Friday, December 12, 2008

I am getting all ready!

Okay so I been busy and away- But with the holidays and this baby on the edge of ready to pop- I am just trying to get everything ready to go.

Christmas Shopping has been fun- LOL, Although finding just the right things..... Well you get the idea. The tree has been up for a bit now and its been hard trying to keep fingers out of it and away from the candy canes.

I have my bag packed and ready to go- O the outfits mr. mister is going to be getting in for the first couple days and pics- He will soo hate me! I swear I will probably blind him by all pics I am eager to take. I got myself some new jammie pants too cuz I will be in the hospital for at least 3 days- So I have to be comfy!!! And now its just time to try and catch everything up before hand so I can relax and enjoy him finally being here when the time comes.

But being busy is a GOOD thing! I have to say though, getting stuff ready for this years 12 days of Christmas has been a blast!! I am sooo excited to get it going this year.
*For those that remember from last year- It will be the same just well.... better goodies :)
But for the 12 days of Christmas *Which kicks off tomorrow* is 12 days of me giving you pressies! Each day a new gift for you all that is available for 24 hours before being revealed and put into the shoppes. Yeappers- You heard right- They are wrapped up tight and a big surprise- So you never know what you are getting til you open. Hey- That is what makes gift giving so exciting!! LOL

I did however get time to scrap a little in these past few days- Which was soooo nice I must add!
My girlies opening gifts a few Christmas's back- I scrapped it with my newest kit "Gift Wrapped"

OO And Also Just so you know- Today kicks off Gotta Pixel's 12 Days Celebration. Today Only any purchase of 5.00 or more gets you the fabulous collaboration "Celebration" for FREE. *And also my Store is 30% off all month there as I am in the spotlight :)*

Until tomorrow when the Holly Jolly Cheer begins.......


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh, oh, ooooohhhhhh - I get to be first!!! LOL!

Liz, I've been thinking about you A LOT lately along with a few others and I've been fit to be tied with this SLOWER than a dinosaur computer of mine!!! WEll, NO more for that will be changing VERY soon, WOO HOO!

I cannot believe it is time for you to be bringing your baby boy into the world all ready! WOWSERS, the time flew by, although I am sure that it did not for you!

I am SO glad Blogger has blog rolls now as it sure makes it easy to keep up. If not for that, I'd be horrible at it for sure!

LOVE your new Christmas kit and your layout of your precious babes opening their gifts. Oh, HOW exciting and FUN it is going to be around your home for MANY years to come!

Sending you love and hugs girl and I shall keep you in my thoughts an EXTRA measure as you prepare to give birth. I can't wait!!!


Linda :)

Danyale said...

Glad you are back, chick! I hope during all your creative craziness getting fantabulous stuff for us, you have been taking easy. I just don't know how you do it! Your layout is adorable, and I just love all the silver accents and bling! Can't wait for all the fun to begin!!!!

Kristi M. said...

I can't wait to see what 12 days of Christmas bring! Your layout is really cute!

Can't wait to see this new boy. What timing as it gets closer to christmas.

Amanda R said...

Liz! I'm trying to get a hold of you girl! I've called you a couple times and pm'd you on DST. Let me know when you're around. It's important and I have chocolateeeeeeeee lol.

Intense Magic said...

Ohh I'm so excited for you and your family....Can't wait to see all those photos you are going to take! All the best to you!
Looking forward to that 12 days of Christmas, too!!