURE.... Go ahead and laugh, Everyone else did hystarically.
I didn't find it quite as funny however.
So half pissed and half thrown off, I instantly grab a handfull and fling it behind me...
Well He is a bit faster than my reaction time apparently.....
Joe enjoyed being painted.......
Okay now seriously really you can laugh now, because I started to roll it.
I mean honestly my aim couldn't have been better to get a perfect "bulls eye"
And of course the kiddos seeing the great example mommy made, the rest is history LMAO LMAO

But it was great fun and got dad laughing a good bit. So I think it was over all a nice birthday for him. Now I am just dreading next month for them..... Theres 4 next month, but I guess that just means I need to prepare myself for a bunch more cake baths.

I finished up my new collection though, YEAH!!! I mean I am super excited about this one. Its definitely a little change up from the normal for me. But I need to step outside the box so I could have some new goodies to scrap pics for my album. And I also have 2 goodies for you that I will be uploading as soon as I get a bit better connection here on my end and posting here- Probably mid afternoon before I get back from town and get it set all up here again)

But here is a peek at the collection that will be released tomorrow.

Until later today, Much Love

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ah.... SLEEP!

You know, it doesnt catch up on you when you are up and about busy with housework and kiddos and the like, but when sleep deprevation hits you WATCH OUT! Or at least make sure you walk around with helmet on.
For the last two weeks really I have been in overload on the energy meter. My morning usually starts around 5:30 am with Peanuts feeding and changing ect... Once he is done and ready for bed again, Stevie is up-and its a small pre-breakfast snack and playhouse disney for a half hour or so until Roxy is up and shortly after comes Ana. Nap times are a thing of the past for the 2 older girls anymore as they are always go-go-go and Stevie usually naps during the day while her daddy is at work. So they have all kept me on my toes everyday with constantly changing up activies throughout the day.
Now dont get me wrong- I am not complaining in the least bit, I am actually seriously loving every second of it. I am a person that loves to be constantly working on or doing something. Not big on just sitting back and relaxing for a lazy night- Well except for when LOST is on or Thursday nights (thats my tv night LMAO) Which real quick- If you are a LOST fan or should I better put it addict, You have got to see this!! I love the song and well the person who put it together did an amazing job- So yeah If you like LOST- you gotta check this out:
But See..... loving being busy is not always a great thing, As it is the very thing that got me a goose egg! Tonight I sat down right as dinner was almost done to check my emails and such, and just closed my eyes for what I thought was a second and propped my head up my arm. Hmmmmmm Just that second was kinda nice- I was just about to open my eyes and SMACK! It wasn't just a second I had closed my eyes apparently as I felt my forehead smack against the edge of the desk. The thud was so loud I about peed myself I got so scared. Joe comes over to me rubbing my back in the most sincere way laughing his butt off at me in the softest manner asking if I was okay.
He says- Um honey, I think its time you just lay down and take that nap now. *He has been trying to get me to nap for the last couple days now* and Lemme tell you, I didn't hesitate on the offer!!!!! LMAO- The pain was enough to make me want me blankie and pillow!
So Lesson Learnt today..... Take time to sit down and see if your tired LMAO
So since I napped, I didn't get to finish my new project. But I am going to try and sneak in a few hours I have now before Dallas wakes up. But I am changing up a little bit so I can have some new goodies to have for scrapping my album. A little bit on the whimsy, shabby, elegant side. Its called Take My Breath Away and its a collection of mini kits that all coordinate with one another but have thier own feel and theme to them. I have to say I am so freaking proud of how they are looking so far. I can't wait to finish up the last 2 parts to get this baby released.

Here is preview of just one of the minis for the collection. This one is called Memories, for all the memories that still take your breath away. Coming soon....
And dont forget that the Growing Up Collabs are on sale this week for 25% off!

Much Love and until tomorrow, when I will hopefully have the new collection done and a little something for you to be revealed :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Growing Up....

So yeah, I am realizing more and more these last few days just how much my babies have grown. To see the difference from Stevie to Dallas is just a Wowy mind blowing kinda feeling. I hadn't really let reality sink in just how much my baby girl had grown. I managed to create a layout of my baby girl during my time away. She seriously is just growing up so fast and gorgeously to boot. I created this layout of her with my kit Spring Fever which is on sale for $1.00 today during Gotta Pixel's Dollar Day. (and I also have a co-ordinating template pack for $1.00 today too that includes this layout template)
I got a little bit of the "motherhood blues" today I guess you could say. I had all this going through my mind and taking in just how big they are getting and Roxy was my biggest sit back. I mean before bringing peanut into the home- I just was used to everything, it was everyday routine and nothing that shocked me really. But now, when I do feedings, Roxy is right by my side talking to me and carrying on full conversations and telling me stories that she makes up and just amazing me with every word. I mean I now can remember exactly like it was yesterday what it was like feeding her, rocking her and doing late nights with her as a tiny babe, And now its like where did the 4 years go? How did she become so dang smart, When did she get so big that she wants to dress herself and show me how big she is by being self dependent. Of course, like a baby I bawled when Joe told me I could take a nap. I just let it go and cried on his shoulder. "My babies are soo big!!!" Ah, but this is just the tip huh? Next year I will go through it again putting them on the school bus and getting their paintings to hang on the fridge. I am so excited for it to come- But its so bitter sweet.
And Peanut isn't helping either- Already he is trying to doing things far advanced and just filling out and ugh- Let me freeze time!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! I snapped this pic of him today and I just love it!

I can't wait to scrap it. I am going to use my new collab....... Which I just released today. O yeah- I told you my mojo was back and I have hit my groove again!!!
Me and Val teamed up again and made my mostest favoritest Megas EVER!!!!!
I am going to be using these for a LONG time I am sure. and they are just to darn cute.
Okay So Yeah, You can guess what they are named..... Growing Up Girl and Boy.
Both are on sale until the end of this week at 25% off.
Check em out- I am soooo proud!

Okay I am off to sneak in a nap before the next feeding time. I have some more awesome stuff coming out and a little something for all of you too ;) So I will be back tomorrow night after the kiddos all get layed down for bed :)
Much Love

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well after a long month, Or what seemed like FOREVER!!! I am back and getting into the groove again! Well at least the "new" groove. So wanna see Mr. Mister?????
Introducing..... Dallas James

He was 6 lbs 9oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Beautiful blue eyes and redish brown hair that is still yet to be determined the actual color. (His eyebrows are red, his eyelashes are brown and his actual hair is a very highlighted mixture) He is an absolute doll and the girls love him to pieces. I have to say I feel very blessed to have such amazing babes, the girls haven't gotten a bit jealous and are very quick to help out in anyway they can. Dallas (or as I have nick-named him Peanut) has been the perfect baby- Sleeps through the night, doesn't cry to much- Except when getting him naked, eats like a little piggy and just is a gem.
As for me, I am doing pretty alright. I couldn't be a happier or prouder mommy at the moment- and you have NO idea how happy I am that I can bend over and get up out of chairs without help LMAO. The girls still come up to my belly and touch it and say- No more baby dallas in your tummy. Its tooo cute.
Of course since then I have been playing major catch up and trying to get things taken care of that I missed while away. Although I think I might actually have most stuff caught up and some new products ready to be released soon. My mojo has been in overdrive and watching the kiddos and babe lately has been making my creativity fly.
So now that I have pretty much got myself caught back up on things- That means your going to see me more often again- I have actually missed my relaxation blogging time.

Much Love and Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and thoughts-
Until Tomorrow.... and yeppers- Tomorrow (its so nice to be able to say that again LMAO)