Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the 7th Day of Christmas....

Today was another great day. Girls day was successful, even more so than I had thought it would be. For Christmas, the girls got the Disney Fairy dress up trunk. Of which contained 3 of most everything in it for them to share and play with. And I figured that when we got it out to play, it would be a fight for who gets what color and which one and yadda yadda... because usually at least once a day I hear one of them complaining because another one has something that belongs to them.

But it was a nice suprise that they were extremely nice to each other. Took turns and didn't fight over who got to do make-up, hair ect first in line with me. I have to say, I think this is the first time we have successfully done a full day of activities without a single fight. *I am knocking on wood as I say it too LMAO* It was a nice change of pace for Mommy, something I could definitely get used to. After all the make up and costumes and hair, we watched movies with popcorn. Bet you can't guess what we watched? O YEAH- Tinkerbell... not just one, but two of them. Roxy has now decided she is a water fairy, Ana is tinkerbell, and Stevie is now a light fairy.

Are you ready for it..... (Hey I said it was a fight free day... not mischief free- THAT would be a miracle!)
Since Roxy is now a water fairy, she felt that possessed the ability to create dew drops. Anyone ever watch Tinkerbell? Well this consists of scooping up water in your hands and then blowing it onto whatever you want to make dew.... Needless to say Stevie and my bathroom mirrors proved that it does nothing but create a mess! LMAO Even though she got "sprayed", Stevie laughed hysterically (Which is how they got caught LOL)

O to be young again! I am going to be scrapping tonight, as I got some super cute pics, and also today reminded me that I had YET to share my halloween pics. I made the girls costumes and we dressed up all pretty, and well they just looked too cute, So those pics are to come tomorrow :)

On the 7th Day of Christmas....
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And for those that missed yesterday's gift, this is what was hiding inside:
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I hope you all enjoy today's gift! And if you are staying in tonight be sure to stop by as Connie Prince hosts a New Years gathering that is sure to be tons of fun. I will be there :) Hopefully to start my year off just right with some scrapping.
And for those going out- Have fun and be safe and have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

So my net decided to act wonky on me tonight... Here I am at 4 am still up, goodness I swear insomnia can be a pain! LMAO.

Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes. It turned out to be an alright day. I made myself some cheesecake that turned out soooo yummy. Then when I served it with dinner (kids pick of spaghetti) I heated up Smuckers Hot Fudge topping and drizzled that over top the slices with a scope of hot cherry pie filling on top. O GOODNESS WAS IT YUMMY! LOL. Its a good thing New Year's Resolutions will help me feel less guilty about it ;)

But I took so me time out today. I felt it was much earned. I escaped up to my dad's house (since no one was there but him) and took a nice hot relaxing bath- NO INTERUPTIONS FOR POTTY BREAKS AND FIXING DOLLS! LMAO. Then I went over to my friend Jake's for a jam session. Lately we have been working on some original songs and we decided tonight to work together on the ones we have wrote to polish them up and refine them. Hopefully soon we can get them recorded and mastered down for a demo. Music is my release, it is something that I can escape to, release all my stress through and have just for me. I try hard to keep it going, as its vital, especially for us busy mommy's, to take time to do something for just US!

My Peanut was a total stinker this morning though and made my day kick off with a smile. He woke me up this morning by crawling up beside me (as I put him in bed with me last night due to a cough spell that hit him hard in the middle of the night) and then patting my face to play peek-a-boo. Rebecca, Amanda.. have you found that your boys are really attached mommy's boys?? I mean not in a bad way, but its seems everything you do just is perfect in his eyes and vice versa? He cracks me up, as he does get a bit jealous when the girls are on me, and he seems to "feel" me. If I am happy, he is- I am sad, he is. Well, I haven't really been sad around him much at all, but when playing doctor with the girls or something and I fake cry.. he starts the sympathy cry LMAO- Too cute for words.
However, today will be a girls day- for both me and the girlies to have some quality time. I am sure the day is calling for some hair, make-up, nails and then some dancing. (The girls love dancing and its my way to get work out partners in a sneaky way ;) I will be sure to take some pics of the after results to share as well :)

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Today's gift has 2 downloads.
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And for those that missed yesterday's gift, this is what was hiding inside.
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I can't wait for the new year to begin to use those templates. They are top of my list for project 365! BTW Anyone doing that? I will be here on my blog. I figured it would be best for me to keep on it, plus following the new gottapixel 365 challenge. I can't wait for it!! Linda love, I think you and I can motivate each other to keep the blogging mojo alive. I know I don't want to get out of this groove ever again! I missed it and you all entirelly to much!!!
Until tomorrow... much love and hugs!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the 5th Day of Christmas....

Today it SNOWED! I have to admit, even though I complain when its on the ground.. its something I truly enjoy. I could have done without the ice cold winds that pierced through me, but the snow coming down was gorgeous. Hopefully it can keep it up and I can take the kids out sled riding today for my choice outing.

We played Operation today and ordered pizza. I am a tad bit disappointed with the new version of the game though. I got it out and ready to go with the camera rolling for their first time ever, waiting for that annoying buzz and vibration to scare the pee out of them.. but alas, the new game does the softer less annoying buzz and no shaking :( I will have to dig out my old one, as I know I still have it somewhere tucked away. That was the BEST part of playing the game, that instant shock and scare moment LMAO.

I have to admit though, I am enjoying this so much. I had forgotten how much joy blogging brought me, but of course with things being thrown a loop before- O well, But yes Amanda, I missed this too. Much more I am sure than you all missed my ramblings LOL. Its funny how you don't really realize it until you revisit. Its like the candy you ate ALL the time as a kid that you run across at the store, and pop it in your mouth and then BAM... it all comes back and its like heaven. Well this is kinda like that, just not as dramatic HAHAHA.

Dallas being born this year really threw my schedule a bit of a loop that I didn't quit prepare myself for. I know you can never truly be prepared, but I thought well I have 4 others this should be a cinch. *DUH LIZ- You forgot that the others were older, walking, talking and a little more self sufficient ;) Just as you Rebecca, I am sure Dallas has me running circles with his new found movability. He is now 11 months and just a bundle. But never have I been upset with him, honestly. He has been (shhhh don't tell my girls) but the best baby one could ever ask for. He is always smiling, never cries (with the exception of when the teeth are on the break through) he is so pleasant and giggly. I mean he is a momma's boy- and will whine to be held by me when he gets tired, but other than that. MAN he is growing so fast :( Just like the girly girls are too. Here is a peek at how big the girls have gotten this past year:
*These are some of the pics I took from our Park Outting in Oct*

Now on to the gift giving :)
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And for those that missed yesterday's gift, this is what was hiding inside.
I figured we all needed a little bit of a variety in the mix :)
*The image is now clickable to the shoppe where it can now be found*

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments- I enjoy reading them each day and knowing that you all enjoy the gifts is just awesome! Thanks so much, until tomorrow!
*BTW- My store is on sale from today until the end of the year to help celebrate my birthday today*

Monday, December 28, 2009

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

So last night while dumping all the photos off my card to my PC, I got to looking back at the year in photos. Its been one crazy heck of a year. I don't think I mentioned ever to you all about my hair cutting incident that happened here.... In a nutshell- My oldest daughter saw me trim my own hair, and felt the need to do it to not only herself but her sisters as well. Needless to say, during a moment of "mom's not looking" Roxy managed to cut the beautiful long, down to the butt length hair of the girls, to a choppy mess that could only be fixed by some buzzing. I cried for 2 hours after that, but thankfully as nature promises- It has started to grow back.

Peanut is also growing, like a weed. He now is walking around, 10 steps or so before falling back on the bum. A mouth full of chompers too, as he now has 9 teeth. SOOO fast! I miss holding my little tiny nutter butter already. I savor every last second I can of rocking and cuddling, as I know this is my last until they grow older and bring me bundles again to spoil. But now that he knows how to move, he doesn't want to sit and just cuddle. WHY!!!!! LOL. Some one really needs to jump on that time flying machine quick!

But I also came across my family photos that I did at the park in October. That day was a TOTAL BLAST! We all went in the early evening so I could do some pictures, and it all ended up into a total leaf pile, throwing fight. The girls chased each other around throwing leaves, and laid down in the piles making "leaf angels". I did however out of it get some pretty nice shots (which I will share the REALLY good ones tomorrow) And just as you said Linda, I will always have these to look back on and all my scrapbooks when the kids are grown and older to keep the memories at least still alive. BTW Girl, NEVER am I too busy for a chat. All work and no play makes for a dull Liz :) And remember, when you are talking 9-11 pm your time, I am still up and no kiddos are so you are totally good to buzz me up!

Here is a quick glance at the photo shoot we did in October, as I said I will share the really good ones tomorrow ;)

On to the gift giving.... On the 4th Day of Christmas Liz Gives to you....
**As the days prior, this also has 2 download links, Please scroll PAST the gift tag for your download links, they will be active for 24 hours (until 1 am EST) and then the next gift will be given.**

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And for those that missed yesterday's gift, this is what was hiding inside:
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**Please note the alpha that is in the preview was given as a bonus gift to my face book fans, and will remain an active link for there until the next gift is given**

Also be sure to stop by the Sweeties Blog as Kerri has cooked up an awesome Quick Page freebie for you all as well today!!!

I hope you enjoy, Much love and hugs until tomorrow!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

On the 3rd Day of Christmas....

So today I got bombarded with kiddos. On top of my 5 (since we have my stepdaughter during the Christmas break) I also had 2 other kiddos and my brother tonight. Needless to say the house was slammed full of none stop noise and excitement. The best moment of the night came, well rather the funniest moment was when the cat jumped up on my lap. I wish that I would have had my camera close, as the moment he curled up, I realized he had been redecorated. It took everything in me to try to be firm, but alas I couldn't as I questioned the children as to who put all the stickers all over the cat. From top of his head to the end of his tail he had be decorated in Disney Princess stickers. Poor cat flinched I don't know how many times as I pulled them all out of his fur.

Joe and my brother spent the evening playing the PS3, while my step-daughter Elizabeth played her DS. I think I have heard enough beeps and clicks and boops today that I will be dreaming I am in a video gaming chasing kids around to prevent them from decorating the animals.

Ah, but this is me. My daily life is full of this, and as much as I reflect and at times complain, I wouldn't want it any other way. Sure its busy and active, but I would much rather this than boredom. Keeping me on my toes keeps me young and reminds me to take time out to play and enjoy life. ( I keep reminding myself this as my birthday fastly approaches)

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments that you have been leaving, it really is a pleasure and boost to read them all. Linda love, you and me girl get more and more in common every day I do believe. I would love some day to hear your daughter sing... tell her to go to and record you a little something ;) I go there often in the late nights when the kids all lay down for bed to do something for just me. Its fun and definetly a stress releaver.

Anywho, on to the next day of gift giving :) Today I also bring you a gift that has 2 downloads too it.
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And for those that missed yesterday's gift- This is what was hiding inside!
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Well I am off for a nice relaxing bath, and some much desired sleep. Until tomorrow, much love!

Friday, December 25, 2009

On the 2nd Day of Christmas....

So last night, during the time I felt I would be able to blog, I found myself in a mess of 100's of pieces to a Play Kitchen LOL. I went up and put the turkey in at my Dad's house and prepared all the dishes and such for dinner today last night around 10 pm. Plenty of time I figured, as I gave Joe a few gifts to wrap while I was gone and he said when I returned we would put the kitchen together, both of us. So come home at 12, and guess what... Santa's Helper went to SLEEP! LMAO. So I figured, well heck this is going to take forever so I jumped on it. Little did I know when I opened that box that there was going to be sooooo many pieces to it. 2 and half hours later, It was put up and then it was time to drag out the rest of the unwrapped gifts and get those done, then put everything under the tree. After stocking stuffing I was done at 5:45 am. WOOOOHOO!!

I tell ya I want some of that Magical Dust Santa has that lets him go 24 hours of flying around without getting dead tired HAHAHA. But all the time put into it and the lack of sleep was completely and totally worth it! This morning, at 9 the girls woke up and wanted to jump into what Santa had brought them. The expressions that I got where priceless. It made my Christmas over the moon to see them light up. Here is a quick run down through photos of what Christmas in my household was like today :)

After Christmas at my house here, we went up to my Dad's where I finished up dinner and we all pigged out! LOL. Dad got Steelers gear for everyone- Including Joe (he is a HUGE Dolphin fan) He said, "Its about time you reconsider LMAO" Its too funny how they both go round about their teams. I personally am a Steelers fan as well and can't wait til football Sunday :)

Then off to the inlaws for a bit and out we went for one last run around to look at the Christmas lights and display. Hands down the winner was the Cambridge Courthouse light show for us this year. Here is a video of part of the BEST of the 4 shows that go on each hour from 5-9 pm. Its just so amazing to watch- The beginning of this show is a bit slow but at 2 min's into it it gets REALLY GOOD! I promise its worth the time to watch it :)

And then the winner for the Best of the lights from homes goes to the winner from last year- WOW. All I can say is geez oww on how beautiful they do it up. Here is a peek of what their yard looks like. I do believe they also one the Yard of the Month for the display- If not I want a recount hahaha.

And now for what you are all waiting for... The 2nd Day of Christmas. Today's gift comes in two parts. Please scroll down PAST the gift tag for the two links to download the gift. The links will remain active for 24 hours (until 1 am EST) and then will be revealed and placed into the shoppe.

*Sorry, this gift has been opened*

And for those that Missed Day 1's gift- This is what was hiding inside:
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I hope you all enjoy today's gift, Much Love and hugs, Until tomorrow :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

On the 1st Day of Christmas....

This time of year always gets me in a bundle of emotions. From freaking out about how I am going to get everything done in time, to sitting back and just enjoying the twinkling lights that adorn the house feeling nothing but happy. Something about the lights just, I don't really know how to put it in words, its like it brings back the little kid in me again.

We took the girls out to see the lights around the area here and they absolutely loved it! Last year I showed you the place we always visit, and this year they grew even more with their display. Its just so amazing and beautiful. I for one, couldn't imagine taking the time out to put up something so extravagent, but I deeply appreciate those that do. I will be posting photos tomorrow from the light shows we go see tomorrow evening as well, as we always attend the luminary in honor of my friend who passed away a few years ago (More on that story later)

I wont keep you alot today, as I know you are probably just as I am- BUSY BUSY BUSY! LOL. I have wrapping still to do and baking and preparing dinner items..... O the list seems endless and I can forsee no sleep in my future- LOL. But then end of it all will pay off for sure!

Without further ado.. let the 12 Days begin! -
Those who are new to my tradition I will do a quick rundown :) Each day a new gift will be posted here on the blog. It will remain a hidden gift, as I love the traditional suprise of not knowing what's inside until you finally get it opened up :)
Each gift will remain active for download for 24 hours. (with the exception of today's as it will run for 48 hours until the next gift is given to accomodate for those busy visiting with family and such) After the 24 hours is up, a new gift will be posted and the prior days revealed and placed into the shoppe.

*Please note I am on EST time, and each post will be done at approximately 1 am my time. *
If at anytime during the 12 days (or any other time for that matter) you should have a question or problem you can contact me instantly via the Yahoo Png box on the side bar here-------> OR Email me using the contact button above ^^^

On the 1st Day of Christmas, Liz Gives to you......
*Sorry this gift has been given*

Also check out the sweeties blog, as there will be random gifts available from them to download as well!

Now I leave with you one of my favorite Holiday songs of all time (sung by me)

Thank you all so much for all the support you have given me this year and hopefully the years to come. I know that this wont come close to showing you how much I appreciate it, but I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas snuck up!

You know, I think I always say how times flies. Well I am guessing that pretty much everyone says that :) But this year it really REALLY seemed to have just flown by like crazy. I was sitting here tonight wrapping up gifts, and it just didn't seem right. Something is off, the season just came so fast it snuck up and said WHAM! LOL.

However I am ready, surprisingly enough. Well, as much as I am going to be. I still have some grocery shopping to do and some more baking to do as well, but that will be taken care of later on today. The girls should be pretty happy with their gifts this year, as I think Santa got everything on the list.... Crossing fingers there. Except tonight my 11 year step daughter throws me a curve ball and tells me she is dying to have a Nitendo DS........... I guess the camera I got her will be going back to exchange for the DS today LMAO. Gotta love how they change their minds so quickly ;)

I know many of you have been wondering about me, and I do apologize for not being more apt for updating. Peanut hopped into the world with me and school and everything else just took away time that I thought I was going to be freeing up----- THERE WE GO! Santa... Please if you are listening, give me 8 more hours to each day LMAO. (a girl can wish can't she?)

I will be starting my 12 days of Christmas tomorrow, this will be year 3. Yeah see... time flies! LOL. This year however, we are going to do it the old fashioned way, and starting the day of Christmas (well actually I am doing the first day on both Christmas Eve and Day to accomadate for those visiting with family and such) And we will celebrate with gifts for 12 days :) I can't wait. I have been creating like crazy for this, hope you all think it was worth the wait.

I am going to finish up wrapping gifts here before crashing for bed. But wanted to give a quick update and drop off a little something I recorded. Yes, this is Me totally :) I did this song in 4 parts and in light of the Holiday season, I wanted to share with you all. I hope you enjoy this different side of me!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This month, Gotta Pixel is celebrating its 4th birthday. And we have been having a blast with all the exciting events going on, but we are also giving away over $2,000 worth of Prizes! Each week new things are being given, and new events going on, and this week is nothing short of it! We are kicking off this weekend with a HUGE Blog train! And its just for YOU! The entire team has collabed together to bring you an amazing shabby chic collection with something sure for everyone! This just kicks off the events we have listed here, as well as the Grab Bag Event going on, that is packed full of savings.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Train coming Through the Patch!!!

FINALLY! My Net is cooperating with me LOL
I have a little treat for you all.. along with the other Sweeties and Valarie Ostrom's Team.
Recently Valarie and I teamed up to create a super cute fall kit perfect for all the pictures from going to the pumpkin patch, raking up the leaves, playing outside to baking the homemade pies inside. The ladies on our team got so excited about their creations with the kit that they wanted to share with you- So we are having a SWEET Blog train!

I too wanted to jump in the fun and provide you all with an addition to the Through The Patch Collab. So without further ado- here we go, my sweet treat for you

*Click The Preview To Download*

Be Sure to Stop by the Other Stops on the Blog train to pick up what else they have in store for you!!!
(Please allow some time delays- as we are all on different time zones- If their item is not up yet, check back later in the day as it will be)

Liz - Sweet Digi Scraps:
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It feels sooooo good to be back!!! Thanks everyone!
Hope you enjoy

Yes, I got time!

Okay, so I am convinced that blogging about having free time is definitely a jinx. Shortly after blogging last, my father feel severely ill and we went through a series of hospital trips and doctor visits and just what seemed like an non ending nightmare. So it only made things a bit more hectic on the schedule on trying to get the HAVE to's done on time, plus juggle everything else. Needless to say I was ready for a breakdown... but by the grace of tons of well wishes and caring and patience- he is on the mend once again and looking better each day. Which I am forever grateful for. (As many may know, my mother passed about 2 years ago- and I am just not ready yet for the juggle that might come once I loose my last backbone)

Anyways- Enough of the sad talk. Dallas is now crawling, pulling himself up to things and walking along the edges and even has gotten brave enough to stand a few times on his own. It wont be long til those feet are in motion :( So bittersweet!
The Girls are doing awesome with school and loving it! I am liking the time with just me and Stevie and Dallas as well, the bonding we have gotten to do is awesome. Stevie is becoming more and more fluent with her talking, and Dallas is learning along with her- as he now says Mom and Dada.

I got my Mojo back for designing- Created 4 new kits- I know right? And just feeling awesome to get back into the groove.
The Creative Team is holing a blog train today (In which I am also participating- but will have separate post for) Just click on the Link above to go to the Creative Sweeties Blog to check it out!!!

As for the New Products, I have 2 that released today for Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It Event. Both of these kits are just $1.00 until the 14th! Check em out:

Then I also have two other new releases this week that have gone up- First is a Collab with Valarie Ostrom and the other is my new Halloween kit!

Okay- I WILL be back later on, when my net stops acting all funky (its raining and I use Wi-fi) So I can post my blog train portion for you all :) See ya soon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


HAHAHA- I had to start out with something right? Seeing as I have been in hiding for how long now? Which means tons to update on. School is starting next week for Roxy and Ana, so that means more time and I couldn't be more excited to have my blogging time back. However it is so bittersweet. My babies aren't babes anymore :(
Speaking of babes, updates!! WOOOO Gotta love em. First off, Dallas is now with 2 teeth, and more on their way. He hasn't been the happiest of lil' men since the teething kicked in, but he is up and moving around and more excited than ever to be able to half way keep up with big sissys. YES, Up and moving is right, already the little booger is army crawling all over the place and in the stage now where everything goes in the mouth. The girls have been doing good.. nothing big to report other than school starting. Sickness has come and gone and come again in the house as this last week the weather took a nice drastic turn from 90 degrees at night to 50 :( But we are managing to fight off the full blown sickies. Its hard to believe that summer is ending already.

So why have I been missing? I am sure your all dying to hear what could possibly kept me so busy! LMAO. Well first, I left ACOT. That was another bittersweet move that I just had to make. I love everyone at ACOT so much, and the people there are just awesome, however I took on an ownership position at Gotta Pixel. And with that made myself completely exclusive to GP.
Aside of taking on the ownership position and all the new tasks that came my way with that, I also jumped back into my love of singing once again. Little did I know that singing a few songs here and there and letting them be published online would get me a few gigs. And so my weekends filled up with either photo shoots or performances to eat up what free time I did have. But now that summer is dwindling... Time will become something I shall have a little bit of again. Well one can hope at least :)

So hopefully later tonight, once my kiddos have layed for the new early bed time.. I can get some more blogging and catching up done :) As I seen Janet has sent me an award I must go claim ;) THANKS GIRL!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There are so many new things going on at Gotta Pixel this week that you wont want to miss a minute of it! 

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So what are you waiting for? Go hop over to Gotta Pixel and join in the fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chat Today!!!

This is a quick post and run as I am up with Peanut for his midnight feeding.

This have been a bit busy the last couple days as the these have been the last days in my area to have your child screened and set up and everything for school later this fall. The girls have been super excited with all the talk about school and their teachers for next year- I personally am not holding up the whole "growing up" idea quit as fond as they are! LOL

I know once September rolls around, I will be a babbling lost puppy dog in my own home for a few days.
I will come back to post a little bit more later on, but I wanted to give a quick reminder that tonight- June 12th at 8:30 pm the first Giveaway of the Evening will begin at Gotta Pixel. I will be in the chat room starting at 8 pm, that way everyone has chance to settle in before the fun begins.
Be ready to answer some questions and win some gift cards to the shoppe.... and SHHHH Our little secret, but there is something that will be given just for coming and celebrating my 2nd design birthday.
Hope to See You all There!!
And dont forget that Saturday at 11:30 am EST I will also be hosting a Speed Scrap to get you inspired to create an awesome layout with some of tonights winnings!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two New Kits! WOOT

Okay so I took a bit of a break... But Joe's sister came in again this weekend. And we had Iggy (Joe's older daughter) and my dad decided it would be awesome to also have a family weekend! So they kept me pretty busy.

Friday night we spent time with his Sister and went outside to play for almost the entire day, The sun was kissing us goodbye by the time we even thought to come in! LOL
Saturday was yet another fun day- I had the boys on top of the kiddos here and it was CRAZY! Everyone was running around screaming and just keeping me on my toes- But it was fun. We did Banana Split night- Which was totally awesome and messy!! The girls got to make their own (minus the cutting of the bananas) And by the time it was all said and done, I had 3 VERY sticky babes, and 4 bowls of choco soup! LMAO. I of course had Joe take tons of picks, cuz it was just too comical and I will DEFINITELY be scrapping them!
Sunday I was up SUPER early to help dad and my little bro do the papers- My brothers had 5 paper routes that they did- But since Donald got a different job (since he turned the rip old 16) My dad and little brother have been left to do them all... So I have been helping out as much as I can. Either way, so that was totally fun and exhausting. I am actually pretty happy to be helping them out though- It is making me get up and walk for 2 hours and get MUCH need exercise to help shed the baby weight.
So anyways, Dad took us out to breakfast at Dennys afterwards. Totally loving their sizzling skillets!!! And it was delicious. Although a bit rowdy in there as they were having a pre wedding breakfast or something and there was a HUGE group of people behind us. So I came home stuffed and ready to nap! When I woke up though.. I got a HUGE surprise. An old school mate had looked me up. (Whats so special huh?) Well she is getting married this summer and wants me to do her wedding photos. Okay Awesome- I have missed doing weddings- Since last year I had to step down because of the hives and such with being prego for peanut. Either way, She goes on to tell me that the wedding is in CALI!!! So they are flying me out to Cali- all expenses paid and paying me to do the photos! Nothing sweeter than getting paid to take a vacation right???
And Today was an adventure too.... We all went out for lunch (My ENTIRE family! LOL) So it was quit fun to have all 14 of us sitting at the Chinese Restaurant together. The babies were riots! They kept laughing and picking at their Papa and I know he just loved being with all of us. He really smiled like I haven't seen him do in a while.

So when we came home, it was regular as usual (well before the weekend usual) And all was going good. Ana came running into the living room crying, and had water just dripping off her face! I couldn't help but laugh- But Joe got to bottom of what happened and found out that Roxy had spit the water in Ana's face! Okay- So I shouldn't have been laughing- But Joe (since we are doing the "do unto others as you would" type deal for punishment because of the stubborness we have been receiving) takes a drink of his water and SPLAT! Spits the water on Roxy.
Okay- So that whole punishment deal only works if the kids DONT want the same treatment. She starts rolling it. Finds it hilarious. So she runs into the bathroom- Comes back and I get the next shower!

IT WAS ON!!!!!

About 15 minutes, 5 VERY soaked people and a very soaked house later... We finally stopped spitting on each other.

Good lord how awful does that sound? LOL
So anyways- I did manage in the midst of all the craziness to finish up my two kits that I had been working on... AND if you haven't checked out the Sweeties Blog... YOU NEED TO!! There are tons of contests going on right now for ways to win gift cards to my shoppe! And you DONT want to miss them.

As for my new kits... The first one is on sale for just $1.00 today only!!! And I am totally loving it!
In Daddys Foot Steps

And the second one is on sale for 20% off and the lush feel of it is totally drawing me in!
Tropical Passion

Hope you all enjoy the new creations... And remember, Today we all get to find out who won the SYTYCD Contest at DSA! So crossing my fingers and can't wait to see who is announced today :)

And also mark the calenders!!! I have TWO chats coming up this weekend! And I will go into detail about them in tomorrows post!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pet Turtle

Okay so yesterday I left the house to walk up to my dads. (Its a really short walk, takes all but maybe 5 minutes to do) Either way, As I cross the ally and start up the railroad tracks I get a startle..... I wasn't expecting to see something move in front of my feet LMAO. So I jump back and then realize... OOO Its a turtle! So I pick it up, and seeing as my house was only about 50 yards from me, I take it back toward the house.
When I was a kid, my sister was obsessed with turtles, we have 3 of them for pets and kept them in an outdoor pin that my dad built with a homemade pond and all. So I figured the girls would LOVE to see a turtle and be fascinated to death with it. As I walk back into the door, Joe looks at me funny and says... "Why are you ba.... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I laughed and asked where the girls were, cuz I found them a pet.
Roxy heres the word pet and says "Come on everybody, Mommy's got something"

Now, as they come around the corner to see what it was, All I heard was total screams!
Now, I dont know if it was the fact that is was totally strange for them to have a turtle in the house... or the fact that it was trying like hell to climb out of my hands... (I am betting the arming and leg flailing part) But they didn't want any turtle pets at all.
I tried to come toward them with it, to you know, warm them up to the idea and check out the new animal.


Ana and Stevie take off running, Ana goes under my kitchen table, and Stevie goes hiding in the utility room. Roxy on the other hand backed up against the fridge. So I thought, okay well at least one is kinda open to checking this thing out.

I put the turtle on the floor, and that was the breaking point. The girls moved faster than I ever knew possible- Ana up on my table, Stevie on the washer and Roxy standing up on the kitchen chair- Freaking out!

All the while, me and Joe are laughing hysterically- Because well, I have never seen a kid NOT be fascinated with a turtle- Let alone 3! I mean I can understand running and screaming if it was say a snake or spider or something of that nature (cuz I do freak out when I see em LMAO)
But this was the most hilarious thing ever for them to just absolutely LOATH the idea of a pet turtle in the home.

So I gather up my new buddy (who was 13 by the way) and took him back to the tracks where I found him and was back on my original adventure of going up to my dads.
When I came back home finally, Do you want to know what the first thing Roxy said was?

"Mommy, can I have a pet turtle? Pretty Please!"
I told her I was sorry but Mommy had already let him go back into woods- And she cried!!!! I mean just bawled cuz she couldn't have the turtle back!

Okay on the Digi Scrap Note... I just wanted to say a HUGE Congrats to Lilly!!! She was picked out for Layout Of the Day today at GottaPixel using my kit Floating Wonders :). And with an AMAZING Layout I might add! Congrats girl- You so rock and I love this layout so much!
Check It Out!

AND I Myself managed to scrap a layout too!!!! WOOT!
Here is my layout with my Week 4 kit for the SYTYCD contest- My Favorite Thing: Family Night!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now the nerves set in....

Okay so I got it finished. My final round kit is up and I have never felt so nervous about a design! LMAO I mean I was nervous throughout this whole contest... because there were so many talented and still is ladies that I am putting my designs up against. But just to know this is it... this is the end is like OOO...
But I have to admit, I have had tons of fun with this and it has stretched my creativity again to even further lengths- Which I am totally loving!!
Either way- I am making this post short because I want to go scrap with this kit... So Here it is, My final kit for the SYTYCD contest:

My Favorite Thing: Family Movie Night

(you can click the preview to go download)

Thanks so much everyone for all the support! Wish me luck, grab the rabbits foot... rub the 4 leaf clover on my blog, kiss the horse shoes.... You name it!!!!
The voting starts On Friday and then I do believe Monday everyone will find out the winner :)

And while your over at DigiScrapAddicts, getting you some yummy week 5 goodies- START POSTING!!!
Thats right- You heard me! POST POST POST POST!!!!Get yourself involved in the site and let your voice be heard... and for a good reason!!
Right now the new "Last Poster Standing" contest is under way!
AND.. the winner of the contest gets a 1TB External Hard Drive!!!
How friggin awesome is that???
So Go On- Go Over and Get your Fix!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

O Happy Day!!

Okay so if you didn't hear... Saturday announcment was made at DSA and guess what....

I AM IN THE TOP 10!!!!
Can you believe it? I mean there are so many talented girls in this contest and I am very excited and honored to have made it this far!
This week we are to make a kit called "My Favorite Thing". I have tons of favorite things, family being the top but now to see if I can pick just one of them and pull of a smoking kit! CROSSING FINGERS :)
So after the announcement was made Saturday I stuck around and did the Speed Scrap- WHICH I TOTALLY LOVED! I had a blast and doing the chat actually made me take time to do what I totally enjoy- Which is scrapping my childrens lives. I am so behind in it, its not even funny. But I used my new kit Floating Wonders (like I was dying to use LMAO) And here is what I came up with:
My girls and my Mom enjoying some bubbles.
The journaling reads:Your Grandma got you started on blowing bubbles, Every time you would visityou would beg for bubbles! She enjoyed the smiles and giggles that it brought you both. She would be tickled to see the bubble addicts you have become.
And another reason I am excited???
Today marks 2 years since I first started designing!!!! I can't believe it has actually been that long!!! I reflected back and looked at some of my very first designs and BLUCK! LMAO
But to see how much I have grown, I am pretty proud I might say- And want to celebrate all this month. For starters, A Cherry On Top has choosen me to be their featured designer!!! How awesome is that????? So all month long enjoy some awesome challenges, giveaways and features at ACOT! AND I will be hosting 2 Speed Scraps, and 2 other Chats, as well as tons of give aways all month long... AND.. My stores are on sale all month.
okay I am off to see what I can come up with for "My Favorite Thing" so wish me luck and hopefully it will be awesome!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pins and Needles are sometimes fun!

Amanda- You so called me out on that one! LOL. I was meaning to blog really I was, just for some reason it escaped me! Quick run down on what has happened since I last blogged....
I made it into Week 4 of the SYTYCD Contest- which umm.. when they said my name in the chat, I swear my kids thought I had lost it. I jumped up and down dancing with them and yelling. It was a happy dance day here in this house! Well... until they hit us with the next challenge... "Pick a Holiday".

I dont know if it was the fact that there are sooo many holidays out there, or the fact that I just couldn't get myself in a holiday mood for the life of me... But I was stumped. I begged pretty much half of my yahoo list to give me some ideas on what holiday to go with. Finally I just couldn't shake it, and started out on a Memorial day kit. *I mean I was in the mood, since it had just happened, and I had pics to scrap it, so why not???
About half way into the kit, I looked at what all I had and seen a cross, carnation, dog tags mixed in with a BBQ grill and ketchup and mustard splats.........
UM NO IDEA where my head was at, but apparently not paying attention to what I was doing! LMAO
But I dont know if it was the sheer laughter at my own attempt for a holiday kit, or the fact that I was really contemplating finishing up the kit or not, but my true holiday inspiration hit! And my SYTYCD Week 4 freebie kit was born-
(You can click on the preview to go download this kit)
Now- I can not tell you how much freaking fun this one was to create. I mean the inspiration hit and it just flowed... And once again I got lost in what I was doing and not paying attention. So as I hit the save button... I look and the fact that I had seriously just made a "Pull My Finger" flair button hit my funny nerve. I rolled it, hysterically. Joe was laughing at me laughing (I have this contagious giggle that has stages that eventually grows into a full on belly roll that leaves me pounding on the ground crying in pain! LMAO LMAO) Well in midst my laughter- I snorted and then... You guessed it... TOOT! Joe looks at me and says- "Well Baby, it must have been destiny!"
I told Valarie, I will forever be remembered as the fart girl from the SYTYCD! LMAO LMAO
So speaking of gas..... (God that sounds just awesome)
I also scrapped with the kit :)
The journaling reads:
It was a gassy day and every toot that came out, a face of surprise and shock came too. So I couldn't help but keep the camera close by.All while laughing at every moment. I asked... Roxanna! Are you tooting??
And you paused......

Thought about it for a minute.....
And then blamed FLOYD!!!

Template starter by Erin Keith Font Angelina
I Know she is going to hate me for scrapping this when she gets older, but I couldn't resist! I finally had the kit that would make it all come together just right! LMAO

Also since the last time I blogged, I put up my Fruit Salad portion of the previous collab in my shoppes, and also came up with a brand new baby!!!
The girls and I spent Memorial day afternoon outside with bubble wands after the BBQ and It struck me for some more inspiration. I realized- DUDE I dont have a single kit for just blowing bubbles, and these girls LOVE to do it!
So out came Floating Wonders:

And here is a layout that Colie made of Miss Gabby blowing bubbles that is just adorable!
Fonk CK hand official shadow angle 58

I can't wait to get some time later on today hopefully to get some layouts created with it! It was so much fun to create, I know it is going to be a blast to scrap with!
So now I just wait, on Pins and Needles for tomorrows announcement. The contest will be narrowed down to the Top 10 and then its on to the public vote. O my nerves can't take much more of this challenge... its been tons of fun and I have loved every second of it, but man- Talk about making a girl shake like a leaf on a tree!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So this is Thursday...

If you can't tell by the title, I am still in a Beatles mood. I tried and tried for 2 days to avoid the music (cuz honestly when you start dreaming you are in the sub with diamond eyed fish swimming around you- Its time to break a way a bit) I tried to find mojo elsewhere, from my walks, from other music, movies- You name it I was trying to get inspired. But then wouldn't you know, Roxy started singing a Beatles song and my mojo came back. So today I am going to be finishing up yet another inspired kit.
But like How sweet was last nights' AI show??? I was so freaking glued to the tv it wasn't even funny. And to bring the Surviving members of Queen on- and Adam sang my song (Beth was and will always be my song as before (and while first dating Joe) I went by the name Beth. Talk about cloud niners here. AND for the record.... I dont care what his preference is.... Mine is him and he just has to like it! LMAO
Glambert has been approved on my list of okay guys. Joe laughed at me when I said he was being added to the list and goes.. You know there is never even a feasible chance of that happening. I catted back- About as much chance of Shania coming up to your door for a nice rendevue. LMAO

I do have to say though, the last few days have been a bit tough adjusting back to. I was really loving him being home here with me and the babes for vacation. I got a bit spoiled at the occasional nap during the day and going all over the place with the family. But summer is creeping up on us soon... so it wont be long (o great, there is another Beatles song that will be in my head all day) until we get to do even more stuff together. Can't wait for our camping trip!

So I am off to starting checking off things on my to-do list. Hopefully by tonight I will have the sweeties blog up and going and some fabulous giveaways started! Crossing fingers :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I dont even know where to begin....

Okay, so today was a pretty awesome day. I finally got some sleep around 10 am this morning (wellllll after I had wanted to LOL) and woke up at 2 ish to go shopping for a cookout. Took all the kids up to Dad's house and had a great barbeque and totally pigged out! The kids had a blast with bubble wands outside and of course chatting papa's ear off. Peanut was just adorable and all smiles for everyone. And then I came home to watch Survivor with Joe- YAY! JT won- He was sooo cute!
Then I sat down and read all the comments and love left for my "Why Dont We" kit and from the new people that been introduced to SDS- and I was on cloud nine! I truly am overwhelmed by the love and support- Thank you all soo much, it means so much to me to know that you all enjoy my creations.
But most of all today I got to sit back and realize how very blessed I am- Not just in my personal life with my family and such (because I do believe that I am more than blessed there) But also in my business and professional side of my life. Today kicked off Creative Team Appreciation Week, and of course I was sitting here thinking of the Sweeties, and I just became so extremely humbled, and so emotional- Okay tearing up again here - And I realized that I owe more than I can ever begin to imagine to my wonderful digital family. Working with them, and I dont even want to call it that, because never for a moment do I feel like anything with them is "work" - Okay better put, Creating with them has been amazing. They have been my solid footing ground in this industry, constantly eagar to help, and support and give me ideas and inspire me. I know that I am where I am at now- With my abilities, my designs, my layouts, just about everything about my digital scrapbooking is where its at now because of the "Sweeties"

Let me reflect for a moment here... And please hold snickers to yourselves there! LMAO
When I first started to design.. I meant some amazing girls that I was just in awe over at SBF. Colie and Lilly were my first scrapbook friends. And my first ever customers too :) So these girls had me so impressed I kinda begged them to become CT members for me (My first ever- And of course I didn't do a call... I just kinda begged people LMAO)
Then I found Kristen and she just blew me away and then a few others girls and I had my first ever "Sweeties" I was so excited. I kept designing and these girls helped boost me all along the way... And had me on cloud nine all the time with comments and pushes to do even better. Then I got what I THOUGHT then was better and decided to REVAMP my first ever kit- Just to see how I had grown as a designer- And I was sooo excited (well then, now I can't believe they even put up with this stuff!) Here is my first ever RE-Vamp (so the first version was FAR FAR worse than this LMAO)
Hey- I said dont laugh! (Can you believe these girls even wanted to work with this?? LMAO)
Either way as time progress I got better and better at designing, but it was because of these girls that I grew to where I am now. If you had any idea of how many late nights I would keep Colie and Lilly up on messenger sending back and forth previews, and ideas and begging them on my hands and knees to look over my stuff and help me name it and give me ideas of what else it needed- And Valarie has been my latest late night victim LMAO LMAO
And I have asked all the girls I dont even know how many times for ideas and constructive critiques, And even after all my begging and bothering, they still create AMAZING layouts and projects with my designs.
To My Amazing Creative Family:
I am in awe every time I browse your galleries, You all have amazing talent oozing from the seems and you completely blow me away.You push me each and every day to make something amazing for you to work with, because you deserve it! You push me everyday to be a better scrapper, because I want to be worthy to hang my projects along side yours. You inspire me everyday by sharing your lives with me and the world in such a beautiful way that we feel like we are part of it too. You touch my heart, and stick a piece of yourselves in my memories by sharing the stories and journaling and memories of your own. You truly are amazing women, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am so very very grateful to have you all in this business adventure with, and owe you all so very much. I would not in a million years be where I am today if it wasn't for you. Even though I know that I dont always express this as much as I should, Thank you.
Thank you for being my support, For never hating me too much (at least never telling me) Thank you for all your understanding and support through my trials outside of scrapping. But most of all thank you for being you and finding me worthy enough to hang out with such a talented and fabulous group of ladies. There is no way that I could ever truly express how much I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Did ya see it??? DID YA?? Well I made it on to round 3 of the contest over at DSA. I am soo stinking excited, So much so that as soon as the next challenge was announced- I started on it :)

And guess what... I AM DONE!

Joe was sooo nice today and took the girls out to play and gave me work time. (Well that and I made a deal with him that if he did it for me, I would let him read my diary entries from our first dates :)

Why would I do that??? Um well.. cuz this weeks challenge was to take a Beatles song and use it for inspiration in a kit. Well... I was already crusing with the Beatles groove, seeing as I had already used one of thier songs for my last weeks entry. So while jamming around the house cleaning up one of their songs came on and just clicked in my head and the wheels started spinning.

*please excuse as I dip into the gutter for a minute here*

But the song that struck my mojo (no pun intended) was "Why Dont We Do It In The Road"And yes... I started going down memory lane to when me and Joe were freshly dating and going to our "parking spot" way out in the country down Foster Lane. And it struck me... Why not do a kit to scrap those memories.

So I put the song to work through a kit with a fun fresh color pallete all about the days when you would go out on dates, go parking, or just go for those endless road trips just for fun!

Check it out:

*Why Don't We*

You can click on the preview to head on over to thier gallery and download this kit.

Thank you so much everyone for all the support and encouragement through this contest, It has been seriously stiff competition and really challenging.

This week another 20 people will get cut from the contest.. and then it will be up to the public to vote for the winner of round 4... So wish me tons of luck :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Suprise!

Okay so I have been thrown for a total loop.. I took some time away from the PC for a bit because the SYTYCD contest totally has me stressed and biting nails (I will explain that in a bit) But I really needed some walk away time to clear my mind to get back into a great creative groove to get my best foot forward for the contest.
First to address a few questions I missed... The alpha I used on my layouts is from Misty Catos kit Flying High- Which I haven't seen yet in SweetShoppe BUT.. I got it from the DigiFiles from
Also YES- My portion of the kit Fruit Salad that I did with Kristin and Amy will be going up in my shoppes later on this weekend (I am adding on to it a bit before putting it in the stores)

Well in the meantime- JUST as I am getting my mojo back for designing, Joe surprises me. He says- "Honey, I dont have to work tomorrow... or the next day.. or the day after that...."

AND MY JAW DROPPED!! I swear I thought he was going to say that he had walked out or got fired or something, I was just totally expecting the bombshell news.
Instead he smiles and says "I just got my 10 year bonus check and I am taking a vacation to spend time with you and the kids" Awwwww!! I was shocked and so stinking excited.
(In 10- Almost 11 years of working there, he took only one vacation because he NEEDED to.. and they get 1 week paid vacation for every 3 years of working there I believe it is)
So I was just so stoked. And still am since his vacation still has 3 more days (it started this past Saturday and ends on Tuesday :)

So for Mothers Day (since it was also my step daughters birthday) We kicked off family week going to the Columbus Zoo! We all had a blast and the sun burn I got was so totally worth it!
Then it was WWE RAW live on Monday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus- Which Joe took TONS and TONS of pics of. (Did you know there is 2 hours of wrestling that happens that Isn't televised??? And the Main Event was a huge Tag Team match)-Okay most of you probably dont watch WWE- But I gotta love some hot men getting mad at each other LMAO LMAO
So Tuesday was the Salt Fork State Park... Wednesday we did the local park and dinner out, Thursday we went out visiting family and today (well friday since I have yet to be in bed) we did a full day of shopping then a movie night :)
I am definitely going to have to take some time to scrap those pics and share them like super soon! I have dumped my CF card like 3 times already from this week LMAO- So definitely tons of new scrap worthy pics.
So speaking of scrapping.. I have totally fallen behind again- And like I said with the contest going on and vacation at the same time... I have had very little time to even think about it LMAO. But I did manage in spurts throughout the whole week to finish up my week 2 contest kit and get it uploaded on the due date WOOT!!! I just hope its good enough to get me through to the next round (which I will find out tomorrow morning (sat at 11 am EST)
But either way- if you haven't heard of the contest.. Tons of AMAZINGLY talented designers are all creating awesome kits for us all to download for free according to the challenges of the contest. Each week 20 more designers get cut from the contest and it keeps going until the final round- and then the public gets to vote for their favorite designer for a chance to win an amazing guest spot at ScrapOrchard and also a HUGE advertising package.
Now I have been biting nails throughout the contest because there are some really awesome designers in this, and I have been floored at all the talent oozing from the creations. But I have to say- Regardless of whether I win or not.. it has been tons of fun and a great mojo booster for me to get my creative wheels definitely spinning to create at the best of my ability. Seriously challenging and I have been loving it!!!
The week 2 challenge was to create your best Project 365 kit. Which I was like OMG! I already have one.. now I seriously have to think hard on how to make another that is totally different than what I have already.... So I came up with this one *8 Days A Week*
(And yes TOTALLY inspired by the Beatles for this- And you can click on the preview to go to the gallery and download this kit :)

So yeah- totally a challenge for me- And then the week before we were giving a set of color swatches to pick from and I came up with this one *Shop-A-Holic*
(You can also click on this preview to go and download as well)
So now I am just waiting for the next rounds announcement to see if I move on and get to create something else to push my creative thought- Wish me luck!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Come to the "Pop Swap"!

I wanted to let you all know about the chat I will be hosting later on today (May 1st at 6:00pm EST)
I will be over at hosting the "Pop Swap". Whats that you might ask? Well simply this... Everyone comes in and swaps ideas and techniques on how to make your layouts pop. From photo editing tricks, shadowing tips, color combos, blending- You name! If you can do and make a layout pop- Or if you want to learn how to make your LOs stand out beyond the rest... then you wont want to miss this!
OO Not to mention I will be giving away a few prizes... and also giving out a challenge for even more prizes!!!
Hope to see you all there!
(And If you are here for the GottaPixel Blog train, Scroll down to the prior post for the link and list for the hop :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Retro Spring Blog Train!!!

Okay so I have a little gifty for you all today :) I am super excited about this one cuz it is part of one of the most fabulous spring kits I have seen. Some of the designers at GottaPixel got together to create a fantastic mega kit to give to you all- Yeap thats right I said GIVE :)
Wanna See It???

You can Download my portion HERE

So how do you get this entire mega???
Easy peasy! Just click on the designers names below that are participating. Each name will take you to a new blog with a new portion to download. Visit each one of the blogs listed below and grab the contribution from that designer for the Retro Spring, NSD Blog Train kit. When you have visited all the blogs, and downloaded all the piece, you'll have the entire kit. And it is phenomenal! Since some of the designers are international, if you don't find the freebie right away, check back, it will be there!

And get ready for NSD!!! Tomorrow I will post all the events that I will be partaking in and hosting as well as all the hot deals you can cash in on!!!
And Dont forget- Today is the LAST DAY for my Cleaning House sale... Over 20 products have been marked 2.00 or less and will be gone for good after today!!! DONT MISS IT!