Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick and MUCH OVERDUE update

Thank you all so much for your sweet and well wishes my way- It has been greatly encouraging to see them coming in and keep me feeling a little more- less sheltered I should say- As I have to admit I am getting a little bit stir crazy lately.

If you hadn't guessed by now, Since I hadn't come Screaming with tons of joy and happiness- I am still very HUGE and uncomfy. I was last stopped almost 2 weeks ago from labor with yet another failed test. *his lungs then were still underdeveloped and they want me to bake him as long as I can for that reason- And well because the closest hospital to care for neonates born with breathing problems is 2 1/2 hours away. So I have uncomfily obliged to go by the doctors orders and do my best to rest.

Well that and I haven't had much choice at all but to follow doctors orders. My hives have/had been in major overdrive- Which was the main reason I hadn't posted lately. It was just the unbearable- beyond itch into the major burning pain sensation- have my hands swollen- to where typing felt like touching glass kinda feeling. I could handle the mouse to some degree for certain periods of time -but man my fingers rubbing even the slightest- Ugh- Okay don't want to relive that one again LMAO. BUT- Lets knock on wood cuz for the past 2 days now I have been able to actually use my hands pretty darn good! WOOT

So yeah- the last two days have been major catch up for me for sure. But Of course on the days I can get stuff working with my hands, it was the COLDEST EVER days here it seemed. Yesterday didn't go above 3 degrees at all- and last night was 12 below. Yeah COLD.

Well along with that cold *Here it comes- cuz you know I can't have a day that something doesn't go array LMAO LMAO* -and you know its the truth too cuz there is always something for everyone that has to hiccup during the day- Aint never a day that is perfect.

EITHER way... Joe gets home from work super early because last night I just went through tons of pain and pressure from the babe and I ask him to come home the first chance he got. So awesome- He comes home at 9 am. Me and the girls are still fast asleep and well I got to sleep in.

During the time of me sleeping- Joe found out the water had froze over night in the main closet and had went through the house turning on each faucet a little so that when it started to thaw it had a place to go instead of bursting. Yeah- well that didn't work so hot.

I am in a dead sleep- Dreaming of bunnies and unicorns and cotton candy clouds- *not really but hey its my story now lemme tell it LMAO- Then all of a sudden- The clowns bundle of balloons he was holding in my dream just go POP! I mean a loud pop- Then the little sweet bunnies all start running and shouting at me.

What a second... this can't be right- I don't dream bad things.... Yeah No- wake up Liz- Somethings up. Sure enough Joe is screaming his head off at me- I am hearing TONS of white noise...
No wait- not white noise-
CRAP That's water and its pouring like a Niagara Falls.
So I jump up and go to the bathroom- There stands Joe SOAKED to the bone. He asks me a question 2 times and I don't gather whats going on- Still half asleep and wondering why i was dreaming about balloons popping. Finally he shouts-
Okay I get it he needs my help here- Well I thought- I said- said to him- Here-
and pull open the closet door that holds the water tank.
BAM- Welp- I Woke up needless to say. I wasn't obviously thinking and just opened that door to get slammed in the face with the iciest burst of water I have ever gotten. And those quick 2 seconds where enough for me to be soaked now lemme tell ya.

So yeah- the balloons hadn't popped at all- It was the stupid line busting that I heard. So tons of rushing- Pulling out towels out the wazoo to throw on the floor blocking it from rushing into the kitchen-
Then I hear a fizz- pop-
Guess what else is in that closet-
Yeap you guessed it- The circuit box.

Why on god's green earth people built houses to have those close to water tanks I will never know *cuz i know of a few other houses that are the same in proximity of the two items* Either way- Joe opens the door wraps his hoodie around the pipe spewing and flips the power. But not in enough time that the fuses hadn't blown already. So here he is turning knobs trying to get it to stop- No dice- There is easily 3 inches of water just sitting around the bathroom- I run across the street call the water depart. to come do an emergency shut off from the road and he is already at another location doing the same for another home- Hey At least I wasn't the only one!

So I gathered up the girls and left my flooded home behind without power and poor soaking wet Joe in the middle of it all. But thankfully the water guy was super sweet and nice and was there about 15 minutes after I got ahold of him to shut it off for us. And he even came back tonight to check on us and if we were able to get it all fixed yet- Of course we haven't just yet as we need to get a pipe replacement that is the right size... but Man.

So yeah- Tons of excitement. But Hey If that is what it takes for me to be able to legitimately get out of here and up and doing stuff- JUST KIDDING.

But My dad was a riot and so helped my mode from being bluh about the water luck. Although laughing didn't help the pressure pain any I was feeling. But You know the moment I walked in the door- he screams from his bed room and you can hear him rummaging around- Is It Finally Time????? I think he is super excited about his grandson coming for sure. LMAO

I honestly dont know which of us is more anxious for the arrival LOL.

But Monday I go back to the dr. to find out what the plan is now that I am actually overdue- Which is sooo weird to say. But I have that instinctual feeling- And its physically reminding me with each step that I take- that it isn't much longer at all.

So Anywho-- That ended up much more than a quick update I know right? But I will be back tomorrow- Providing no babe from now until then cuz I have alot more to share.

*even though I couldn't type doesn't mean my mouse wasn't usable LMAO*

And here is a sneak at what is PART of my news for tomorrow.

Much Love to you all and thank you all again so very much for your encouragement and wishes.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh girl!!! When it rains, it MORE than pours, eh? Bless your sweet, precious heart!

I had a feeling the hives were taking a toll and I'm SO relieved to know that you are OKAY Liz!

You and Joe surely have had your share of water woes in this house! We've had a few INTERESTING moments as well this past year, but nothing like a burst of ICE COLD water coming at me! SHEESH girl! I hope this repair will be the end of surprising showers for a VERY long time!

Your *Life Is Good* collection ROCKS it and it is a GOOD reflection of your INCREDIBLY positive attitude in the face of adversity!!! You are an INSPIRATION and a REAL gem sweetie, not to mention what FANTABULOUS designer, but then you ALREADY knew that!!! MWAH!

Take care of YOU and Little Mister and I'm sitting on my blog roll so as not to miss your new post!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Forgot to say that I am glad the doctors are monitoring you and Little Mister so closely. Fully developed lungs are SO important, but I have faith that this sweet bundle will arrive right at the precise moment he is meant to!!!


Amanda said...

OH MY! I've been checking in on you hoping that you were loving on a baby! I am SO sorry for your trouble! I cannot believe you are still working on another kit!
I am looking forward to it!

Carrie said...

Wow!!! How crazy!! You've had some eventful stuff going on!! Glad to hear your hives have been ok the last couple day!

Danyale said...

I don't even know what to say to that whole shenanigans you have been up tp, wink-wink! Poor Liz! We have been worried, and now know you have been up to exactly what we thought....just laying around eating bon-bons....;).....take care of our little guy, and glad to hear your dreams are at least filled with fun, happy things!

Intense Magic said...

Omgosh! Exciting to say the least! And yeah, I have one of those houses where the hot water heater is about a foot from the breaker box...sheesh. Glad you are taking care of yourself and Mr. Mister!

icedlatteprincess:) said...

OMGosh!!! What a way to wake up and get the heart pumping!!!Here and all this time, I was thinking you were snuggling your newest little one and we would be seeing pictures soon:) LOL I just can't even believe what you have been through! SO sorry!!! IT has to get better soon, right? Well, take care of your self and your little Mister and I will just keep checking in to see what is going on.

Monica said...

Schnikee's girl!! Here I was hoping you'd be sharing pics of lil Mr. Mister. Sorry to hear your pipes were frozen and now have blown fuses. I hope it all is fixed soon for you, frozen pipes are never fun. Cute story about your dad! What a scrappable moment!

Becky said...

So glad you posted- I had been visiting your blog to check for news. Oh my gosh-can anything more go on in your life!

Hope to hear great news from you soon!

RealRach said...

Are we related?? That's soooo my luck too. WOW...

And no baby yet? I just assumed that is why you weren't here.

I saw this kit in full glory and WOWZERS...looks good! Best of luck when the little one arrives!

Jewel Goodwin said...

I'm also glad you posted! I check every day to see whats up ... sorry thigns have been so challenging. I had hives really bad one - and it is aewful when your joints are all swollen ... SO much worse than an itch it HURTS! Glad that has settled a bit, and I really hope the little guy makes his debut soon - with fully healthy lunghs!

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