Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nails... o the nails!

Okay.. I am at my wits end. I need advice on stopping a finger sucker.
Miss Roxy is now the ripe age of 4, and since she was a baby she always sucked on her first two fingers of her left hand. Well.... It caused her fingers to grow um... in the ET way. The first two stick out one way while the others go straight. Not but a huge noticeable amount, but you could tell if I told you to look and showed you what I meant. Either way... We have been trying desperately to get her to stop, you name it we have tried it to get her to stop- But she only does it when she is sleeping. So usually- she sneaks them in when we are asleep and we dont catch her.
Well, today the girls wanted their nails painted and the whole lip gloss and hair deal again today. And I noticed while painting Roxy's nails that she has sucked her fingers so much that the bottom of her nail is very weak. Its like she is wearing the enamel of the nail away. And in the middle of her nail (this is the first finger btw) she has yet another spot that is super weak. It looks like a nail growing under a nail. I hope that makes sense. So I told Joe that it was going to come off. You could just tell, that look like when you have seriously smashed your finger and the nail comes off- Like that without the bruising.
Sure enough, later this afternoon she was horsing around and snagged that top part and it ripped midway. I had to tackle her down in order to get some doctoring done to it. But there has to be a way to get her to stop this sleeping habit. I mean I have never known a child that has sucked their thumb so much that their nails come off.... (I guess I should explain that the main reason she is wearing the enamel is because she puts her fingers in her mouth upside down- So the base of her nail is pretty much as good as resting on her bottom teeth.) So any advice?? I am up for anything that worked on your thumb suckers!
Okay enough of that.. and on to the goodies :) I actually got up super early this morning for some reason and had a good bit of quite time to work on the kit- And got it finished :) YEAH!!! So I will give you another part of Wall Flower today :) Enjoy

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Until tomorrow.. thank you to everyone that reads my rambling and leaves comments. I greatly appreciate it


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Girl - you just KNOW how much I LOVE you!!! Doggone it ... I am STRESSED for designing time and wound up over here somehow!!! GLAD I did, I'm following your blog so that I shall NEVER lose sight of you again and I shall be back after I finish my THREE collabs, to catch up with you and your PRECIOUS family!!!

Look at you GO girl! I am SO proud of you!!! You have SPREAD your WINGS once again and are taking SCRAPLAND by storm!!!

You ROCK darlin' ... and then SOME!


Love atcha girlie,
Linda :)

cherylzyx said...

Your designs are fantastic, thank you so much for the freebies, I really appreciate them!!

Anonymous said...

A little tip from KayJays mum, she and her brother were both bad thumb suckers, and it took a long while to cure, but with her brother I put him to bed with SOCKS on his hands, so that he couldnt get his thumb in his mouth and within a couple of weeks it worked. We were told by the dentist that he had to stop. So worth a try, might hav to put some tape round them so she cant pull them off !!

KayJay said...

Hi liz,
hi Mum, thanks for giving my little secrets away ;) just kidding, I probably would have owned up to it here! What Mum didn't say, was that they also once tied the socks together between his legs on a bit of cord long enough to be comfy, but not long enough to be able to get his thumb in his mouth!! But try the socks on their own first.
Good luck and thanks for the pressie!
Take care

Intense Magic said...

Wish I had thought of what KayJay and her mom mentioned. My DD was a thumb sucker, just like her mom LOL I know my parents tried everything with me...I finally just gave it up on my own. I didn't press DD too hard when she was little because I knew that didn't work for me...she finally gave it up on her own but not before needing braces. Wish I had great suggestions for of luck and thanks for the goodies :)

Anonymous said...

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Danyale Lewis said...

I feel your pain, but mine was a "paci" lover. I've had patients through the years use all kinds of methods. The most ingenious was from a mother of "7" girls. She had her little girl fabric paint(crayola has non toxic kind) white gloves that go to your elbow, and even used dress up gloves with little parts removed. Then she just taped or pulled her long sleeve pj's over them. This is the perfect time of year to try that! Cost more than a sock, but a lot of night mouth sucking is still part of unconscious HABIT, that they can't help, so the trick is to break the habit in all levels of consciousness. Good Luck!Thanks for Part 2 :)

Anonymous said...

Would bribery work, along with night-time prevention? My brother sucked his thumb until he was 7 or 8. My dad finally bribed him with a new watch, and my brother quit within a week... Is there anything your little one really, really wants?

Anonymous said...

I love the wall flower kits. They are darling. Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest gloves. I see others have suggested socks. Whatever works! Thanks for the super cute kits.

makeyesup said...

Thanks for part 2 of the kit. Hope you have luck with the finger sucker. Have a GS that didn't give up his thumb until he was 7 when Mom and Dad promised him a bike. My youngest GD who will be 4 soon loves her thumb even during the day which makes it more difficult to stop. Have heard that the sock works for nighttime suckers though. Good luck.

Amber H. said...

Good luck with the finger sucking! It seems like some people have some pretty good ideas, so I hope they work for you. I've never heard of a nail actually coming off from sucking too hard! Yikes! I just came across your website and I have to say that I LOVE your work! I'm just sad I found it a little late in the game because I love all of your stuff! Thanks so much for this kit though, I can't wait to use it!

KathleenS said...

Thank you very much for the freebies. I loved the story behind your inspiration. Another thought about a finger sucking stopper- wrap her two fingers with a cloth or athletic tape. This texture difference maybe enough to cause her to stop, and she will not be able to remove them herself at night! Good luck.

Katie said...

I heard somebody say once that they sewed the gloves to their child's pj sleeves to keep them from taking them off.
Love Wallflower by the way, thank you for sharing it!!