Monday, October 20, 2008


So here I am, Its almost 1 in the morning and I am wrapped up in a blanket freezing! LOL. I have the heat cranked up- but it has yet to counter act with the cool air, and all that fun jazz. A Whopping 40 degrees outside. Now just like 2 days ago it was sitting nice at 70...... O well.
Today Joe had the day off so we spent majority of it just doing family things. Playing with the girls seemed to be the only thing we did get done though. And I have realized that I need to watch my mouth alot more around the girls. LOL
Ana went to put something in the trash today and it rolled off (it needed taken out) either way it rolled off and she goes "ooo damn it" and picks it up and tries again- Does this about 3 times and it stays- Walks away and it falls and she says it again- And goes "Mommy- You do it, I am tired" LMAO I of course told her (while trying so desperately to hold in my giggles) that damn wasn't a polite word and to not repeat it again. But o how cute it was LOL.
As the evening started to roll around me and joe just lounged on the couch watching the girls play. And it was bliss. It was nice to have a romantic moment together that just was nothing more than enjoying one anothers comfort. And that brought along some creativity too :)
So I conjured up my newest kit, and Just got it in the stores WOOT!!!
And to top it off, I have it set for just 1.00!!!
But that is for today only, so hurry up and snag the deal while you can. (in all of my shoppes- Links on the top right)

Here is the preview:
and here is a layout I did with this new kit:

And while I was at it, I made up this quick page for you all to enjoy. Its from my kit Play Date that is currently on sale- But today is the last day for the savings. I figure I will make a few more, So for today enjoy Play Date Quick Page 1.. And come back tomorrow for number 2.

Thanks for reading my rambles :)


Maryse said...

Love your qp!!!
thank you so much :))

Terry said...

I loved your comfort kit so much that I finally signed up with Paypal just so that I could get it. Beautiful!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Wow girl, I'm impressed, you must be back in a blogging mood!! Am totally LOVING Pure Comfort, just one more I am going to have to get to and work are on a total roll and I am LOVING it!!!! You ROCK!!:) So glad you got to spend some romantic time with Joe, it's always good for the soul. Sounds like the girls are as fiesty as ever. Looking forward to more of your blogging moments....Blessings!!

The Nielsen Family said...

That is a really cute QP Love it