Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Is Good...

And Lemme tell you- I am SOOO STOKED today. Okay Why?
1. No Hives Again- YEAH!!!!
2. I have a brand new Collab Collection just released
and number 3......
Okay, So its an awesome thing that blogging only requires typing and no voice. Because after the screaming and wooting I did at the TV tonight I don't have much of anything left!
I am beyond excited that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl because.. Well I am and have been a fan my whole life (Thanks to my daddy :)
So visiting my Dad... I had a moment- That well- I lapsed or lost all common sense that I have obtained in my lifetime.
You know those bumble ball things? The ones that rumble all around the floor and have the weird rubbery like blocky spikes all around it. Okay- well at my dad's there is one that is on a string- Kinda key chain sized. But don't let the size fool you- The thing has a little bit of weight to it.
Either way- The girls were playing with, and pulled the string all the way out.. and nothing- I just got stuck. Okay So I grab up the thing and tug on the string- Yank, jerk, Whip this thing around in the air like I was Cowgirl Jane about to lasso a cow. It doesn't work. My Dad is sitting there with me and the girls are watching intensely for Super Mom to make this thing work. Out of the blue--- Insert dummy music as this is where my lapse of common sense comes into play-
I take that thing and swing it around in the air with all my might and bring it crashing down.
Hey- Hitting the ground will make it rumble right?
UM... NO- Liz- You didn't hit the ground.
O Yeah- that Hurts you idiot- You Just cracked yourself with all your might in the knee with this stupid thing.
My Dad yells without missing a beat as I am bringing this thing down on myself- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?
Tears just weld up in my eyes... But I can't stop laughing. Mainly because my dad is rolling it at me.
So My dad decides to play Super Hero to fix it and starts banging it off the wall.....
Insert Dummy Music Again- BAM
All the decorations, calender you name it come crashing down.
Okay so he gives up in rolling laughter and tosses it on........ Get ahold of yourself.. The cushioned chair. And wouldn't ya know it. vrrrrrrrrrrrrr the string goes right back in.
I laughed so hard I seriously thought the pain in my stomach might actually do the trick to push mr. mister right out.
Okay now that I am re-living and laughing all over again here... I think I better stop before this little football player in here kicks my kidneys out! LMAO
So Yeah.. Number 2.. The Collab- Which is the yummy Sneak Peek I gave you all yesterday. Its Now up!!!!!
I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with Valarie Ostrom to create what turned out to be a fantabulous collection. Designed to celebrate all of Life's moments and perfect for those doing the 365 project comes
"Life Is Good"
You can snag up the entire Collection- Which Includes 24 Papers, 88 Elements, 6 Full Alphas, 14 notepaper words (in shadowed and non-shadowed versions) 16 other wordart pieces, 4 12x12 Templates and a 6 12x12 inch Quick Page album At 25% off right now in the Shoppes!!

OR.....If you would prefer, You can pick up the pieces of the collection that fit your scrapping needs seperately- Also for 25% off for introduction. The Entire Collection is also offered as a Mega Kit (Including all Papers and Elements)OR as the individual packs listed below.

And here is some great Inspiration created with the "Life Is Good - Collection"
Created by an Awesome Group of Talented Ladies!

Isn't that sweet??? I so cant wait to get my hands in it and get some major scrap therapy done!!!
And Even Better yet. I have a beautiful add- on coming tomorrow here on my blog for you all to snag up and get a little bit of the "Life Is Good" Sweetness!!
So, Until tomorrow with some sweet scrap goodness for you all- Much Love :)


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Lizzy girl - you are a HOOT for sure darlin'!!! You just have a way of taking us ALL right in with you on your ADVENTURES!!!

YAY STEELERS!!! They've ALWAYS been an AWESOME team!

I'm flying through tonight, but will be back to follow your store links and take in ALL that you LOVELY ladies have worked SO hard on to help us with our 2009 Project 365!!! I am nearly two weeks behind due to my failed HD, so I am in need of ALL the help I can find!!!

BEAUTIFULLY done sweetie and I am SOOOOOO happy the hives are gone!!! WOO HOO! TOUCHDOWN! LOL!

Love back atcha girlie,
Linda *hearts*

KayJay said...

Morning Liz,
I am so glad your hives are feeling better and you can fill us in again. Although the things that have happened to you in the last couple of days, haven't necessary been really nice, I have to say you have given me a great read and sorry to say giggle!
Love that new kit! Just beautiful!
CU tomorrow (if the little one lets you!;)

makeyesup said...

Wow, you sure had a lot to say this weekend. Very interesting water story, little scary too being so close to the electric box. You too sure were lucky, that didn't cause a major shock to the system. Thought you were going to say your water broke and that was what the baloons were telling you. Thanks for the laugh too with the toy. Good luck in the next couple of days as sure hope to hear that the little one has made an appearance.

Lanna said...

Wow look at that kit! Awesome now I am going to have to go buy it! Nice job all your CT's did on the layouts as well... Thanks for sharing your creativity. :)

Theresa said...

hi there. haven't seen you posting in a while.. glad you are back at it.. =) love the mega kit.. i don't do digi yet, but I've been collecting.. and i have Photoshop Elements 5 and am itching to try it.. Thanks for the freebie.. Have a good weekend.. it's almost tgif..