Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My cravings got the best of me!

So today I was hungry.. Okay more of an appetite really, and couldn't find anything in the house that would suite me. Nothing looked or sounded good. I fixed eggs and bacon for breakfast for the girls, I couldn't eat it. Fixed them fish sticks and fries with apple slices for lunch, I didn't want it. I am sure you all can relate to those days.. not even junk food was sounding any good. And I have been trying so super hard to watch what I eat since this is the first pregnancy I have actually been on the gaining weight side.. and honestly I can't afford to tack on any extra pounds. LMAO But when Joe got home from work, It hit me what I had been wanting... Chinese food!!!

So, I caved in and told him that the baby needed it. So either way, off to the resturant I went for some take out! And man was it delicious :)The girls and Joe on the other hand had some pizza. They aren't too crazy on Chinese food- Well except for the Lo mein and General Tso's.

Well I think that the Chinese filled up Mr. Mister in here and he got super comfy on some nerves. My whole left side is kinda in that painful waking up state... not quite asleep but not fully awake. So I am hoping that it wears off overnight- Although I know that its going to be quite uncomfortable trying to get there. BOYS!! Here I am all excited but already my son is making me cave into things that I dont really need, and giving me pains LMAO. But in the spirit of thinking "boy" I have todays quick page ready for you all! Number 3 from the Play Date kit comes this gift- Just for the boys :)

And also today this bad boy is being released!! I have the pleasures of teaming up with the lovely Amanda Geils to bring you this collaboration that is only available at Elemental Scraps. Full of versatile romantic design, we felt this kit would be perfect for the modern day couple :) So I introduce to you Modern Romance.
And I just had to scrap with it :) And it went just right with this picture I managed to squeeze out of my sweetie :)
Well its off to bed, Hopefully. And tomorrow I will be back with another goodie for you all :)
Much Love and Thanks


tricertifiedx2 said...

Ok, starting to feel the blogging urge again!! And now you have made me crave Chinese food...though I might have to get some sushi with mine. I may have to wait for my date night on Friday night though...LMAO!! Loving your LO of your sweetie...so great! And the QP's are awesome, you so ROCK! Blessings.

Stefani said...

What a cute qp! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!