Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bucket head here...

I am still struggling with hearing but on the up side, It is an infection. Well a double one. LOL- I have to go to my specialist and get further checking done, possibly looking to have tubes put in again. I kinda felt like a kid again when they said that. I remember the last time I had tubes put in my ears was when I was 10 I think. Either way, It looks to be really promising. Just waiting it out now until I can hear right again. And man I can't wait. I am getting headaches still that are coming and going, but I think it has to do with the hearing part. Everything seems to echo inside my head like the typing on the keyboard now is playing a drum. LMAO. I can't wait til its over with.
We have to wait on further results from things from my dad to see whats up completely. So I am still crossing my fingers. I told the doctor to check his thyroid and hopefully it all gets straightened out soon. I went out to the store after all the running yesterday to pick up the girls a little something since I felt so bad for not doing everything as normal with them. And asking them a 100 times to repeat themselves. I know they are just as frustrated as I am. And not that "buying them something" helps, but I know they just don't understand. And I couldn't expect them too. Either way, they each got a Pucci Purse. I had never paid any attention to the fact these were out even, but they looked super cute so I got them.
So now the girls are each walking around with this HUGE puppy carrying purse with all their toys inside em, and dragging the puppies along side them on the leashes. It is tooo funny! The carrying bags are big enough for Lil Stevie and Ana to sit in and it is making for some candid moments to say the least. Roxy thinks every time I take the dog out to go potty, that she too has to take her puppy. So now its mommy and Roxy taking the dogs out- LMAO.
I will be sure to take some pics today- and show em to you all. I will be back tomorrow with a little something :)
Until Tomorrow......

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bloggin on the run-

I will catch you all later in the evening and let you all know what the doctor says. I am rushing with posts tonight as I am crunching over a headache right now, and need to get some rest before the full day ahead tomorrow. I will be back though tonight. I just wanted you all to know where I was :) And also put up the beautiful slideshow of the layouts from the sweeties this week. They have been so busy and patient with me while I have been under. I love em to death and don't know what I would do without them. They are all fabulous!!!!
I will catch up with your blog later kerri. Tell the babe- HAPPY BIRTHDAY today for me!!! The layout is awesome! I will comment when I get back. Love to you all, and wish me luck ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Live from inside the Bucket!

Thank you all for your well wishes. And I am 200% with you Leigh- BE GONE ALREADY!!!!!!!! I am a little better, which is a plus so I won't complain- TOO much! LOL- But I am tired of everything echoing inside my head as if I am stuck under a bucket. I am starting to worry abit though, as it is my right ear- and well that is my synthetic. And it doesn't hurt, just not hearing like I should or know I can. My left is completely clear now, So I am starting to wonder if its not something else now. Well, I know this much, If I can't hear clear by Monday- I am going to the doctors. And out of all this I have developed a motherly case of OCD to say the least. Since the girls have been doing better I have carried lysol just about everywhere- LMAO. Making sure my germs from a couch or touch aren't getting back to them. Usually I am not this way- But we all are feed up with the flu and colds and runny noses. So I am hoping it avoids another case.

I am totally with you too leigh on the tight pocket. I will say this much though- Both of us putting a chunk off cash out ended with the same result- No more leaks! And Kerri you kill me girl! Thanks for getting the Too Sweet Kit- I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are "too sweet" I myself am hoping that tonight I can get some scrapping done. I didn't do anylast night as I had to put together a proof set for a girl. And all the trimming and rounding off edges reminded me again why I love DIGI scrapping! I have another set of photos to do tomorrow and I think this one will let me share- So I can show you all. I am HOPING!!! (long story that will come later)

I did however the other day while feeling under the weather scrap an "Anastasia Page". I used Linda's (Bonscrapatit Designs) kit A Love for All Seasons. Beautiful kit my dear- I love it!!! So either way, heres my doll baby given the "look"
Tomorrow I will have Sweetie Layouts to share and hopefully a few more from me:)
Until Tomorrow......

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Its been a WEEK!

A full week since I posted, and SO much has happened. I am STILL sick. This stuff is horrible. I think the past few days were my worst of it. With ear infections now, and this wonderful feeling of a bobbling head under water, I can serious go for getting rid of it now. The girls all act fine now. No fevers, not really sick, Just that constant cough and rumbling in their breathing from all the build up. And its not helping now that it is 6 degrees outside and freezing! Plus a million and one things going on to play catch up on and not really seeming to get caught up at all. It actually seems to be rolling in reverse. The more I try, the farther I fall. So the last few days I slept at night for a change in hopes that it would somehow make this cold go away. Alas no avail BUT- I do feel better somewhat.
I had photos to do this week, and orders to place. I had errands to run for my dad and again this Monday he has surgery that will pull me a full day away. But I am hoping this surgery helps out tons. Currently his resting heart rate is staying at about 110. And doctors can't figure out why. He has undergone testing out the behind, and stress exams. So hopefully this will figure it all out. It worries me alot.
My roof looks super nice, and I am more than glad its all done with. Now I won't have to worry about it again for a good while. HOWEVER, I was doing laundry and noticed my washer wash running the water out for a long time. It was like stuck in the fill position. So I go in after 10 mins of listening to the constant running water and turn the knob and walk away. Comes back around to do the rinse and it gets stuck again. hmmmmmm... I open up the washer and guess what- I have a leak- Out the back is all the water running right out- Not through the line its suppose to and well, Making it as good as pointless to try to do clothes. So I had to finagle that thing and get it to work for the "temporary" time being. If its not one thing its the other. I am sure you are agreeing 100% leigh. Sorry you have to wait even longer for your PC. I feel for ya girl-
The girls have been fairly good lately. Nothing too big to yell about or brag about, Unless you want to count that Ana somehow found 2 suckers this evening while "suppose" to be sleeping. Came out to me and said- Look mommy. She had one stuck in her hair and one in her hand- So baths came twice for Ana tonight. And of course the sound of her splashing in the water woke the other two and well.... Its almost 3 am, and I can still hear them chatting in their rooms. O well, I guess I shouldn't complain- It only means I can sleep in :)
BUT I got exciting news- Wanna know????????
Yeah did you see that, I am now at Elemental Scraps too!!!!!! I know I am nuts and why would someone want so many stores??? Well..... There is something really special about Elemental Scraps! All designs that are in my store there, are ONLY going to be there!!! So now you will find all my stuff at either Elemental Scraps (all things there are exclusive to only ES) Just for the Scrap of it (My home Sweet Home) and Scrap Digi Style. NOW- All my challenges will still be at JFTSOI and SDS.

And to Celebrate the news:

Yeppers All my new items at ES are 50% off this weekend only. Making them all either 1.50 or 2.00. What a steal. All the sale items are brand new releases as well! So be sure to check em out!
Okay, I think its safe, The house is now silent so maybe I can get some sleep- LOL
Until tomorrow (and yes it will be tomorrow LMAO)


Saturday, January 19, 2008

*Peeking head out to check if its all clear.....

THEY ARE DONE!!!!!!!!! I think I can finally get back to normal :) My roof is complete, looks really nice too!! So I am super excited to know that tomorrow morning I will be able to wake up to an quite morning that I can sit down at my puter and do some designing! I am so glad that you found out it was only an allergic reaction Kerri. I myself am allergic to strawberries, and its horrible, but I LOVE EM!! Especially all cut up and sprinkled with milk and sugar. YUM! I deal with the hives when I get the craving- LMAO. Good thing it isn't a super bad allergy, and hopefully something he will grow outta. And Leigh, I am still feeling for ya. I spent my days without my precious puter, and it was sooo frustrating. Cutting out net due to the wireless signals, and then dealing with a night without power- All due to a blown fuse somewhere- the whole town was without electric. LOL BUT....... I got some scrapping done though- Which was sooooo relaxing. I literally had so much fun scrapping these past few days. It had been forever for me to just enjoy of full day of it. I had bought Lindas new kit, and it had been itching at me something horrible to scrap with, Plus I had gotten the free mini from Alma at SDS for her challenge and Colie had a new release... O and babs did too! LOL. On top of it, Colie inspired me and challenged in her chat to start an ABC album. I was oblivious. I had no clue, but she started talking and it is an EXCELLENT idea. So you pick a topic, theme or whatever you want to make a scrapbook of. And right down your ABC's. For each letter you pick a word you want to use in your album or to describe your album. And for each word you pick for each letter... You make a page. So when you are all done you have 26 pages ready for your book. And it keeps things organized too, You cross off your letter when you have used it,move on. So you know what you have and haven't scrapped.

Well, I have 3 babes all half done baby books, and half done book for myself and Joe. So what better way to catch up on my scrapping, then to put them all in ABC's. I cheated though, I crossed off the letters of the ones I had already scrapped to just add them in. (Anything to save some time right now :) But I thought what better way to get a jump start on getting all the albums done than the covers??? So I got 3 covers done. My "All about Me" ABC Album, Joe's Album and Anastasia's ABC Album cover.

I used Alma Townsends Mini Kit for her

challenge this month at ScrapDigiStyle

I used Colie's New Kit called What A Guy
Which is now in her shop here.

I also had the pleasure of receiving a brand new kit from Babette this week. Its called Valentine Wishes, Available in her shop at JFTSOI. Here are two layouts I did with it. The first is my sisters baby, and second is my sister and her boyfriend.

I will have more layouts to share tomorrow night as I get back into my routine, And hopefully I will get to finish my designs :)
Until Tomorrow.....


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am Alive and Well :)

Things have been nothing more than mere chaos for the past few days. I haven't been blogging because I have been sleeping. Usually in between 2-4 am I was finding myself unwinding to you all by blogging. But the past few days I have been doing bright and early errands, and avoiding my house as much as possible as I have men redoing my roof. Yeppers in the dead of winter of new roof. LOL. We had a wind storm knocked some stuff off the buildings roof next to me onto my already bad roof, and well... the hole left needed fixed. And not to mention what time I did have on the PC was dedicated to all the deadlines of contributions I have. I think almost every designer has the deadline of the 20th. LOL

I am pretty much over the flu. Stevie is the only one still lingering it hard core. The girls still have the stuffy noses and a little cough, but Stevie has been battling the temperature and ear aches still. Poor babe, she has a hard time fighting it since she was born preemie anytime she gets the bug, it gets her good. I might get some scrapping done today, We will see. Depends on how long the roofers work on my house today. I hate working on my laptop when it come to scrapping. Speaking of PC's hows your situation coming along Leigh?

I will hopefully be getting back into routine sometime soon. I am missing it, and so many ideas and things are piling up that need done:) I think I will always be behind. I missed Linda's chat that I so desperately wanted to be at do to errands in town- and Joe of course got the blunt of it. LOL. But at least I got the first part of her gorgeous new kit, so I am happy still :) Just now to get to scrapping with it.
Before I forget, I have Your Smile Add On up for free today at JFTSOI. You will have to be logged into get the link But well worth it :) Here is the preview of what's free today.
Until Tomorrow....... HOPEFULLY

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its ALL Smiles!!!!!!!!

I am still feeling crummy, and slammed with stuff that just HAS to be done- LOL. Nothing new there, but keeping a damper on me getting better I do believe. With time.... I have almost forgotten what that is. It seems to fly by so fast, and never enough of it. I made resolutions though this year to schedule myself to make more time for me, for Joe and the girls. I figured out a schedule so far that seems to look to be best. 2 times a month to go out somewhere special with the girls (i.e. movies, chuckee cheese, something of that nature) And 2 times a month for me and Joe without the girls. And a least 3 hours to myself each week to do just ME stuff. LOL since I am always doing things with the girls or Joe all the time. I guess I do rack up what could be ME time alot during the late nights when every one's asleep and I am here doing this and scrapping. But I mean like out of the house, on a picture walk or to the store for some shopping alone.

I know I am not the only mom that gets some what agitated when the whole family goes for the groceries. I never get any good answers from Joe as to what to get for dinner, or what things he would like to eat. All I ever get from an answer from him at the grocery store is "I don't Care" LMAO. And the girls don't care what I am saying to them while in an isle that has something Dora or Diego. Forget it, That is all I hear and if its put in the cart- The attention span is gone! And there I go again- Rambling. LOL- I have alot of LO's to share today, I am super excited about it. AND- I have finished my Add On to Your Smile which will be the DGGA at JFTSOI later tonight I do believe, I will let you know for sure when I know. AND.... LOL I have finished My Mini for L'amour D'hiver. This is the monthly snips and scraps at JFTSOI this month. You can pick up mine alone, or pick up each designers sections different for this months Mega Kit. Here is the Preview-
AND... This month if you purchase $10 or more at JFTSOI you get the mega kit FREE. The theme is "Birthday Celebrations" And it is so bright and fun. Just as soon as your cart has a total of 10 or more, Add this to it, and it will be marked free. Here is my contribution to the Free Mega,

Okay now on to some layouts. I am overwhelmed to say the least of all the great creativity in you all. You are all so awesome, and each layout is superb. I showed them today to Joe and he said "WOW, Those are all done with your creations?- People actually like your stuff?" I SMACKED HIM. What a sarcastic comment huh? Then he laughed and said he really did like them and that it was pretty cool that people actually shared with me. Honestly? Does Walmart get this treatment?? I mean who has actually took the stuff the made with their purchase from the craft dept and said- Look what I made with your stuff? So I am on cloud nine right now. Thank you all soooo much!!!!!

~*~*~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~*~*~
Both Using You are my Sunshine
By Kerri~~~~By LJD2007
How adorable are these??? The kids are adorable, and look at that face on the second one. Is that not the cutest??? Looks like mine when Dora is on the t.v. Forget it, they are in a different world! LOL
Using My Favorite Lilly~~~Using Sundrenched
By Tina~~~~By Scrappy Granny
Is Tina not gorgeous? She looks like Drew Berrymore Such a perfect match and that babe is adorable in the second one, Such a cutie. The sundrenched kit is a free download at www.scrapbookflair.com under the designer collections.
Using Sundrenched~~~Using Kiss Me
By Sixenlajai~~~~By Sharon
Both of these are soo beautiful. Great photos and awesome job on the journaling:)
Using Christmas Holly~~~Using Manly Monday
By Kendra~~~~By Marg (CleoDog)
That photo in the first is so gorgeous. Beautiful effect to give the kids and the tree that angelic glow and the layouts on both of these are awesome!! Love the abstract art on the second one. Definitely going to have to check out that book.
Using Christmas Holly~~~~Using Sweet Versatility
By Mat~~~~By Khalia
That first one is so great. Love that big tree and how nice to be at vegas for a holiday trip. LOVE IT and the second is so gorgeous, Looks at those gowns. Gorgeous photos!
Using Ice HOT Lemonade~~~~Using For the Boy and Midnight Glisten
Both By Kerri
Now both of these are ToOO cute. The photos and layouts are fab and the facial expressions of miss Mia- Beautiful!!!
and He's Mine~~~~~~And Template by Teriann Hanks
Both By Kerri
AWESOME PHOTOS!! The beauty of the frost and the boys is beyond me. Love the layouts on both of these too, fab job again girl!

~*~*~Sweetie's Layouts~*~*~
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using Kiss Me
Both by Shikin
Using He Loves Me~~~~~Using He's Mine
Both by Karen
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using He Love's Me
Both by K.Donovan
Using He Love's Me~~~~~Using Your Smile
Both by Colie
Both by Chris
Using Popcorn and a Movie~~~~~Using Your Smile
Both by Clara
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using Timeless Love
Both by Lilly

Friday, January 11, 2008

Stuff is ROLLING!

Its raining, its pouring and everyone is snoring! LOL My house is soo quite, if you don't count the 2 girls and Joe snoring horribly loud and the sound of the rain beating down on my house. Okay so its not quite- But I can dream right? And I don't think its a computer bug Leigh, its just the bug period! I have felt sooo crummy today. And I am sorry you got it too (well in electronic forum) Kerri. I have decided its best to give the blog a good overhaul with Lysol- LMAO- Maybe then we will all be rid of it all! I will say this though, regardless of how I feel right now, If I was in your spot Leigh, I would been ringing the neck of some guy at the computer shop! LOL- If I was close enough I would give it a whirl. I have some how maintained this big electronics geek inside me. Every time Joe's poor PS2 take a poo, I am the one to fix it. As well as my friend's dinosaur of a computer. LMAO
Good luck with your moving Deborah. I can't wait til you are all finished to come join in on the fun! I am with you on not being able to find anything, although I really have any thing to use as excuse, except maybe I have 6 tiny hands that move things mysteriously from me. Lilly knows about them hands, Miss Stevie got on here and was banging away on the keyboard a bunch of gibberish to her. LOL- I yelled and seen all the mess on the screen. Her only words- WHAT"S GOING ON??? LMAO well.... Stevie felt the need to let her presence known! Okay- I am rambling on a novel here- I did want to share a layout I did of me and my friends from a time when I actually DID get to go out! I did this for Colies Quote Challenge at JFTSOI. I used my new kit called Your Smile.

Speaking of Challenges, First off- Thank you all for your wonderful support and well wishes for me at my new store!! Rylea and Sharon your support is awesome, and thank you so much. I am super excited still and stuff is rolling into the shop. I am still busy uploading and getting things situated on my end. BUT- I did however put up my first challenge over there. Its called Tweak It. Each month I will pick a different photo editing technique to work on. So be sure to check it out.
And just for participating, I have this posting gift for you all. It is a design I did earlier that I am revamping and putting into the new store, but you can do the challenge to get a piece of it before it is released~
Also My posting bonuses are done for my challenges at JFTSOI! I have two over there - The lyric Challenge and Snap it Challenge. I have a full kit as a gift to give, called You Are My Sunshine. Each challenge gives you part of it. Do both and receive the full kit free!
~*~Posting Gift~*~


~*~*~Posting Gift~*~*~
Okay now my novel is done- LMAO
Until tomorrow....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drumroll Please.........

I missed out on blogging yesterday- I was super busy and with good reason. That big news took a lot of time these past few days to get all together- but............. I have been invited to Scrap Digi Style!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that??? Now this doesn't change a thing for me at JFTSOI. I will still be highly active there, with my challenges, products, free gifts and chats- This just means you will see more of me- LOL. I will be hosting a challenge at Scrap Digi Style each month as well, so that will mean more opportunities to come join my fun and get rewarded for doing so. AND- Here is the best part... I have MY OWN STORE! Yeah, is that not awesome??? So the renovating was for great purpose. And Alma is a total sweetie! She set everything up for me and just--- wow! I am really excited to become part of the team there, and hope you are for me as well!
I wanted to say thank you ALL for your awesome comments on this weeks mini! I had so much fun creating it, and the love that you shown me in return with your comments made it even better! Just for those that may have missed it- It will be in my stores later on today if not tomorrow morning :) I love creating theme kits- if you can't tell- LMAO I think it will be perfect for pics you take before your son goes on his trip Kerri- I am jealous he is going too! LOL- I told Joe that after all this talk WE HAVE TO GO SOME TIME SOON! We need the break, to keep some sanity.
Leigh I am sending the PC doctor through this post- LOL_ I hope it isn't anything too serious. It seems like you and I just keep passing the buck so to speak to each other! But I don't want it back k?? LMAO -
O and the RAK? It is short for a Random act of Kindness. Its just a simpler way of saying thank you for supporting me, enjoy a gift on me. So, if I get the "Rak" spirit going, I go through and find people at random that have supported me or commented on things and give them a special gift. Sometimes I just pick someone who is showing kindness to someone else, with no affiliation with me just to say thanks for being you.
Okay, well I will have more to share tomorrow- along with a few layouts and previews to my posting bonuses at JFTSOI and SDS. So.....

Until Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Something Fun!!!

Okay so I went to another forum and they were asking what kind of movies you have on your list to see. And I thought about it, and I am not really a t.v. person. Barely do I watch it, let alone movies. Right now the only things I get is the sounds of cartoons in the background or getting to watch a Disney movie with the girls. Which isn't at all bad. I love Disney and the girls do too so a great combination. And I found myself putting I am Legend on my list. I probably won't see it until it comes out on DVD, but I really liked the original Omega Man- sorta freaky but great story line to it, So that is on my list.
Now with that thought in mind, I too miss time with Joe. Kerri I totally understand. I spend the days with the girls being the only one pulling through the routines and the like, and with them all being so young, and me being the "sitter" of the entire family, we rarely get alone time. Which is one of the main reason I will be waiting to watch the movie when it comes out on DVD. It will be one of those late night moments when the girls are all sleeping.
And yes leigh, I am going to be forever scrapping to catch up! LOL- They are growing so fast, and my library of pics just keeps getting bigger and bigger, hahaha. I went to scrap a page the other day and looked forever for a kit to use. And just couldn't find it. So I started making one just for the pictures. And then speaking with Colie the same theme was brought to mind again, so I was inspired to make it more than just a few elements and a paper or two for me to use. And you all picked something fun... So it was all just perfect timing!! LOL- So for this weeks mini (Available for the next 24hours only) Please enjoy what I was inspired to create!!!
Popcorn and a Movie
~*~*~*~Sorry this link has expired~*~*~*~
Also--- There is a Creative Contest sign up going on right now at JFTSOI! This will give you oppurtunity to work with myself and all the other great and talented designers over there! So be sure to check it out!!!! AND... The first ever JFTSOI Newsletter is out!! You can pick up your copy here~
Until Tomorrow......

Monday, January 7, 2008

NO, NO, NO!!!

Okay, so yes I have what I consider great news- BUT- NO_ I am NOT pregnant! LMAO LMAO I seen that and rolled it leigh. I love babies more than anything, my girls are awesome, but having another one would just be plain NUTS! hahahahaha. On almost a daily basis I have 5 that I care for in the mornings and afternoons. Another one around would almost indefinitely marked me clinicaly insane, LOL. But my news is really exciting for me. Kerri, don't worry about email girl- I am getting ready to check it now, and can't wait to see what it has in store :) Linda I will keep you in my thoughts girl, I have been reading on the news about the storm in Cali area, and one of my CT was affected as well. Its so ironic though as the west coast is getting what we would normally be getting for winter, and right now my area is expierencing a heat wave. Its currently 60 degrees and looking to be almost 70 tomorrow. I hate it because all the snow has melted, and it feels more like dreaded end of spring than anything. Rainy and dreary with muggyness.
Thank you all for your comments on my girls. They are sweet and innoncent in appearance for sure, You just have too look super close in their eyes to see the michevious child inside jumping up and down blowing rasberries at you! LMAO It appears the poll was neck and neck but Something Fun is what Tuesdays Mini Freebie will be!! I have something already started that I think will be perfect! I am still trying to finish up my posting gifts for the challenges on Flair. Busy busy busy! I did take a break for 2 hours today from designing as I found a HUGE road block sitting in front of my face and decided to scrap a few pages that I have been dying to get done for the girls books. I am still finding myself going back to pictures 2 years ago and needing to get them done. That is the only downfall I have ever found with everything turning digital with imagining. I find myself snapping away with my camera constantly knowing that I can keep going until the card is full, and then adding them all to the HUGE library of pics I already have. And they just SIT. At least when I worked with film, as soon as the roll was finished they were developed, and put in the albums. But everything else about digi I love!!!! Quick edits without messing with quality and the ability to go back and use OVER and over again and refix as I learn new things and the like.
So speaking of pics hiding in my large library- LMAO- I grabbed up these of Miss Stevie Rae last year during the fireworks display at the park. I had never got to scrapping them, And wanted to soo badly- So I did! LMAO I used Linda Waltons (Bonscrapatit Designs) A Fireworks Moment.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The pics showed me heaven....

ITS OKAY! LOL- My PC is okay and I was jumping for joy! I waited until Joe got home from work for him to turn it back on- Just in case it was messed up I could have him wondering-- So mean I know. But turns out everything is okay.
I wanted you all to be aware, I am going to revamp a few things- Blog, blinkies and the like once more. This is due to some exciting up coming news that I have to share with you all later. But for right now, I am doing it again- leaving you all hanging waiting to find out! HEHEHE- I am bad at that huh?But I promise it is good and worth waiting to know.
I did go out to Chinese today- OOO the general T'so and wontons!!! LOL- I am a sucker for chinese for sure and pigged out today! I shouldn't seeing as I want sooo badly to do some kind of diet. (don't we all at some point if not always LMAO) I seen that Oklahoma is doing a whole city diet thing. I would love to live in a community like that. Can you imagine all the support they would all have. I could imagine a group of gals going to gym together and then walking by the bakery together all window tasting the sweets! LMAO LMAO. Its always a new years resolution of mine to diet- But never do I end up following through. I am too much a sucker for my Quaker Snack Mix and Mountain Dew.
Either way, here is those pictures I wanted to share. I took these and for a moment saw heaven. Pure beauty and bliss. So I am sure you can see why instead of yelling at them to get out of their dresser, I yelled to look at mommy! hehehe. Both of these pages where done with Colies new kit Free Spirit. Except the paper and brads in the one of all three are from her New Day Kit.
Also- Just wanted to let you all know I have a new release now in my shop called "Your Smile"
Its full of bright fun colors perfect for boys and girls!!! You can get the FULL kit here or you can purchase the elements and papers seperate if you want just one or the other.
Until tomorrow.....