Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have a feeling....

That this is coming up to be a few rough weeks ahead. The pains have started already and well the baby is nothing short of a football player right now. LMAO

I am dealing with a good old case of fatigue right now too.. I can't seem to get energy for nothing. O well.... It is all part of what will bring more joy in my life.

After much reading of suggestions I have decided that Sweet Serenity fits this kit best. And I have part 2 for you now :)

I will be back tomorrow with hopefully more energy to post more.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting past the ickies

I got sick :( I am getting over it now, but I woke up the other morning with no voice and a fever. Not fun! And I had to go to the dr. that way to get check up on the babe. HAHA- What a task that was. But me and the girls seem to bouncing it around now. O well... part of the season and weather I guess.
We got the Turducken in for Thanksgiving today. I was quit impressed, and also a tad on teh strained side. It was HEAVY!! LOL. But I can't wait to try it. We got one with cornbread stuffing from Cajun Grocer. So cross your fingers I dont mess it up this year. Its my first time cooking one of these things, and I am a tad scared messing with a bird that expensive.
The Crop is scheduled for DEFINITE sure on November 16th at 10 am EST time.
You will be able to download the quick pages for the crop on Friday.
You can find a list of supplies needed to create the year in review here

Okay This is kinda a post and run.. Sorta. I have that new kit a good bit done. But have no idea what to name it. So... lemme hear some ideas!!! I am giving you part one of the kit to download today and then help me in the task of giving it a new name.

Also... Drumroll.....
I am having a Creative Team Call!!
This is my first in almost a year, so I am pretty nervous.

If you want to get all my designs for free to work with, think you can upload to at least 3 different galleries, help me look awesome and feed my super big ego- Then I wanna hear from you!!
Send me your name, a short bio of yourself and link to your most current gallery as well as any other CT's you might be on to my email :

The call ends Nov. 19th at 12 midnight.
New Team Members will be announced on the 22nd.
(everyone will recieve a response!)

Okay Well until tomorrow... Much Love and thanks in advance for all your comments and name suggestions for the kit in the works!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Okay So I am soo late

Today was a blast!! We had tons of fun together. It rained so no outtings. But we did order in and spent time together here. The girls played the vtech with us and me and Joe raced each other on his xbox 360 and just had a great time laughing and picking on each other. I baked a german chocolate cake for him.. since that is his favorite and it actually turned out pretty good. I dont usually eat coconut, but I did for him. LMAO
But that is honestly why I am late.. He just went to bed a little bit ago. And well when he snuck off, I snuck on here to get my goodies all ready. But I got too busy in all the zipping and adding my new stuff up for my dollar deals and sale that I haven't yet got to finish my freebie. So that will have to wait til tomorrow :( But the chat today at ACOT has that great hybrid freebie for everyone who comes and also I might be giving a few gift cards out :)
But anyways.. I do want to share with you what took so long tonight to do LMAO.
I put in FOUR brand new products into my stores. And Um.. 2 of them are only a buck today :)
Check these Out:

Full Kit brand New for just a 1.00 TODAY ONLY!!

Layout by Me
using template by Lindsay Jane
Layout By Colie
Template by Colie as well
Full Kit for just a 1.00 TODAY ONLY
Layout by Dsavar

I also have two other brand new kits that just entered my stores today too :)

Alrighty.. I am off to bed to get some rest from the day. But I will be back tomorrow with that freebie :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

WOW- Catch up

So I took time after the whole DSD celebration to catch up. With everything... I managed to get most of it done though. Just in time actually.
Today is Joe's Birthday.. Well as soon as midnight hits it will be anyways. Big 30!! LOL So I plan to do a bunch of family things with him today.. Haven't yet decided where we are taking him to eat yet though. I guess it will all depend on what my prego cravings tell me.

The girls have been good, well for the most part. They fell sick after trick or treat.. but slowly recovered. Roxy still sounds hoarse and scratchy though. Been giving her breathing treatments to help break it all up. Speaking of which you wanted to see my fairies :) Here are two of my girlies Roxy and Ana. Miss Stevies pictures all turned out blurry.. So that one will have to be recreated. Only if she keeps the make up on long enough this time around LMAO.
I think though I might be able to salvage a picture or two if I play around with it some more.

I have been busy playing catch up with design stuff too because in one more day ES's 3 year birthday celebration kicks off. And I wanted to have some awesome stuff done to help celebrate.

And that reminds me too.. On the 10th this month there is going to be another Chat/Crop at ACOT. This time its a hybrid project that is being taught and done and its just FABULOUS! And guess whats better?? Its done with my stuff :) Okay I am not being too egotistical but I am a amazed with how awesome it is. I am going to have to be there for sure to get the directions on the how toos of it so I can make some great christmas gifts.

Okay I will be back tomorrow night.. I have a new kit to start out for the blog and Well I am sure the whole day out with the girls and Joe and me.. There will be some story to tell :)