Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have a blog moment... WOWEY!

Okay so life has been hectic, okay that is putting it midly. I have been busy trying to keep up with the kiddos, keep my hives at bay and get my designing done. On top of that I have a few BIG- And i mean BIG projects come up that I spent a great deal of time on trying to get finished in time. But I noticed today- THERE IS A BLOG TIME MOMENT! Not often have I had those LOL.
So we went to the dr. on Monday and had yet another ultrasound in hopes to find out what we were having. We went in with hopes and wishes, but not very high ones- I mean this makes Joe's 5th child and all 4 are girls now and well- It just seemed like we were meant for girls. But after 10 minutes of fishing around on the screen- The doctor instantly stops. Starts to make an outline- and OMG DID I SCREAM!! ITS A BOY!!!! WOOT! I am sooo excited. Our last little one is going to finally be a little boy and the girls are so excited to be having a little brother. I so can't wait to scrap some cute little boy layouts. So be prepared- That probably means a few more boyish designs than usual hehehehe.
I took the girls out the other day for some sun- Trying hard to gather what little bit we have left of warmth here. And I didn't really plan to do anything but point and shoot. I mean once they get out and going- There is no stopping. Forget trying to set the camera and ask them to hold still for even a mirco second. LMAO. But Ana came down to give her daddy a kiss (he was laying in the grass watching them- And I couldn't resist asking. I acted quick because I could tell by the look on her face she just DIDN"T want to get any pictures taken. But I just loved how it turned out- So I gotta share:

Aint she getting big?? The Big 3 years old now.

Speaking of which... The girls b-day party went really well, considering. You know nothing ever seems to go just perfect. But this time it was totally my fault. The girls had a pinata- WHICH I SWEAR NEVER TO HAVE AGAIN!!! Either way, before the party I am tryin to get ready, but the instructions are not anywhere to be found nothing- I look online for some "generic" ones- And try to follow that. NOPE- I push in the flap to fill it up, and get stuck. Like a chinese finger trap this thing has my hand in it. (Like i knew you were supposed to pull up and pop the thing out first before pushing in) So for a half hour I sit trying so very hardly Not to bust the thing, But get my hand out of the small hole in the same breath- NOT EASY. Get my hand out and successfuly fill it up. TADDA- Now off to the party. I forget the bat. So Joe goes finds a big stick/branch thingy to use to whack at it. No matter how hard they swing this thing- it doesn't bust. WTH? So Joe punches a hole in and tries ripping- Still harder than heck.. But finally gets the candy to spill out for the kiddos. Now ready to laugh?? Because Mommy didn't have the instructions she didn't realize until AFTER the candy was everywhere that it was a PULL STRING pinata. All those pretty curly ribbons hanging from it- NOT DECORATION!!! Yeah all the girls needed to do was grab one and pull and it woulda busted open and spilled out. If I ever do get one again- Its going to be prefilled and I will make sure to put a sticky note on it somewhere whether to whack at it or pull it. LOL

Okay I am off to scrap with my new kit that I just put out this morning. I am so excited about it, cuz Now that I know the little boy is coming along, I am trying to think more gender nuetral- So i am sure later on when he is up and running around- I will be coming back to this kit for his pictures too LOL:

Play Date
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you can find this kit at anyone of my shoppes located at the top right hand side.
Okay that is all for today- I WILL be back tomorrow LOL


KayJay said...

wow, a blogging moment! That is great, and wow, what a photo and kit! You really blogged with a bang!
LOVE love love the new kit, and am already working with it!

And the news about the baby being a BOY is the best. I can almost see you and your girls doing the happy dance! Does Joe join in?

Big hugs to you all

tricertifiedx2 said...

I can't believe you had a blog moment!! Woo Hoo!! A BIG Congratulations on the Baby Boy news....sooooo Happy for you!! I was doing a happy dance here too you know it.

Absolutely LOVE the new kit. I am going to have to get working with the ones I have so I can get this one next!! Can't wait to hear what the Big Project is!! Will be checking back to see...LOL. Blessings:)