Saturday, November 8, 2008

WOW- Catch up

So I took time after the whole DSD celebration to catch up. With everything... I managed to get most of it done though. Just in time actually.
Today is Joe's Birthday.. Well as soon as midnight hits it will be anyways. Big 30!! LOL So I plan to do a bunch of family things with him today.. Haven't yet decided where we are taking him to eat yet though. I guess it will all depend on what my prego cravings tell me.

The girls have been good, well for the most part. They fell sick after trick or treat.. but slowly recovered. Roxy still sounds hoarse and scratchy though. Been giving her breathing treatments to help break it all up. Speaking of which you wanted to see my fairies :) Here are two of my girlies Roxy and Ana. Miss Stevies pictures all turned out blurry.. So that one will have to be recreated. Only if she keeps the make up on long enough this time around LMAO.
I think though I might be able to salvage a picture or two if I play around with it some more.

I have been busy playing catch up with design stuff too because in one more day ES's 3 year birthday celebration kicks off. And I wanted to have some awesome stuff done to help celebrate.

And that reminds me too.. On the 10th this month there is going to be another Chat/Crop at ACOT. This time its a hybrid project that is being taught and done and its just FABULOUS! And guess whats better?? Its done with my stuff :) Okay I am not being too egotistical but I am a amazed with how awesome it is. I am going to have to be there for sure to get the directions on the how toos of it so I can make some great christmas gifts.

Okay I will be back tomorrow night.. I have a new kit to start out for the blog and Well I am sure the whole day out with the girls and Joe and me.. There will be some story to tell :)


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!!!!!!!! Can ya hear me all the way from CALI??? ROTFLMAO!!! It's ALL good - EASY from here on out!!! *big grin*

Lizzy love, those baby girls are just the SWEETEST I tell ya and OH how I have missed seeing pics of them!

What a SWEET treat - the YEAR in REVIEW!!! WOO HOO! I shall try my best to remember the time for the chat at ACOT! You know, I've not been there in FOREVER and I was amongst some of the VERY first digital scrappers to grace their gallery!!! I need to start peeking in over there more often, especially with YOU there!

Take care of your SWEET self and feed that little boy what he wants tomorrow (today for you already! he, he ...)!!!

Much love,
Linda :)

roxined said...

adorable pics of your fairies!!!
Love the quick pages - thank you.
I cannot find where to download them at??? Am I not paying attention? LOL

KayJay said...

Happy Birthday to Joe!
Hope you all have a fun day together!
Catch you again soon

tricertifiedx2 said...

Tell Joe Happy Birthday from Texas too!! Hope you had fun and a great dinner also and that baby cooperated!!!!:) Love the pic's of the little fairies, they are too sweet. And those are some great QP's also, you have certainly been hard at work!! I will have to see what the crop/chat is about too. Catch up with you later girl. Blessings!!!