Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Proud Momma!

So today I got up bright and early to go with my dad up to get his ablasion done. (He got nerve burning done in his lower back to help ease his every day pain) Either way, Joe had to do all the running around down here for the family and well... with 3 girls plus all the running he would had to do, it would have been hard. So I decided to take one of the girls up with me while dad got his procedure done.
Ana was up first, so she was the lucky one :) Got her dressed and ready and she was super excited to go all by herself. The whole ride up there, she was super quite and just took all the scenery in (it was a 40 minute drive) and was just good as gold. Now she is the quite type naturally, gets extremely shy around new people at first and likes to keep to herself (Now this is only outside of the house--- But you all know the deal, kids are always a bit different in the comforts of their own home as opposed to everywhere else)
While in the back room waiting for dad to go back into the surgery area, she was super SUPER quite, and got a little scared when they started to hook up all the wires and that. I got to thinking... maybe it wasn't such a great idea to bring her along after all. After about 20 minutes of waiting dad was ready to go back, and she and I made our way into the waiting room. That was all it took, She seen the vending machine and got to pick out her own snacks (chips and a cookie) and that just lite up her face. "For ME?" she asked when i would let her pick out her own things. And the idea of doing everything all by herself like a big girl just made her day I do believe. Then she took her snacks and sat with me coloring in her book. She then started talking more, opening up and getting warmed up to the area and people around. She went to play with the little boy who was... shall we say a tad bit excited, and was super polite to his parents. Asked to play with his truck you name it. Everyone couldn't get over how well behaved and nice she was being with everyone. The nurses couldn't get over her and she ended up walking out of there with 2 more coloring books, a handful of stickers and a few suckers too.
You know that feeling you get when you are told repeatedly how nice and cute your child is? Yeah well I was beaming ear to ear for her. She would blush when people would say how cute she was, and well.. I couldn't help but do it too.
We went out to eat after all was done and she hugged both her papa and me right before getting back into the car for the ride home and said "thank you for all me" I cried, she made me feel so very proud. Aww. and here I am tearing up again.
Anyways- While waiting for dad to be done there was this painting- REALLY abstract painting. I couldn't honestly make heads or tails of it. But she insisted it was a flower. So That brought my creativity to boil tonight... That painting has stuck on me and for miss Ana, we are calling it "Wall Flower" Now in no way is this even close to the way the painting was.... LMAO- There wouldn't even be anything if I was using it for inspiration.. But the colors did stick and so we have it. Part 1 of Wall Flower. I promise it will not all be super girly or anything.. as it is just another work in progress right now, But lets get it started.

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Okay, I am off to play a bit more with the colors and see where it all takes me.
Until tomorrow...
Much Love and Thanks to everyone that has left me such warm and encouraging comments. I greatly enjoy reading them all and knowing that you enjoy my creations.


Holly said...

I really love your last kit and this one looks to be a beautiful kit as well. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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kicksmom said...

Thank you for sharing. This is so cute.

Maryse said...

Love your wall!!!
Thank you so much :))

makeyesup said...

Pretty, thanks. Loved your story and you should be very proud of your little girl.

tricertifiedx2 said...

WOW!! I would have been a really proud Mamma also! Tell little Miss Ana that I am very proud of her also...just LOVE when they do those things to make you grin so much! Hope your Dad is feeling better now. Lovin' the new kit, and now that DH is back on his regular work schedule I should be back on my regular schedule also. Looking forward to that!! Catch up with you soon girlie!! Blessings!

elnorac said...

Thanks for the sweet freebie, and also for telling the heart-warming story about your trip to the hospital with your dad and daughter. I see why you're so proud of your girl! As a former school teacher, I'm highly in favor of parents who teach, encourage, and expect their children to be nice. Good for you!